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Photoshop is a graphic design software and you should approach it as one, but it is also a content creation program and an image retouching and editing program. And you can use Photoshop to make illustrations as well as photos. As a graphic designer, you should be aware of the basic design principles that underlie graphic design and how to apply them in Photoshop. I also include a few tips that are not design related but may be helpful when you use Photoshop in a graphic design capacity, such as creating images for print. Photoshop helps you enhance and improve images, edit photographs, and create illustrations. It is typically used to do three things: change the appearance of an image to improve its look, combine several images into a single file, and create print or Web images. With this flexibility, you can use Photoshop’s tools to create a variety of output from an image. In this chapter, I show you how to work with layers and other features of Photoshop, give you tips on creating illustrations, and outline ways to improve a photograph. Mastering Layers The basic element of any digital image is the color, or grayscale, of the original image. The grayscale usually holds a photograph in its original form, because you typically take black-and-white pictures of things and then change the black-and-white tones to greys. Many photograph editing programs have the ability to convert a photograph to grayscale, but converting an image that already has color in it is a little trickier. Adobe Photoshop CS6 and higher have a feature called Layers that works well with this situation. You can use Layers to create layers, which are like pieces of a photograph that you can move, modify, or manipulate. You can copy one layer onto another or copy one layer onto an area of another layer. You can place layers on top of each other and stack them, which allows you to move layers around. You can even create groups of layers and edit only the group, as you see later in this chapter. Photoshop CS6 and higher give you a workflow that can make it much easier to add and remove layers from a photograph. The fundamental layer concept is as follows: • A layer is a single, full-colored grayscale image that is placed on a background, such as a white or transparent background. • You can add layers to images, but you can’t remove layers. • You can add or delete layers

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The best part about Adobe Photoshop Elements is that it doesn’t come with any options or settings which may confuse you when you start using it. So, to ensure that you can begin using the application with ease, we have listed all the key areas in which you can get confused when you start using it. The novice users of Photoshop can get some great help and relief if they open up Photoshop Elements. As we see, you can’t change the default settings of Photoshop Elements because they are the same as the professional version. If you are using Elements as a great beginner’s Photoshop alternative, you can choose to skip a few settings. The steps to find the main areas where the users may get confused with the application are as follows: Add New Document: The very first thing you will do when you start using a new application is to create a document. This is where you can add different files, adjust the settings, and edit the documents. Document Size and Type: You can change the document size using the traditional shortcuts Ctrl+N and Ctrl+W or using the preset sizes in Elements. You can also adjust the color of the document using the Color tab. File Formats: Here you can add files of a different file format (such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, etc.) and view different image file options. Image Options: In this tab, you can view the Image Size window, also known as the Adjustments window. In the new version of Photoshop, there are many changes in the image options window. With a simple click on the small button on the bottom right corner of the Image Options window, you can add or remove image effects like Blur and Sharpen. Filters: In the Filters window, you can use different filters like Brightness, Clarity, and Hue and Saturation to enhance the images. Adjustment Layers: If you are used to working with Photoshop, you will be aware of this feature as it is a time-saving option in the real world. In Elements, you can use this functionality to add the adjustment layers to your photos. Adjustment Layers: You can add adjustment layers in a new document and use them as filters. You can change their intensity, perspective, and direction. There are many more different areas that you can visit if you feel confused with the application. How to use this application to a great extent a681f4349e

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