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Although Photoshop is a widely used imaging software, it’s not the only popular image program available. Adobe’s other programs include Adobe Elements for casual users, Photoshop Elements for beginners, and Adobe PhotoShop for more involved editing. There are also lesser-known companies that offer similar features, such as Kuler, Picasa, and GIMP. Suppose you have a picture that needs editing. The first step is to open the file in Photoshop. Figure 17-1 shows the first screen you’ll see when you open Photoshop CS6. Photoshop’s basic interface is a workspace divided into rectangular sections called panels. You can create, open, edit, and save files directly in these panels. **Figure 17-1:** The Photoshop workspace includes the tools and the layers palette. Rows of buttons on the bottom of the workspace give you access to the essential Photoshop features. The Creative Tools panel, shown in Figure 17-1, contains several tools for image creation, including the Hand tool, Color Range tool, and Quick Selection tool. These tools are covered in depth in Chapter 11. The Crop tool enables you to select a rectangular area of your original image. The Layers panel, shown on the left of Figure 17-1, controls the way that your images are layered, or grouped. All layers in a Photoshop file are contained in one or more layers. You can create new layers and move layers into groups, such as the Background layer, which is composed of a collection of layers in the image. The Thumbnail window, which is discussed in Chapter 11, can display a maximum of 20 images. The History panel (right of Figure 17-1) shows where you’ve been in your last session. You can also store files or create new Photoshop files. The History panel is covered in depth in Chapter 10. The Library is where you store images. Your original image is stored in the default file, which means that the Library view is always open to the left of the workspace. You can add to your existing Library by first opening the file and then clicking the Add to Library button (the small plus sign that is typically to the right of the Library icon in the toolbar). You can also import images from external sources — the Import dialog, which is covered in depth in Chapter 12, is the primary method of doing so. Adobe generally includes copies of Photoshop in the Creative Suite, which includes Adobe Design Suite (sold as

Download Aplikasi Adobe Photoshop Gratis Untuk Windows 7

In this article, we will see more than 30 absolutely great Photoshop resources for you. They can help you to become better designer and improve your skill level. To make this article easy and simple to navigate, we have divided it into various categories like Pixel Art, Graphic Design, Fotonica, Vector Graphics, Logo Maker, Anime, PSD plugins, Photoshop tutorials. FotoKino is a powerful graphic creation tool. It’s a free software that allows you to design your own fonts, icons and logos. It has a streamlined interface, making it easy to create, edit and share graphics. Designer Pro is a full featured photo editor that includes features like extensive image adjustment tools, layer editing, text cropping, image retouching, script editing and more. Freebie Kitchen is a web-based graphic design tool with a lot of features like watermarking, page layout, effects and a number of stock images. It also has a large stock library that you can use to create beautiful designs in a couple of clicks. is a premium free photo editing and graphic design tool for designers and photographers. It offers the best stock images for your projects, including scenic, landscape, nature, architecture and many more. iThemes is a photo editor tool with a number of features. It has powerful editing tools like cropping, image alignment, and other. It also has excellent features for graphic design, like text and logo editing. PixelStacks is a pixel editing tool that has a wide variety of features. It has a simple interface, but it has really powerful editing tools and advanced features. Stickers.Designer.SID is a free vector sticker maker. With Stickers.Designer.SID, you can easily create stickers from your photos or from a given image. Online Photo Editor is a free online photo editor. It has many features like an image editing tool that lets you edit, crop, and colorize your images. It also has a number of filters, like vintage and cartoon effects. Draw Editorial Design is a super simple and powerful creative tool that lets you create beautiful graphics within a few seconds. It has a simple and clean interface. Animale is an illustration & graphic design creation tool. It is a web-based tool with an intuitive UI that� 05a79cecff

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– System Configuration: Windows 7/8/10/8.1/10 Pro, 8.5/10 Creators Update or later; – DirectX 11 (Requires Windows 10 Creators Update or later) – 16GB of RAM (Minimum) – 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor or better recommended – 20GB available storage space (Minimum) – Supports 4-Way Vertical Stacking via HDMI – Scratch- and water-resistant – When adjusting contrast and gamma settings the display may flicker (no audio issue