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Using audio plugins that concentrate on customizing and possibly improving sound quality through waveform processing, one issue that might occur is the dB gain spread and deployment. Most EQ plugins will deploy the specified boost at a given frequency directly. Voxengo GlissEQ tries to offer a different solution, by distributing gains in accordance with the audio source variation, thus attaining a more dynamic adjustment. Select a predefined waveform or create your own and then proceed to tweaking it even more After the swift deployment process to users’ preferred VST environment, the plugin will start with a default waveform loaded, containing 4 filters. Each filter can be customized individually using the on-screen knob controls. The controls feature both numerical as well as haptic input, this way providing functionality for users who prefer to enter values manually or rotate the knobs. Sound waveform can be processed by simply pulling on the graph, or using the available preset bank for adjusting it. Real-time spectrum analysis made easy, thanks to an intuitive export feature For those who work with several musical instruments simultaneously and wish to remove frequency clutter, the plugin offers a smart, export feature. What this does, it enables one to simply save the track spectrum for loading it into a different instance of GlissEQ. Using multiple plugin instances will then clean frequencies, making them readily available for adding other instruments, and, in the end this will result in a more effective, clearer workflow. Intricate equalizer plugin that will enhance sound production through a more delicate filtering process This parametric equalizer comes packed with a variety of features meant at enhancing users’ audio editing, thanks to dynamic filtering and spectrum comparison. Sporting a quite straightforward layout, which promotes facile handling, the plugin will make a fine choice for those who require to fiddle a bit more in depth with their audio processing.







Voxengo GlissEQ 3.10 Free [March-2022]

After a quick yet in depth review of the plugin’s numerous features and settings, we can now proceed to dive into the actual functionality of the GlissEQ. Created with soft waveforms, four filters and advanced equalizer functionality, the GlissEQ is suitable for creating more dynamic equalizer settings. Considering the first four filters and waveforms loaded by default, most settings can be easily adapted by simply using the control knobs available within the plugin’s main interface, or exported into third-party host applications. With its in depth spectrum analyzer, the plugin will enable users to produce cleaner audio, with frequency obfuscation through deep filtering, or subtract audio clutter, making it easier for the user to edit frequencies. We can now proceed to the equalizer functionality, which is entirely up to your discretion. The first few features are easy to comprehend, yet going deep into the plugin’s functionality will enable it to be used in multiple creative scenarios. A 4 band parametric equalizer with a swept filter design, the plugin can be used to drastically cut through the frequency range and shape your audio into a blend of lushly balanced soundscapes. The GlissEQ is available in two categories, the GlissEQ Synth and the GlissEQ Ensemble, with the difference being in the plugins settings and preset bank. The GlissEQ Synth bundle offers four templates including CC EQ, Dynamic EQ, Dual Band and EQ. With the first template, you can quickly adjust the high and low pass filters using the user controls. The three other templates offer two equalizer bands with a distinctive filter and sweeping feature, with four built-in presets to adjust your settings. The EQ section of the GlissEQ Synth allows for fine tuning, tweaking and mixing of the equalizer. With dual band equalizer the phases of both equalizer bands can be selected, thus setting different polarity of the filter. Depending on how you want to use the plugin, the preset bank can be altered to not include the filters. The most basic version of the plugin will be loaded with the 4 built-in presets allowing for easy access to all of the plugin’s settings. The plugin also allows for easy exporting of settings, making it an excellent tool for making presets. The plugin will work with a broad range of host applications, coming with most common ones such as Cubase, Reaper, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Logic and many more.

