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Phool Aur Kaante Full Hd Movie Free Download

kaante 2002 full movie free download hd 720p in los angeles, six criminals, all of indian origin, are detained by the police, and interrogated about stealing a truck full of laptops and its whereabouts. their deep antipathy towards the police for arresting them without any evidence, just because the witnesses had seen an indian at the crime scene, grows into a daring plot. sparked off by ajju (sanjay dutt) and seconded by major (amitabh bachchan), they all hatch a plan to rob the bank in which lie the fundings for the los angeles police department. in return, ajju reveals that he stole the truck and splits the steal with everyone else.

kaante 2002 full movie free download hd 720p movie trailer : as the robbery is about to start, the cars park at the los angeles police department. they are soon greeted by a swat team and pursued to the bank. ajju explains that he is a good thief and reveals his plan. he wants all six of them to work together to rob the bank, and has kidnapped the police chief who is willing to return to his old ways. this causes the cops to retaliate, resulting in a long battle at the bank. by this time, the robbers have split, with andy having taken the cash. andy, in turn, has kidnapped marcy and is driving off in the truck. ajju, from his abandoned getaway, waits for the police to catch andy.

phool aur kaante was india first to explain the troubles of the indian police in a common man. it released in 1991 as well and is the only movie which has ajay devgn and amitabh bachchan in its prominent cast and the one that has ajay devgn dominate the movie. the movie was a musical triumph, with its songs being sung by asha bhosle as well. songs like jinhe miyo re , nadaani nadaan main deewana and oke ja raste have made the movie a musical one. ajay devgn was the most successful formulaic character and none other than amitabh bachchan was one of his key protagonist. both of them faced a small acting test, which ended with >bachchan being the hero and ajay the villain.

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