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NovaVision Cracked Version is the application that displays data with the use of any image files. NovaVision scans a file in a random order on the basis of is looking for code at the beginning and the end of the file. When finding a code, it stops the search. To check is code by code still contains information. If search is interrupted by finding of the code, it starts the search in the following direction. By clicking the window the search is resumed on the next line. The search is repeated on the basis of user requests. The number of lines to be displayed at each request is a positive integer. The number of lines to be displayed per request is determined by the current size of the file. In a mode continuous the file is displayed without interconnection of lines. It means that the data given will not be broken off anywhere, but the file will present continuous line. In a mode discontinuous the file is displayed by connection of lines. This means that the file is broken off any line into bytes, but the dots at the beginning of a line is still visible. In the current version is possible to define a number of lines to be displayed per request, and a colour of a line to be displayed. NovaVision features: ■ You can check your files for the existence of the latent information with the use of NovaVision. ■ You can view the data set displayed on your screen, so you can get an idea of the contents of the file. The representation is visually similar to that in a HEX editor. ■ You can capture the file and send it to anywhere via e-mail in the form of a file. ■ It is possible to encode by yourself files with the use of NovaVision. ■ You can pause and resume the display of the file. ■ File is not bigger than 1000 lines. ■ The running time of the program can vary with the file size. (The file size defines time of downloading of file data via the Internet.) ■ The system requirements are: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista, Windows 7. ■ The price is 0$ FSFOCUS: These 100 questions are a subset of questions from the 7.8h Computer Science exam (computer programming). The 100 questions are from the 7.8h exam, because this will allow you to check your studies and because of the difficulty of these

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Main window: – Library – the folder in which files are stored – List of selected files – this is a list of files, which are currently selected from the folder. – Image – this is a screen containing the file being currently viewed. ■ File menu – Collection – the folder where new collection of files (sketches, images, etc.) is created – Sketch – the new file from the sketch collection – Select file – the file is selected for viewing ■ Side bar: – History – the list of recent files – Folder browsing – the list of recent folders – Searching in the library – searching for a file in library – Open in an existing application – open a file in the currently opened application, the list of apps is shown in a pop-up window. – Save to Clipboard – save the file to the clipboard for opening in the web browser. – Send via Email – the file is sent via email. 1. Collection 1.1. Create collection: To create new collection you should choose its name in the New collection window. On the screenshot below you can see a new collection collection1 name “Fruits” has been created. 1.2. Edit collection: You may rename a collection, and modify some of the properties of the collection as a whole, for example: ■ rename the name of the collection ■ the sort order ■ change columns and rows (they may be empty) ■ specify the file browser to be used for opening folders of collection 1.3. Delete collection: To delete the collection you need to select the collection and confirm the deletion. On the screenshot below collection1 has been deleted and collection2 is now selected. 1.4. View selected collection: If you select a collection in the list and click the View selected collection then NovaVision will open the files of collection in a special window. 2. Sketch 2.1. Open sketch: On the screen below a sketch has been opened in NovaVision. If the sketch is a file, then it is added to NovaVision library. To open a sketch in NovaVision library you should click the Open in NovaVision library and then select Sketch from the list of files in the library. 2.2. Edit sketch: To edit a sketch you should open a sketch, then click the pencil icon. 91bb86ccfa

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Since the first release of NovaVision, the project has developed from file viewing tool into a complete system for viewing files in form of a color matrix. The visual presentation helps in detection of hidden, unpremeditated and uncontrolled code information in a file. 1. What is coding. ■ when a file is opened in NovaVision, it is not coded anywhere but rather visually presented. ■ NovaVision is based on a design concept of a file. This concept makes it not possible to open the same file in NovaVision twice. When opening file in NovaVision, the result is not data, but rather a visual presentation of data. ■ NovaVision offers to view, decode and analyze a file. This analysis is possible to achieve an open source application, program or script. ■ NovaVision does not work with any textual or graphical encoding. It works only in binary form. ■ Java API of NovaVision provides access to all physical and graphical presentation of NovaVision (even for encoding in hard to decode code). 2. Contents of the code. ■ NovaVision takes into account the basic file formats: image, graphic, sound, binary, textual and others. Each type of file is provided with respective commands for viewing, decoding and analyzing. ■ NovaVision is based on location of data. If the structure of a file is well-encoded, this location information is missing from the file. A part of the work of NovaVision is to restore the location information of a file. ■ NovaVision is intended for viewing the newly-created files and recovering the lost files. ■ In the current version there are three main ways to view files: (i) a real-time mode, (ii) a mode, where the data stored in a file is presented as a color matrix, (iii) a mode for searching of text or images in a file. 3. Differences between NovaVision and HEX editor. ■ NovaVision takes files directly from the file system, without HEX editor. It displays the same information as HEX editor, and therefore supports all HEX related file types and all file types (image, sound, text, binary, etc.), which have the same representation in HEX as in bits. ■ While HEX is a hexadecimal editor software, NovaVision is an abstract software, which provides only a viewing function. NovaVision cannot store

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NovaVision is intended for viewing files of any type. Unlike other programs of similar type NovaVision abstracts from the information containing in �oncrete file. Instead of information, NovaVision displays data. Similar possible to see when viewing files in HEX editor, in which the information, encoded in file, is not visible. If the file contains the text, instead of the text in HEX the editor codes of symbols will be visible. NovaVision instead of display of numerical values of codes represents them in the color scheme, thus to each code to be put in conformity brightness of color. The color matrix, representing data of a file as a result turns out. In the current version there are two modes of display of data: continuous and discontinuous. In both modes the file is represented one-dimensional sequence of byte – a string of data. At display the string of data keeps within on the screen line by line. Therefore the width of a window of viewing is one of determining factors turning out as a result of color matrixes of a file. In a mode continuous the string of data keeps within on a surface of a window not being broken off anywhere, therefore the sequence of data is continuous – the nearby bytes a file are the nearby points of the image. In a mode discontinuous the string of data keeps within on a surface of a window being broken off at transition to a new line. Therefore younger bytes a file in this case always are at the left (in the beginning of a line), and seniors – on the right (in the end of a line). In a mode discontinuous there are visible images written down in a file (and these images can be simple data arrays). NovaVision is not the tool for search of graphic resources or other sort of decoding of files. NovaVision is intended for graphic presentation file data in the form of a color matrix, as addition to human sight to which the direct perception of data is inaccessible. The project has two main purposes: ■ To try to determine, whether there is in set of files a certain latent information. The information which was not purposefully coded in a file (text, graphic, etc.) but which reveals directly by the person at visual perception. ■ To show, that the file is not easier data set

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============================== Console: SteamOS/Win/Mac: Vulkan only at the moment! Windows: DirectX 11 or newer Mac: OpenGL version 4.2 or newer Linux: OpenGL version 4.2 or newer Server: Windows: Vulkan only at the moment! Mac: OpenGL only Linux: OpenGL only # Intel GPUs only at the moment! The minimum system