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The latest version of Photoshop has some unique features like Smart Objects and Layer Masks that make it a more powerful tool. Photoshop 8.5 has a unique feature that enables you to batch-crop images. After you crop an image you can batch-crop additional images all at once. With this technique you can batch-crop multiple images automatically. I recommend that you check out this feature to speed up your workflow. Photoshop is a full-featured image editing tool that enables you to share and store large images. At the same time, it enables you to resize images in your portfolio to fit web, print, and mobile views. This chapter takes a look at some additional Photoshop features. In particular, we look at the following topics: Using the Image Browser The most fundamental tool in Photoshop is the Image Browser. The Image Browser stores your images in a file system on your hard drive. The Image Browser has a 3D interface for previewing images and a thumbnail view for selecting images quickly. You can use the Image Browser to View the contents of a folder Import images Create and manage collections Import ZIP files Preview images and use a variety of features like Image Controls and Layers Publish an image Create Adobe Bridge-compatible thumbnails You can find the Image Browser in either the main Photoshop window or the Image Menu (Figure 1-1). **Figure 1-1:** Use the Image menu to access the Image Browser. Understanding Layers Images are often composed of multiple layers to achieve specific effects. Photoshop layers enable you to combine separate images together to produce composites. Layers also enable you to visually edit an image without destroying it. The following sections demonstrate how to combine multiple layers. You can apply image filters or mask parts of an image selectively with layers, to make a final product. Deleting layers To remove a layer, select the layers you want to delete. Then click the Delete Layer button on the Layers panel, as shown in Figure 1-2, to remove the layer from your current composition. To remove several layers simultaneously, just select the layers and press the Delete key. **Figure 1-2:** Click the Delete Layer icon to remove selected layers from your image. Using layer templates You can also save time and increase efficiency by using layer templates. When you use a layer template, you

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Photoshop Elements is available as a free and paid version. However, the fee is very low and the image quality is really good. It also lets you take high-resolution pictures and edit them any way you wish, so it can be used as a multi-purpose tool. Although Photoshop is one of the most powerful graphic editing software packages in the world, Photoshop Elements saves you a lot of time. So, if you have just started your graphic designing career, or you want to spare some extra bucks, you can use Photoshop Elements. 1. Popular Uses of Photoshop Elements In the following, we will discuss some common reasons why people use Photoshop Elements. These reasons may change from user to user. Lighten Color (paint tool) You can use this tool to make changes to the colors of your images. Using this tool, you can adjust the colors of an image. Change the White Balance (in RAW or JPEG) White balance is one of the most important aspects of digital photography. Depending on the type of lighting that is present in an image, you can change the white balance to get different effects. For example, White balance will help you get a cool or warm mood. You can use this tool to get different types of light in your images. Create a mirror image (lens) Imagine you have a photographer with a longer lens than you do. If you use a flash, the photographer will get the reflection of the flash on his/her lens, which makes him/her uncomfortable. To solve the problem, you can use the Lens Correction Tool. With this tool, you can turn the mirror image of the photographer and his/her subject to the front. Improve Image Texture You can use this tool to improve image textures. Using this tool, you can improve the texture of an image. Rotate If you use Photoshop Elements, you should use the rotate tool. Using this tool, you can easily rotate your photos in 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Blur As we discussed, the blur tool is a very useful tool in graphic design. You can use it to blur your image. You can blur the edges of an image to emphasize its focus. Draw an outline (vector) You can use the vector tool to draw outlines on images 05a79cecff

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Q: How to Insert HTML in ASP.NET GridView I am trying to insert an html tag in my GridView column as shown below. This is how I am binding to the GridView foreach (Product p in products) { GridViewRow row = new GridViewRow(0, i, DataControlFields .DisplayTemplate, DataControlFields.ItemStyle); columnPlaceholder.Controls.Add(row); Label lblList = new Label(); lblList.Text = “” + p.Description + “”; row.Controls.Add(lblList); GridView1.Controls[i].Controls.AddAt(i, row); i++; } When I am executing, I am getting the error Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGrid’ to type ‘System.Web.UI.WebControls.GridView’. Any ideas how can I solve this? Thanks, A: GridView1.DataSource = “your datasource”; you will need to add DataTemplate to GridView1 protected void GridView1_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e) { if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow) {

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Q: Can Hibernate 4 use SQL Server’s IMPORT command? I am reading on the internet that Hibernate 4 does not support the IMPORT command. Does anyone know if this is true? What if I want to import from a new SQL Server database? A: I was looking for this myself, this looks like a duplicate of Import sql server table to Hibernate but before I looked at this question, I actually found a link on the Hibernate 4 documentation about a migration tool. It was actually a BIRT (Business Intelligence Report Tool) generator, but I don’t know if that’s related to the question. var baseKeys = require(‘./_baseKeys’), getTag = require(‘./_getTag’), isArrayLike = require(‘./isArrayLike’), isString = require(‘./isString’), stringSize = require(‘./_stringSize’); /** `Object#toString` result references. */ var mapTag = ‘[object Map]’, setTag = ‘[object Set]’; /** * Gets the size of `collection` by returning its length for array-like * values or the number of own enumerable string keyed properties it contains * for objects. * * @static * @memberOf _ * @since 0.1.0 * @category Collection * @param {Array|Object} collection The collection to inspect. * @returns {number} Returns the collection size. * @example * * _.size([1, 2, 3]); * // => 3 * * _.size({ ‘a’: 1, ‘b’: 2 }); * // => 2 * * _.size(‘pebbles’); * // => 7 */ function size(collection) { if (collection == null) { return 0; } if (isArrayLike(collection)) { var result = collection.length; return (result && result.length >= 0)? result : 1; } if (collection!= null && isString(collection)) { return (collection.length || 0);

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An Internet connection is required to play this game. *Mac: OSX 10.9 or later (v10.10.1, 10.10.2 or later works best) *Windows: Windows 7 or later Resolution: 800×600 (800×600 16:9 is acceptable) (800×600 16:9 is acceptable) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or better ATI Radeon HD5850 or better Minimum: RAM: 2 GB CPU: Intel Core i3-