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Wtpub It Full 2012pdb ^NEW^


Wtpub It Full 2012pdb

Wtpub book in pdf format We grant that the name of Bibles is not uncalled for, and that they have been found (which is far indeed) to be very useful; yet we maintain, that those who under such a title give them without sufficient examination, can hardly advance themselves in their knowledge of the Bible, to obtain the depth of information which is necessary in such a study. We have seen of late, a great deal of advertisement placed by persons who profess to be Bible dealers, but who venture to give their bibles, without knowing very well what they are. We have seen a notice in a New-York paper, of a Bible sold by one of these dealers, which has no reference whatever to the Bible, but which is all about legends, false miracles, and the like; and to say the truth, the whole of it is nonsense. It may be all false, but no man who has arrived at years of discretion can really allow of any written gospel, that has not been carefully examined. It would be in vain for a young man of liberal education, in his twentieth year, who is unacquainted with his Bible, to pretend to a knowledge of it; but when he has arrived at that degree of wisdom and knowledge, when his understanding is turned to a serious inquiry and examination of the book, in the time of his life, it would be a great pity if he took this book, without these preliminary qualifications, upon which any wise man would swear. Yet we cannot too strongly express our opinion, that no man, who is a young man at this time of his life, can afford to purchase any Bible, that has been examined by no one but himself, and for these reasons. (1). If he purchases a Bible, that has not the imprints of his own hands on it, he loses all confidence in it, if it proves to be false. (2). If he purchases a Bible, and finds it not suitable to his age or circumstances in life, he has then lost the confidence of his own judgment. To purchase such a book, is, in fact, to purchase the confidence of his own judgment. If he buys it, and receives no instruction from it, he has lost what he bought; and it is in vain for him to subscribe for his own education. (3). If he buys a Bible, and finds it not adapted to his age, or circumstances, he loses the confidence of those friends whose business it is to render him