[Tonkato] Unusual Childrens Books ((TOP))

[Tonkato] Unusual Childrens Books ((TOP))



[Tonkato] Unusual Childrens Books

cake mania, laura geringer: fun stuff here. probably too young to read. but its a short book, only 12 pages, so its one of those simple things that stay with you until you’re about three years old. if a child is actually capable of realizing that kissing a mom can eventually involve her getting some cake, that’s pretty interesting.

books like that are called nursery rhymes, and its true that most children tend to be drawn to them as adults. but if your kids are too young to read yet, try a childrens book version of a nursery rhyme instead, theyre often easier to understand.

if i was a fish, lisa pollman: this is meant to be funny, and it succeeded for me, but its a very long childrens book that is not really all that good. stick with the fish versions of nursery rhymes if youre looking for some weirdness.

i’ve been out of the kids book craziness loop for a while, but theres no doubt that new weirdness could come along any day. if you happen to find any strange childrens books, please send them to tonkato@tonkato.com .

1. ‘honey bunny, i love you’: pink bunny, the sugary stuffed animal with a bunny face, reacts very poorly to the vileness that humans do. the books states that pink bunny loves people, but if you ask it to say whether or not it loves you, it will never say yes. in some cases, when asked if you are pretty or handsome, it will hug you. there is a ‘pink bunny: hugs for puppies’ t-shirt available. see it here.

3. ‘my mommy drinks because i’m bad’: while drinking with a couple of friends, one mommy says, ‘my mommy drinks all the time, and then she gets so mean. she says she has no reason to live because of the bad things she’s done.’ then, a girl comes home and says that her mother drinks a lot because she lets her baby brother drink alcohol all day. she tells her mother that she is going to put together a book for other bad moms like her mother, who drink all day and get really mean sometimes. the girl’s mom gets extremely mad. the next day at school, the girl asks if anyone has a bad mom. the girl’s teacher says no. then the girl asks if anyone will help write a book for bad moms, and the teacher agrees. this book is considered social commentary. the purpose of the book is to teach children that all people are not bad, and they should be kind to one another.

Mums and Dads Unpack the Mystery and Spirit of Christmas the Easy Way!: Straight from the Childrens Discovery Centers comes this fun take on a kids story, perfect for book groups, family game nights or fun dates, where you, the narrator, sets out on a journey of adventure to unravel the secrets of Christmas. Books with the words Happy Birthday splashed all over them. This childrens book for adults about a secret world full of warm and fuzzy words may feel a little odd on the surface, but it will surely have you writing those birthday wishes in no time. King Kong in a Flowerpot by Peter Hacking: The king of the giant beasts bravely ventures out of his prehistoric setting to make a perilous journey to the 21st century to save his child, who happens to be locked away in a petri dish. We urge you to read all six volumes of this humorous and heartwarming saga for children, or just the first one for grown ups! A definite childrens book for adults. Sweet Surrender by Chris Van Allsburg: An homage to Herman Melville, the titular character of this childrens book is a young boy who lives on an island and must offer his vegetables to a giant whale in order to keep himself and his family fed. Thats New: The Book of WTF by Jess Hall and Noah Wardrip-Fruin: And the next book in our series of popular non-fiction books where the authors write what they would love to see in the next edition of iPhoto is this brilliant childrens book, which is also available on Kindle There are many childrens books that are just downright weird. I remember loving the very weird kid’s book Let’s go to the Zoo!It’s a picture book that starts with an everyday scenario of a mother taking her child to the zoo, but then goes on to explore what would happen if, say, the mother ate poisonous jellybeans instead of orange slices. Since the book itself is chock full of oddities, the author even found the space for a in-depth explatation of the psychedelic, alien planet of Jellyworld. 5ec8ef588b