root@parapc-virtuastriker4:# vboxmanage template "virtuastriker-4.0.template" --machine virtuastriker4parapc --subtemplate hostonly

the commands should only be run on the host you wish to install virtuastriker on. since virtuastriker is still very much in beta, we’ll just run through the configuration options and show you how to add a domain and enable dhcp.

root@parapc-virtuastriker4:# vboxmanage template "virtuastriker-4.0.template" --machine virtuastriker4parapc --subtemplate hostonly --factory --username "root" --password "root" --noop
configuring your server

the virtuastriker server will automatically load the network configuration, you will not need to specify any further configuration options.

root@parapc-virtuastriker4:# vboxmanage internalcommands createrom --name "example domain" --memory 10,5

you can use the --memory parameter to specifiy how much memory the domain should be allocated. this is done in bytes so the units are kilo (1024 megabyte), mega (1024 kilo byte), or giga (1024 megabyte). the maximum allowed is 4gb.

note that this memory allocation is what virtuastriker uses for the allocation of all memory for the virtualized guests. therefore if you are having problems with your guests it could be due to insufficient memory. in the next section we’ll walk through how to configure virtuastriker to utilize additional memory.

hvm guests require some configuration. for this example we’ll setup two hvm guests. the guests will be configured to use one disk each. the base image can be cloned from /usr/share/virtuastriker/clone_images or obtained from parapc releases . we will use the two disk image for our vm as the image can be generated from the image.

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