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Note When you click with the Quick Selection tool, you add the click to your selection. If you move the cursor out of the selection area and try to add it to the selection again, Photoshop adds the click to the selection you had before you moved the cursor out of the selection area. You can use the Selection Brush tool to stroke and paint a selection without adding click. The Selection Brush tool lets you draw a selection with a brush. * **Create a selection by outlining a selection** : The Rectangular Selection tool lets you select an area of an image. You can then copy or paste that area of the image. You can add, delete, and change how much of the selection image is included in the selected area. It works like a Select→Rectangular Selection tool. To select a portion of the image, hold down the Shift key while you click. This enables you to select multiple areas of the image at once. Use the Selection Brush tool to paint areas. The tool’s options are easy to understand and use. Figure 9-3. This sliver of an iceberg was selected by the Rectangular Selection tool (highlighted in blue). To delete the selection, click the little x icon in the tool’s Options bar (shown here) to open a new dialog box. The Undo function to undo the last move or command. For more on the Rectangular Selection tool, see Figure 11-2. * **Create selection by setting the foreground or background of an object** : It’s pretty intuitive to use the Selection Brush tool to paint with a

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Photoshop Elements Version History 9.0 – 2015 April 28th 37MB This was the first version to be released for Windows and Mac. This version brought a new version of Photoshop Elements. It had a completely redesigned user interface, added support for Touch and pen input devices, included the ability to record audio using an external microphone, simplified the workflow for shooting RAW images by saving them as DNG files, and introduced an energy-saving mode and video-stabilization options that are optimized for the low-light capabilities of digital cameras and cameras on phones. It also added a dual viewing mode that could be turned on by selecting File > Open and View > Show Detail View, which can make browsing large image files easier. A unique feature called Thumbnail Tooltips were added which display a small icon when the cursor hovers over a thumbnail. 8.0.1 – 2013 May 20th 36MB This was a minor upgrade that fixed a couple of bugs and improved the performance. It was the first release that supported the iPhone 5. Version 7.0 – 2012 November 19th 31MB Adobe merged the Elements and Photoshop software into one software; the Photoshop Elements Designer, and it was released in late 2012, a couple of months before the iPhone 5 debuted, which meant that the features in this version of Photoshop Elements were geared to the iPhone 5. Version 6.0 – 2011 September 9th 47MB Adobe still had not given up on the idea of making all of their products work on Apple’s new mobile products. This version of Photoshop Elements brought a redesigned user interface, added support for the iPad, worked better on the iPhone 4, fixed a few bugs and improved performance. Version 5.0 – 2011 July 26th 32MB This was the first version to have pixel-level editing options like in Photoshop. It was an experimental version that allowed you to edit pixels that were 16 per inch (DPI), in contrast to the standard 72 dpi. Version 4.0 – 2011 February 7th 36MB This was the first version that had a greater emphasis on simplicity and ease of use. It brought a redesigned user interface and refined the color and tone adjustments that were already present in Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements Version History 3.0 – 2009 October 22nd 26MB Sket 05a79cecff

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Q: How to calculate the centre of mass and gravitational force from simple mechanics? I am very new to this field, and would really appreciate any help. I would like to calculate the centre of mass of a small mass (e.g. a cube 0.02g). I understand the logic behind calculations of mass, volume, distance, accelerations, etc. I simply would like to simplify some calculations. Since the mass is so small, the total force is small, and due to the small mass and constant accelerations, I am unable to calculate any exact formulae. Therefore, it would be great if anyone could suggest me a way I can calculate this. I would be very grateful for any help! A: If the cube has a “bulk” density $m$, we can find the center of mass by balancing the linear and angular momentum: $$\vec{L}=m\vec{v}$$ $$\vec{L}\times \vec{r}=m\vec{v}\times \vec{r}$$ $$m\vec{v}\times \vec{r}=\frac{1}{2}m\left(\vec{v}\times\vec{r}\right)^2$$ and so on. From this we get $$\vec{r_c}=\vec{r}+\frac{1}{4}m\left(\vec{r}\times\vec{r}\right)\vec{r}$$ $$\vec{v_c}=\vec{v}+\frac{1}{4}m\left(\vec{v}\times\vec{r}\right)\vec{r}$$ Notice that it’s really just a translation and scaling. You can assume that the cube is at rest, and so the center of mass is at the origin. So you don’t need to worry about the velocity of the mass – you just want to determine the correct scaling factors for the velocity and position vectors. (To make this work, you’ll need to use the “coordinate” method – notice that in cylindrical coordinates and spherical coordinates the volume of the cube is equal to the area of a sphere of radius $r$ multiplied by $2\pi r$ – since the cube has a volume of $1$ and a surface area of $\frac{1}{2}r^2\pi

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213 Ga. 649 (1957) 100 S.E.2d 841 HOLLAND v. NORRIS, by Guardian. 19498. Supreme Court of Georgia. Submitted September 11, 1957. Decided October 9, 1957. *651 Grady L. Cooper, Jr., for plaintiff in error. Mitchell, Clarke & Clarke, contra. WYATT, Presiding Justice. The judgment of the trial court overruling the motion of Holland to vacate and set aside the judgment dismissing his suit was based upon the sole ground that “Said motion is without merit and for the reason that the subsequent complaint filed in this case is patently void for the reason that this court has no authority to permit an amendment of the complaint after the same had been dismissed.” 1. The plaintiff filed her original petition on June 21, 1952, and on July 5, 1952, the defendant filed an answer and a plea in bar. A copy of the plea in bar is in the record. This plea in bar was not withdrawn or abandoned until July 3, 1955. The dismissal of the petition did not occur until September 14, 1955. Therefore the complaint filed thereafter was a nullity. Taylor v. Taylor, 205 Ga. 211 (2) (52 S. E. 2d 895), and cases cited. 2. The trial judge in his order overruling the motion to vacate and set aside the judgment was not called upon to pass upon the question of whether the complaint set forth a good cause of action and contained a good defense, for in his order it is recited “that a subsequent complaint is patently void for the reason that this court has no authority to permit an amendment of the complaint after the same had been dismissed.” The judgment of the trial court overruling the motion of Holland to vacate and set aside the judgment was erroneous for the reason stated in Headnote 1. Judgment reversed. All the Justices concur. Q: One year ago, this morning If I say that something happened one year ago this morning, do I mean that the event happened in the morning (exactly an hour ago) or one year ago? A: No, in this case you are saying that it happened in the morning of that day, because it happened one year ago. *It was raining yesterday morning. (in the morning) *It was

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Supported system: Minimum recommended system requirements: Important: The latest patch has been tested on the system requirements listed above. If you are experiencing issues with your performance after downloading this patch, please see the following issues for possible workarounds: Additional content. Additional content has been released alongside this patch. Please see here for details.Coping and depression among persons with medically unexplained symptoms. Persons with medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) experience emotional and physical problems as a result of their MUS, and are more likely to suffer from depression.