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Photographers use Photoshop to create images, but it’s also a great tool for home users. Popular features include the ability to reduce the resolution of images and crop them to remove unwanted backgrounds, people, and other elements.

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Usability Some of the best image editing software can be a bit difficult to work with, sometimes too complicated for simple tasks. Elements makes changes easier to understand by replacing fuzzy features with simple visual guides. Elements is easy to use for every day tasks like resizing, straightening images and correcting color. You can also do things like add spots to photos, crop or straighten, edit text and create an animation for a Facebook post. In fact, Elements can be as easy to use as its free online sibling, the free Adobe Photoshop Express. Photoshop Express is designed to save you time as you edit photos; Adobe says you can edit a 500 image folder in just six seconds. Elements is similarly designed to help you find and use features you need without having to read a manual. Still, Elements is not as simple or intuitive as Photoshop; you’ll need to learn a few basics, and take time to learn some new features. For example, there’s a way to create a new layer — a feature that makes editing easy. But a layer is different from a “stamp.” You can use an image stamp to create a duplicate of a photo. Professional level While Elements can do a few things Photoshop can’t, it definitely lacks some of the power of the big player. Photoshop currently only supports Windows, but Elements is cross-platform. However, the Elements software comes only with 13 or 16-bit RAW or DNG files. You can’t open TIFF files, though you can convert them to 16-bit JPEGs. You can choose from a number of Elements’ previews, including the standard, which keeps its settings constant, the creative, which gets creative with the controls and looks for editing or adjustment options, and the fast, which removes adjustment or editing tools. Which preview works best for you is a personal choice. Even as a professional, I often used Elements. I edited and printed graphics and photographs for newspapers, magazines and Web sites, but I also used Elements as the simplest way to edit and post images on social media. I used all the tools Elements has to offer, including the numerous filters, and I still reached for Photoshop. Editor’s note (Sept. 2, 2017): We’ve updated this article to clarify that you can open TIFF files in Elements. Recommendations At around $59, Photoshop Elements can be a low-cost alternative to Photoshop, and it lets you edit 05a79cecff

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