Shiny Days H Scenes


Shiny Days H Scenes

so to summarize if vns are legal being done i expect steam to have the decency to leave all ages games as is and only censor games where they are required to. otherwise steam might as well stop making all ages games because all ages games dont require steam.

i was just thinking of the people who buy games other than steam games. maybe their parents cant approve of them playing porn so they just buy all ages games from steam but steam doesnt stop them from getting away with it as it just allows this one manufacturer. i see that stuff on my steam games and i was always thinking wtf why. some things i just dont understand on steam.

but the fact that steam lets all ages games through, and i have to add the fact that it doesnt stop it from selling games that are illegal or you wont approve of is amazing. granted i think that people shouldnt be purchasing games with real life themes, but i also dont really care if they do.

and if youre interested in getting the uncensored version, the dirty version, or any version, you can buy them through steam. you can even upgrade the retail version to dirty version. so i dunno, maybe no one should be mad

so to summarize i agree that people shouldnt be buying games with real life themes, i just know that itd be hard to stop them from doing so, and even with steam hopefully we can get an uncensored game in the future.

what does it mean to “do business” in a country? it means that your content is technically exported into that country. there is a wide variety of countries that jast targets, with some extremely strict restrictions on eroge content, and some that are laxer. they also target all countries, not just the ones that make it illegal to import content. a more objective approach could consider that jast has three streams of revenue: programs (free games, box sets, alternative releases, etc.), content (content that includes no nudity or mild eroge content), and community (content and support that includes more explicit content than the company is happy to market). the company runs all three of these streams, and likely has legal counsel in each of these jurisdictions. as a corporation that has grown rapidly, it is likely that jast has a legal department which is looking into this situation to see what can be done to avoid similar situations in the future.

in a panic, vn games contacted jast for help. they asked for us to remove the offending content from shiny days. we werent sure at the time whether or not they were legally allowed to ask us to do this, but they eventually told us that they were requesting the removal of the offending content because it was illegal, and we were allowed to comply. if you arent interested in reading more of this article, here is the quick summary: jast are censoring shiny days for legal reasons. the law in japan does not allow for virtual child pornography. there is not much more to it. i think jast is a pretty stupid company. that is my first thought after reading this, the actual content of the article is too. it doesn’t make sense at all. it is like the time that nyotengu was released by mangagamer. jast’s response was “nyotengu’s content is completely different, we will not do anything for this. our shiny days is a completely different game from nyotengu, we will not change anything for this.” of course it was later found out that it was censorship. but who cares, a western company can do what they want. i really like the way youve explained how the whole thing works with the visual novels and like the h-scenes thing to. the problem is that i am a diehard fan of the visual novels and i would like to see more of that content. maybe you should put the games out on the internet and see if the fans would like to support you in that endeavor. or maybe you should open it up to the fans. i dont know. but i am going to keep checking in to see what happens. 5ec8ef588b