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How to Navigate and Edit an Image in Photoshop Photoshop is actually fairly simple. When you open it for the first time, you may quickly discover that it has a simple interface with a lot of tools, just like a paint program. Below is a short sequence showing how to start, open, and close a layer and work on a selection and adjustment layer. When you start, you see Photoshop CS4’s interface shown in Figure 2.5. Figure 2.5: After downloading the software and installing, clicking the Photoshop CS4 icon opens the software for the first time. In this book, all images in the chapter will be opened and edited in Photoshop CS4, but these steps are also equally applicable to earlier versions. When you open the program, its interface displays all your open windows and documents. That includes the Main window, where the image is displayed (on a default background). The Layers panel, the History panel, and the Adjustments panel are the three main ways to edit the image, and the rest of the windows display information about the image. The tool bar at the top of the image window shows all the buttons for the menu choices, and the Options bar at the bottom provides access to other features. Try opening a new, blank image in the Editor window and then complete these steps. 1. **Click the Edit Image icon (the icon in the upper-left corner of the Editor window), as shown in** **Figure** **2.5** **.** The image opens in the Editor window and you see the main image window display the image. 2. **Double-

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Both the paid and free versions of Photoshop are available for Mac and Windows. Photoshop for iPad and Photoshop Touch are available for the iPad and Android versions. Read More: The Best Photos Apps for Smartphones and iOS If you’re looking for a free alternative to Photoshop, then Adobe Photoshop Express is a popular free photo editor for iPhone. We also have free online photo editing software, some of the best image editing apps, a selection of the best photo editing apps and video editing software, and the best mobile photo editing apps for iOS, Android and macOS. Adobe Photoshop Elements gives a beginner a chance to edit and manipulate images in a style and with a level of complexity that lets them take a professional approach with their photos. The following table compares the features of the free Photoshop Elements vs. Photoshop CS5 software. Feature Photoshop Elements Photoshop CS5 Professional grid grids grid grid grid output image formats JPEG, PSD, EPS, TIFF, GIF, PDF, PNG other specific graphics formats BMP, CGM, DICOM, AI, IMA, IPTC, PHOTOSHOP, ETC, TPX, FITS, WEBP, VRD, PCX, DNG, ARW, EXR, S3TC, PDF, TRNS, PSD, RAS, TGA, CR2, CUR, MAIN, PNG, BMP, CGM, DICOM, AI, IMA, IPTC, PHOTOSHOP, ETC, TPX, FITS, WEBP, VRD, PCX, DNG, ARW, EXR, S3TC, PDF, TRNS, PSD, RAS, TGA, CR2, CUR, MAIN, PNG, BMP, CGM, DICOM, AI, IMA, IPTC, PHOTOSHOP, ETC, TPX, FITS, WEBP, VRD, PCX, DNG, ARW, EXR, S3TC, PDF, TRNS, PSD, RAS, TGA, CR2, CUR, MAIN, PNG, BMP, CGM, DICOM, AI, IMA, IPTC, PHOTOSHOP, ETC, TPX, FITS, WEBP, VRD, PCX, DNG, ARW, EXR, S3TC, PDF, TRNS, PSD, R a681f4349e

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