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There’s so much content online that it’s getting difficult for us to consume everything we want. This is why we often decide to save a lot of stuff for later, either through aptly placed bookmarks or, you know, by simply downloading the content. In fact, there are myriads of programs out there specifically designed to download content directly from any website. If something is online, then you can probably find a way to save it to your computer. Well, today we’re going to take a look at one of those programs, which goes by the name of Offliner. Save content for later I should mention from the very beginning that Offliner is designed mainly as a mobile app. It’s probably a very useful mobile app too, since it allows you to save either webpages, or videos, or audio content like songs and podcasts. And you’ve probably found yourself in a situation when you wanted to read or watch or listen to something on your phone, but the timing was just off. Well, with Offliner you can simply get the stuff and view it whenever the time is right; you could even download content when you’re on Wi-Fi and then view it offline, so you can save precious data. Sounds great, right? But, since I’m not reviewing the mobile version, the question is: how well does Offliner work as a desktop app? Could also be useful for your PC The program’s interface is obviously imported directly from the mobile version, without many modifications. However, when you wish to open web pages, audio files or videos, Offliner will use your default browser, audio player or video player respectively. Offliner also has three default folders that help you keep your media library organized, but you can create additional folders if you buy the pro version. Though it’s not a unique tool, it can still be useful if you just need to save content on your computer and view it at a later time, when you won’t have any Internet access.


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In the beginning was the download. Later on, even if it was faster. Later yet, when it started being so fast that we stopped developing the online stuff. Then, when it became too big to be managed, we came out with Offliner. It was born to save online content for later. It doesn’t matter if it’s a web page or an mp3 or a video; all it needs to be is present on the Internet. With Offliner, you can save webpages, mp3s and videos, and even download offline roms from emulators. This means that you don’t need to be connected to the Internet at all, and you can open and view the downloaded content on a later date. A lot of people were asking us to create a full-featured application for this feature, so we finally did it. Offliner is a cross-platform app and, apart from the mobile version, it also has a desktop app, so you can download it and save it wherever you like. It’s been tested on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. That’s all for Offliner’s basic features. For more advanced users, there’s a Pro version too. It’s much more expensive, and allows you to create your very own personalised app. If you have any ideas, you can even share them with us. The first thing you’ll notice when you start using Offliner is its minimalist and clean interface. The program looks totally familiar, so you won’t even feel uncomfortable about its minimalism. Besides, even though it’s extremely simple, it’s easy to navigate through the content you’ve saved. As you know, Offliner is free to download and use, so make sure to try it out! Cakewalk LE: FL Studio Master. So you want to learn music making? I am sure you have been dreaming about writing your own songs, and now you have found the perfect place to start. Here you will find ideas, tutorials and tips to help you create your own songs. Or you might like to start playing around with synth sounds and sounds from other electronic instruments. This is where the magic happens, and this is where you can learn new tips and tricks for your music making experience! Whether you are looking for a place to start exploring or to delve deep into those sorts of things, or maybe you want to

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Save content for later. You can save webpages, videos or music. Offliner Product Key functionality: Open web content, open videos, open audio files. Save webpages, videos, audio files to your library. Keep them organized in folders. Besides the aforementioned built-in tools, Offliner also has a built-in browser, search tool and a built-in video player. The only file format it supports is MP3; for other file types you’ll have to make them with a different program. The program works on Windows, Linux and OS X, and it’s absolutely free. I found it to be lightweight and easy to use and it didn’t slow down my computer. Offliner Download Link: Offliner Free Offline Web Archive File Downloader for Windows, Linux and OS X. Almost all of the programs that have been recently discussed are straightforward, which means that they’re a series of single functions. The program acts as an extension to your browser’s Webkit engine, which means that you can easily add a number of features and you can do anything you want with Offliner. Offliner Features Offline web archive file downloader: When you download web pages and save them as a local file, this program will let you save pages as.html files. Many versions of web browsers: download web pages, videos and other files. You can download to multiple locations and you can even save files to a flash drive. Controls for speed: If you wish to download pages at faster speeds, you can either control the number of threads (processes) and the number of threads per second, or you can set a number of concurrent connections to your browser. You can create your own folders for your files, as well as define a custom path to save your files, create self-updating archives or even use a password for your file. The program supports a lot of file types. I’m not going to list them all here, since there would be no point to it. Can be used as a desktop app: you can extract pages, videos and other content, using this program and get it into your computer. Is relatively clean: it doesn’t look like a virus or spyware program, and it won’t affect your PC in any way. Download via: Offliner is a Windows and Linux based program. What is 2f7fe94e24

