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disposable syringe the purpose of this study was to determine whether some of the recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics pertaining to proper disposal of syringes were being followed. having educated students at ohio state university on blood-borne pathogen infection control, they are instructed to follow recommendations that include closing the cap and/or wrapping up the needle and wrapping up the syringe to prevent accidental injuries or sharps injury. this study sought to determine whether the recommendations were being followed. this study was a before-and-after observational study. during the 2002-2003 academic year, students from pharmacy school had a pharmacy student present to observe their disposal of syringes in class. the students were asked to observe the disposal of ten syringes. a total of 178 syringes were observed. ninety-three of the syringes were disposed of according to the american academy of pediatrics guidelines. procedure a prospective trial to determine the efficacy of an abrasion-resistant topical lidocaine moisturizer on irritation, erythema, and pain associated with split-thickness skin grafting. the most common postoperative complication of split-thickness skin grafting is scar formation. immediate postoperative pain and edema are commonly reported. the etiology of such pain and edema is not understood. this study investigated the efficacy of a topically applied abrasion-resistant lidocaine moisturizer in reducing pain and erythema associated with split-thickness skin grafting. forty patients underwent split-thickness skin grafting of the forearm using mayo scissors without topical anesthesia. the forearm was pretreated with either a placebo, lidocaine, or lidocaine with epinephrine. immediately following grafting, the subjects completed a pain visual analog scale and were evaluated by a blinded observer for the following: erythema, edema, dryness, and itching of the graft. the postoperative pain visual analog scale scores were significantly lower for the lidocaine-treated group (1.06) compared to the placebo group (1.43) and the epinephrine-containing lidocaine group (1.14). there were no significant differences in pain scores between the lidocaine groups. none of the groups had significant erythema, edema, dryness, or itching following grafting. this trial demonstrates that an abrasion-resistant lidocaine moisturizer applied topically to a patient prior to skin grafting decreases immediate postoperative pain and erythema and is simple, safe, and easily accomplished at the time of surgery. the topical application of a lidocaine-containing moisturizer to a patient prior to split-thickness skin grafting is a simple and effective means of reducing postoperative pain and erythema associated with skin grafting. this procedure can be easily performed at the time of skin grafting to improve outcomes and reduce postoperative complications. 5ec8ef588b