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The flagship plugin of the Voxengo audio team, GlissEQ offers a plug-in based equalizer that comes packed with a wide range of presets, presets that can be applied with the plugin’s own visualization tool. For creative users who wish to customize their own presets, there’s a spectrum analyzer to handle frequencies in real time and an export feature for exporting presets for use with other plugins. The plugin also boasts an extensive preset bank with a vast number of high-quality presets. Another element that promotes a polished performance is the recording tool that enables users to quickly record the audio signal that the plugin is currently working on. Adjustments to the EQ curve Adjusted filtering on multiple regions of the spectrum The EQ peak plugin to properly boost your audio production Premium, state of the art designs and great customer support make Voxengo plugins a favorite among music creators worldwide. Discover Voxengo today! iZotope Nectar is a universal, real-time, live processing plugin for sound designers and performers. It combines the latest signal processing effects and tools with a powerful user interface, made to be intuitive and easy-to-use for everyone. Whisper Silence and Tube Resonance are now available in Nectar version 5! Nectar now supports a whole range of powerful filtering options, including legacy Band Pass Filters, which have been greatly simplified and now also include the De-esser, Gated Clipper, and Modulator options. Nectar’s filters now work directly with the 32-bit floating point host data format, so all the new filtering algorithms are highly precise and perform well, regardless of the sample rate. Stereo Flanger Stereo Flanger Nectar’s Flanger is easy-to-use and highly powerful for pitch shifting, flanging, and movement. The flanger effect can be used as a dry and wet effect and includes impulse response modeling for both the dry and wet returns. Wet and dry dynamics can be controlled at the same time, allowing for real-time, variable-density flanging. The plugin supports up to two inputs, each with up to 16-band equalization. The in-depth band equalization lets you easily get the desired sound from each input. A unique dry/wet phase curve also lets you control flanging effects with an in-depth phase curve on both the wet and dry signals. This includes, but 2f7fe94e24

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Features: Customizable 16-band Audio format support – WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC 16-bit/44.1 kHz 64-bit floating-point Frequency response: 20 Hz – 30kHz Input volume control Please note: [1] If you intend on re-selling items from our site and want to provide links to any of the items listed, we ask that you please do the following: [2] Please add [ ] to the end of your list of links. This will help us keep track of what listings are promotional and which are not. [3] Always provide a link to this page ( [4] Do not remove the link to the main, item listing page. You can do a product search and it will provide many ways to find what you are looking for. [5] Never make any special offer (ie: FREE, FRIEND, SALE, etc) without our permission. [6] Never add any item to your cart and place the order, then copy/paste the link to your cart into another location. Please remember that when you copy/paste the link, it goes directly to the cart, and you do not end up on the listing, which may mean that none of your discount is applied. [7] Only show the shopping cart once you are done. Doing this will prevent others from confusing your link, and if the transaction gets placed, it will go through. Thanks! Easy Music is a music and graphics software tool, which allows you to make an interactive music visualizer. For more details about Easy Music, please visit and If you are looking for a music workstation which gives you all the options for music production and editing, including MIDI Sequencer, Sampler, Multitrack audio recording and Arranger, then Kontakt is the right choice for you. On top of these, it allows you to add up to 16 effect plug-ins and custom parameters for each of your tracks. With an easy to use interface, it allows you to create songs just in minutes. There is a huge library of sound effects, instruments, and loops to choose from. You can add your own sound, or use the pre-made ones

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– Voxengo GlissEQ is an advanced easy to use LADSPA plugin designed to enhance audio productions by enabling the user to emulate the sound of professional audio equipment. It works with all midi controllers, mp3, wav, wma, ogg, m4a, amr, flac and wav. It also gives control of the gain with the level control and the frequency with an LSP and LTP control – The LADSPA plugin allows the user to immerse itself in the sound of an audio gear. With the same control you have on a typical LADSPA plugins you will be able to enhance your sound production with a lower and higher frequencies control. – The plugin can be used on any midi controller and integrates smooth with the hosts of most of the most common soft-wares; Ableton Live, Cubase, ProTools, Emagic Logic, and any other software that supports MIDI Controller / USB. The plugin includes many features including a start-stop button, filter curve knob control, control to enable the silence filter, and a load/save function of the audio file Alfred Richter If you are interested in any of my music work please email me at: [email protected] It’s about the birth of the alpinic, it’s pure soul, this is a small demo from my PC. It’s made by using acustic shock studio and pro tools.


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