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ZoneVideo conference provides users with a multi-level, highly effective online multimedia communication platform that has powerful application functions, stable and outstanding system performance. With this platform, users can exchange all types of information with several other different parties easily and effectively, thus meeting the requirements for network applications such as online conferencing, distance learning and training, collaboration work, etc. With ZoneVideo Conference System you can communicate and share information such as audio, video, desktop, or any other files.


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•Support multi-platform video, audio and desktop sharing including DMR, WLS, H.320, and SIP •Support multi-user conferencing, up to 100 simultaneous users on a single call •Support video conferencing, desktop sharing, and voice over IP audio for phone calls •Support conference recording and playback including multiple media streams from multiple sources •Support sharing up to one hundred files at the same time ZoneVideo Conference is a well-designed video conferencing tool, offering a lot of useful features, flexible in use, because of which it has become a popular choice for many video conferencing enthusiasts. ZoneVideo Conferencing Benefits: ZoneVideo conferencing tool offers a lot of benefits. Here are a few: • Great ease of use and comprehensible interface • User-friendly meeting scheduling feature • High-quality sound, clear video, and fast system performance • Ability to share files between multiple users • Easy network management function • Free download As an industrial world power-house, China’s Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd, has been in the field of Internet telecommunication. It is developed and offered a platform for video/audio/desktop sharing, which is popularly known as “ZoneVideo Conferencing System”. So Dongfang is committed to developing new technology for video conferencing system such as voice and video codecs, applications, and user interface. Introduce yourself to us: Please feel free to use our company contact information to share information to us or be a consultant of us. We will contact you as soon as possible. Please visit the following website(s) for more information: Email: Contact: Hangzhou Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd. ZoneVideo Conference is a well-designed video conferencing tool, offering a lot of useful features, flexible in use, because of which it has become a popular choice for many video conferencing enthusiasts. ZoneVideo Conferencing Benefits: • Great ease of use and comprehensible interface • User-friendly meeting scheduling feature • High-quality sound, clear video, and fast system performance • Ability to share 91bb86ccfa

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ZoneVideo has been developed to make video conferencing easy and accessible. With our easy to use system you can enjoy the facility of video conferencing and video telephony in your home or office. ZoneVideo can be utilized in the following ways: Video conferencing with high quality & a variety of options to suit your individual needs. Anyone will be able to call you on your mobile & landline, free from charge. After performing a video call, you will be able to chat, share documents, surf the web, watch videos. The facility of instant messaging is also included. Along with the above application, you can also use ZoneVideo messenger for chatting, sharing documents & videos with your friends & family. ZoneVideo gives you a wide range of features, both on the phone, and on the computer, which is sure to satisfy all your needs. The most important features are given below. 1. High quality voice & video of callers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and standard telephone hardware/software are used for the entire system. 2. Easy integration & configuration ZoneVideo conferencing system integrates easily into your computer. All you have to do is to install ZoneVideo Softphone and make a phone call as if you are using a standard telephone. ZoneVideo softphone will automatically configure itself after installation. 3. Stable performance ZoneVideo employs the latest VoIP technology and supports a wide range of computers running the operating system of Microsoft Windows 7. 4. Built in security ZoneVideo has a built-in Anti-Spoofing mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about fraudsters calling you on the phone. You can use ZoneVideo free from charge. 5. Multiple phone numbers ZoneVideo allows you to have unlimited phone numbers with powerful phonebook functions. 6. Can be used by people with hearing disability ZoneVideo is also an excellent solution for people with hearing impairments. With this you can get used to using the Internet and other online applications. With the help of a headset and ZoneVideo’s internal speaker, users can have access to voice communications with these people. 7. Wireless communication ZoneVideo has this wonderful feature which allows you to be connected with many other people at the same time through wireless communications. 8. 12 Mhz to 4.0 MHz frequency bands The zonevideo system has a wide range of frequency bands. This means that it can be used on any country. 9. Microphone &

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■ Allows the exchange of audio, video, desktop and other data with other users via the Internet ■ Online video conferencing with live sound and a crystal clear video background, and multiple-party online conference function with unlimited numbers ■ Allows video and audio conferences to be held with several people at one time, and inter-conference interactive meetings are also allowed ■ Simple management and can automatically share with everybody on the Internet or on LAN ■ Allows multiple people to participate in a single session, record and replay the meeting, send e-mail, or contact other users on the platform ■ Several modes available including PC/Laptop, Tablet/Mobile, Wireless or Wired ■ It is an effective solution for online meeting without any physical and geographical limitations ■ The ability to “relive, record and replay the meeting” enables users to conduct quality online meetings and record them ■ It is a solution that can connect and communicate with more than 500 million people in the world ■ Network video conferencing users can access it via the internet and the world without the need for a physical meeting ZoneVideo Conference Features: ■ Online video conferencing system ■ Allows video conferences with several people at one time, and inter-conference interactive meetings are also allowed ■ Virtual RTP technology ■ Allows multiple users to participate in one session ■ Allows multiple sessions to be held simultaneously ■ Allows the user to join a session at any time ■ Allows the user to share, view and edit files ■ Allows users to send messages to each other ■ Allows users to save content and even view different files simultaneously ■ Allows the user to exchange all types of data, including audio, video and other formats ■ Allows the user to view and send others in person, such as images, video, or files ■ Allows video conversations without network restrictions ■ Many other features available ZoneVideo Conference Benefits: ■ Can be viewed from the desktop of any operating system, including Windows, Windows 8, Mac, or Linux ■ Fast and stable transmission of images, video and audio through the Internet ■ Powerful features allows many people to participate in conference sessions ■ Makes meetings and conferences more interesting ■ Allows for easy collaboration on many things over the Internet ■ This platform provides effective, efficient, and high-quality communication ■ Allows the user to directly interact with other people at any time ■ Can be used during travelling to connect and communicate with people all over the world ZoneVideo Conference Description: ■

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1) Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 2) 2 GB RAM, 2 GB hard disk space 3) 700 MB space on your Hard Disk for Installation files. 4) Internet connection. 5) VNC or Tight VNC 6) 1GB USB space (Default Installation Location) 7) All Games are of Flat Filing Type Installation Files: Get the XPlaneInstaller from the Steam store. Install the XPlane Installer.