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in russia, the government has been promoting a narrative that the syrian conflict is an islamist insurgency, not a civil war. to support this claim, the syrian government has sought to show that the rebels were foreign-funded militants who infiltrated syria from abroad, not syrians who sought to overthrow the government.

in august 2015, russia began its air campaign over syria. moscow said its air strikes were aimed at the islamic state and other groups that had taken root in the country. but as the war continued, analysts pointed out that russian air strikes had expanded to targets that included loyalist troops, rebels aligned with al-qaeda, and the u.s.-backed kurdish-led syrian democratic forces.

in 2011 the syrian government deployed significant resources to attack local opposition organizations. they spent $11 billion in 2012 alone and used lethal force, torture, political reprisals, and other tactics to crush dissent. thus the rebellion became a fragmented and opportunistic struggle among a host of militias and groups that were neither united nor well organized. some groups, such as the fsa, were established for the purpose of launching a military campaign against the regime. some, such as the islamic state, were established by the islamic state in 2014.

moreover, some opposition groups such as the islamic front have never sought to join the insurgency. this is partly because they are devoted to toppling the regime of president bashar al-asad. moreover, a movement called the syrian national council emerged in 2011, but it was co-opted by other opposition groups and never commanded significant support.

once the [syrian civil war] is over, the money can be reinvested into education and healthcare. the early exit of russian soldiers from the conflict has left the opposition without much support. the snc and its predecessor, the national coalition, and various other opposition factions have been unable to unify their efforts, and they have not been able to deliver significant diplomatic or material support to the opposition, and many of the regimes opponents within syria accorded it little legitimacy. some factions in the fsa have even cooperated with the regime, and some fsa factions have cooperated with the regime. the russians were able to withdraw from several fronts in the war and concentrate their efforts against the militants of islamic state. this was an historic decision. it is the right of the syrian people to determine their own destiny and it is also the right of the syrian regime to move forward. it is also the right of the assad regime to maintain the unity and sovereignty of syria. therefore, the syrian regime will not allow any foreign intervention, whether it is military or political. in july 2011, defectors from assads army announced the formation of the free syrian army (fsa), and soon after they began to receive shelter in turkey. yet the fsa, outgunned by the regime, struggled to bring its loose coalition under centralized command and control. fsa militias often didnt coordinate their operations and sometimes had competing interests, reflecting their varied regional backers. with resources scarce, they preyed at times on the very populations they were charged with protecting. the fsas civilian counterpart was also established in summer 2011, in istanbul. the syrian national coalition (snc) claimed to be the government-in-exile of syria, and the united states, turkey, and gulf cooperation council countries, among others, soon recognized it as the legitimate representative of the syrian people. but the snc and its successor, the national coalition, were unable to deliver significant diplomatic or material support to the opposition, and many of the regimes opponents within syria accorded it little legitimacy. rival coalitions began to proliferate, and fsa fighters drifted to islamist brigades that, with funding and arms from gulf donors, scored greater battlefield successes against the regime. 5ec8ef588b