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* * * Using the Camera Raw Editor on the Mac * After the original picture is edited, a copy is placed in the background for the final result to be added. In this example, the PSD has two layers. The original picture is layer 1 and the copy is layer 2. If you want to see the original picture, simply toggle the visibility of layer 1 with the visibility icon found on the layers panel. This will switch the state of the layer on and off. If you accidentally delete a layer, you can always retrieve it by pressing Command + Z. Figure 3-10. Top: The PSD in the figure on the left has two layers: the original picture (layer 1) and a copy of the original (layer 2). The arrow on layer 2 shows that it is a copy of the layer. Bottom: After the picture is edited and layer 1 is toggled on, the layers panel will show both layers of the PSD. The original layer is layer 1 and the copy layer is layer 2. Adobe makes this easy by enabling the visibility of layers in the layers panel. When layer 1 is invisible (hidden), the visibility icon is shown in the panel above the layers panel. When layer 1 is visible, the icon is hidden. The simplicity and ease of use of the layer-based editing system is what many users like about Photoshop. However, there are other editing programs available that offer the same feature set and more, especially for those with a limited budget. GIMP is free open source software for image creation and image altering. The main difference is that GIMP will let you choose which layers you add to the document. Other than that, the rest of Photoshop’s features, such as layers, guides, and transparency, are available in GIMP. There are tutorials available for GIMP on the web, including at

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However, if you’re a professional, advanced Photoshop user or you’re just starting out in the graphic design field, you need to check out Elements. Not only does it come with great tools for both image editing and graphic design, but it’s also one of the best beginner-friendly apps for photo editing. An Andriod version is also available as Photoshop Essentials. The 2017 version for macOS was released in September 2016 and is available from the Mac App Store for $59.95. The desktop app can be downloaded from for $139.99. It’s much cheaper when you get it from the Mac App Store. In this post, I will be reviewing the two newest versions of Photoshop Elements: Professional CC 2018 (2018) and Elements 13. I also got to play with the Elements 2019 Beta for a while. Versions I’ll Be Using I was given a copy of Photoshop Elements 18 to review (released in October 2017) and also got to use Photoshop Elements 13 for this review (released in August 2018). Both have very similar features and I will be reviewing both. I tried using Photoshop Elements 2020 (released in October 2019), but had to give it a pass for the time being. It crashed a lot and I noticed that the creative cloud has a number of issues. However, I do encourage you to try Photoshop Elements 15, 16, 19 (released in 2018, 2019 and 2020) and Elements 20 (released in June 2020), as they’re much improved. You can find more on the details of these releases here and here. Key Features As usual, here are the key features you should know before using Photoshop Elements. User Interface This is the main reason I chose to write this post. Elements has been updated to look much more modern. The dark, aged look that was prevalent on old versions is gone and Elements feels much more modern. Plus, it’s now more intuitive. No, you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to use Elements. The new interface and UX are intuitive. The workflow has been simplified and there is very little learning curve. One of the good features you will be happy to see in the new user interface is that the editing tools are now easier to reach. With the old version, I would have to dive into every layer to a681f4349e

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[2.22.1]( – 2016-07-04 * improved compatibility with underscore.js [v1.10.3]( * fixed regression in `moment.min.js` `moment.parseZone()` [breaking change]

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Minimap / Hints: – Turtle Beach PX5 – In-game Mute and Chat buttons – In-game Voice Commands (Toggle Chat) – [Optional] Toggle the AI’s Listen Mode TBD Glitch: – Triggers with issues – Particles glitch – Wall glitch New Skillsystem: – Skill ups – Save feature – Customizable – More comfortable – More intuitive –