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Offliner is a online downloader application. Offliner app enables you to download almost any web content like music, movies, web pages and so on. Offliner also allows you to download almost any videos and podcasts, so you can even download lots of video content. The program automatically classifies and sorts all of your downloaded material into folders so that you can manage your downloads easily. You can also download the Offliner portable version, which means that you can download your files to your computer, and you don’t need an internet connection to be able to view them. Download new Free Videos Daily: Something we can’t forget… From our DVD’s of older POV Reviews: Here’s where the wonderful world of Private Deals comes in. Where the site owner sets up a deal to let a select group of members (the private deal members) know about. During the time of a private deal, members who are chosen by the site owner receive a special status or VIP treatment. Members also need to agree to several rules and regulations (a privacy policy if you will) The list of events during the private deals are called “Private Event Previews” and usually feature discounts, preview sales, special events, or coupon codes that are only available if you’re a member of the site. We have also added a Private Deals Blog that will feature new content and information on the events and promotions we find during our research THE BEST deals on the web and the most recent Private Deals are featured first as they are the most important deals. On the left-hand side bar you will see a Black bar on Private Deals, it will show you which deals are available. WARNING: Almost always, PrivateDeals features promo codes that can be used at any online stores. NOTE: PrivateDeals is most active during the month of February, March, May, and June. Private Deal Blip… A little blip of information about our very own private deal, we have partnered with to bring you this offer. We all knew from the start that we wanted to take this company to a whole new level and we have done just that. Now, you can actually buy shares in our company. We want you to share in our success so much so, we have decided to give you the chance to buy stock in this company. It is so easy, sign-up for

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If you’re looking for a simple solution to download whatever you find online, then Offliner is surely your man. It’s a great tool with a beautifully simple design. Unfortunately, its features are limited to downloading content from the web and viewing it offline. Offliner Functions: Download and save web pages, videos and music in 3 easy steps. Download sites easily and quickly in the background. Transfer files to your memory card. View downloads in any browser, your default player or you can even sync them with dropbox. 4 Likes 8 Comments I’m not a fan of this program. The interface looks good but it only works for mobile phone users. I have an old desktop computer and the people who wrote this program should have made it compatible with Macs, PCs and iPads. As a fairly new user to Offliner, I too prefer its mobile variant over its desktop version. After all, it’s always more convenient to view content on your smartphone, than on a desktop computer. Concerning your point about making it compatible with PCs and iPads, it’s understandable but I can tell you that Offliner works well for Macs too. You can download content from any website on your Mac, and view it offline in any browser. I have tried the mobile version, but still prefer the desktop version. It’s not because I’m not a fan of mobile apps, but because I think the desktop app is simpler. Well, if you’re a PC user, don’t be fooled by this program’s interface. For one thing, it works well on both Windows and Macs, which I didn’t expect when I saw its interface. There’s nothing wrong with it either, which makes it an app worth looking into. Well, you have to ask yourself one important question though: Why would you need to download tons of content from the web? If you’re really interested in reading or listening to something online, why would you wish to download it? And this is where Offliner comes in handy. Even if you’re not really into downloading content from the web, Offliner can help you save a few articles or podcasts for later, without paying anything extra. As a matter of fact, I think this program is an excellent choice, even if you’re

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– Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) – Pentium III, Athlon or equivalent processor – Minimum 512 MB of RAM – 1024 x 768 resolution – DirectX 9.0 compatible with Windows Vista – DVD drive or other device to install the game – Free Hard Drive Space – Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0 Content on this page comes directly from press releases and fact sheets provided by publishers and developers and was not written by the Game Revolution staff