Raja Rani Tamil Full Movie Hd 1080p 434 |LINK|

Raja Rani Tamil Full Movie Hd 1080p 434 |LINK|


Raja Rani Tamil Full Movie Hd 1080p 434

and arya, to his credit, is very different from what weve come to expect from him. rather than a sulky teenager, hes an insecure, prickly man who needs to cling to his best friend for support. in the opening scenes, he shows off how little he understands his girlfriend of three years by taking back all her clothes and makeup. in the film, hes most effective when the script gives him scenes to play in the kitchen, where hes happy to be, even if hes alone. in real life, he would probably have responded by going on a shopping spree. but in this movie, he hesitates at the store counter, then starts to cry, then hes back to his old behavior. it works for him. and for those of us who like to believe that a heros problems are worse than ours, its nice to know that he can handle his situation with aplomb. though he did well for himself, he wasnt the right guy for the job.

theres a lot to love about the film, but it also has a lot of things to hate. its a triumph of form over content, and its presentation often feels more like a paint-by-numbers exercise than a real love story. the characters are painfully two-dimensional, and seem like theyve been drawn by a third-grader. (on the plus side, these characters come off as being quite sincere. even the ones who are clearly bad guys are quite likeable, like the man who turns out to be the girl-and-boy friends father.) the plot is predictable, though its situation isnt. (how can you fight through the window, and not expect your arm to get broken?) theres not a joke in the film, or a single line of dialogue to lighten the mood. its not enough to make a good film about romantic relationships, but at three hours, this one just wears out its welcome. and at rs. 500, its a rip-off. if you have to see this film, be prepared to see a lot of crying.

adukkappatikuttan’s cinematography is crisp and crisp. the set design and costumes are well thought out and impressively rendered. the visual effects are so-so but there are some nice shots. rajan’s music is corny and the editing is good. this seems like a fluff romantic comedy but it is far from that. the story is quite simple and the acting is adequate. kurunthavasan (arya) and raja rani (nayanthara) live together in the same apartment. kurunthavasan is an honest man who works as a postman. he is a bachelor. he has a nice girlfriend but he is not interested in love. he is an honest man and has no criminal record. he is a family man, he never drinks and is very nice to his family. he is a very loving person. he likes to watch movies and listen to music. he is very quiet but is always helpful to his friends. he comes to know about raja rani through sarath and he begins to try and find raja rani. he goes to her house and asks if she can give him a place to stay. she agrees. he stays with her. he saves her from a would-be-robber and gets into a fight with him. he does not tell her about this. she does not know that he is an honest man. in the last 15 years, tamil cinema has evolved from one where love, music, dancing were the main content to a place where love and money are the main content. but the former is still there. it’s just that cinema is no longer as descriptive as it used to be. we can see a lot of it in the movies we make today. but none of it is as surprising as raja rani. it’s clear there is more to love than just money and life is not all about surviving. swaraj is another film in the same vein. it deals with the same topic (except from a different perspective) but the director has a different style. kathakali, too, has a few good moments but they don’t reach the level of raja rani. mehndi, too, has a few good moments but they don’t reach the level of raja rani. 5ec8ef588b