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Notation Viewer is a simple tool that you can use to view musical microanalysis notation files or metadata files. The output can be saved in EMF or PNG format. The application is built using the Java programming language, so it will run on any platform that provides Java support.







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Notation Viewer is a Java-based application that enables you to view musical microanalysis metadata files (MetaMicroAnalyst files, MIDI files) or format files such as PNG or EMF files. You can open directly or transpose several pieces of notation, the program offers you a desktop viewer that enables you to zoom in, or out of and that enables you to translate different units. Notation Viewer Features: 1) Works with free and commercial musical analysis notation (.mid,.mln and.mmf) or music file (.mus,.midi,.mng,.mpg) formats. Supports binary, UTF-8 and UTF-16 encodings. 2) Supports reading analysis and playback functions for any file type. 3) Supports view transposition and view movement. 4) Supports the following features: o Can be used directly from the Notation Viewer GUI or by using shell commands. o Can work with files in a local folder, network resource and even a database, for example from a file system. o Supports reading files in the Notation Viewer Viewer Preferences panel. o Can be used directly from the Notation Viewer Custom Menu to access features that are not available through the interface. o Supports files containing many instruments. 5) Supports several types of file conversions (convert MIDI to file, convert notation to MIDI, convert notation to MIDI, convert music to MIDI). 6) Supported Notation file types: o Free and Open Source Music Notation (.mid,.mln and.mmf). o Free and Open Source Music Format (.mus,.midi,.mng,.mpg). o Commercial music format (.mmf). 7) Uses the library JARNotationViewer.jar (and this JAR will be included with the ZIP package). 8) Does not require any special configuration or support software to run. Free and Commercial Notation Viewer If you would like to use the application for free, just download the Notation Viewer ZIP package. The ZIP package is available from the official Notation Viewer page. The Notation Viewer ZIP package includes the Notation Viewer application (java application), the Notation Viewer Viewer Preferences panel (ui), and all libraries required to run the application. To access and use the Notation Viewer for free, it requires Java version 1.6 or later.

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Views music notation files and metadata files as if they were spreadsheets, so that you can show them to students or colleagues. Take a screenshot, or render multiple views simultaneously to show students a finished image. As a result, you can use the notation to make changes to sound files without having to redo music from scratch. Library Compatibility The software is compatible with the following large Java libraries: Ant Design Apache POI Apache VFS Apache Tika Apache Xalan Apache Xerces Async Http Client Bouncy Castle Castor Hydra Chronicle-Hashing Map Data Transfer Objects (DTO) DataTransferObjects-Core Django Elasticsearch Google Cloud Gson Guava Jackson Jedis Joda Date/Time Lettuce MetricsCollector Numeric NOSQL Database ProGuard Providence RxJava Serdes Soak Spring Boot Spring Data Spring Hibernate Spring Boot Spring Data Spring Security Spring Web Spring Web Flow Spring MVC Thymeleaf Tomcat WebSocket Xstream XSLT A small but growing list of additional libraries are compatible by being jarred. The library list changes on a regular basis, so please subscribe to the mailing list to make sure you get notified when new libraries are supported. Installation To install the software, you need: JDK 8 or higher At least Java 8u27 Maven Installation is the same for any operating system that you want to use the application on, so we will skip this and get to the fun part. On Windows or Mac The installation can be done in three steps: Download the zip or tar.gz package from the repository. Unzip the package in your desired location. Run the maven command line from the unzipped package. Open a command line terminal and change to the directory where you downloaded the unzipped package, and run the following command: That’s all, you now 91bb86ccfa

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When you use notation tool you can load the music file directly. Notation Viewer can be used to view and switch between different notations such as score, staff, object, picture, etc. Metadata and filter text fields can be displayed in the control. You can save an existing file directly, and you can also save file in your computer. Version 1.0 of Notation Viewer1.1 is a new version. Before continuing it is recommended that you restart your system. New features in this version: New program for Windows OS you can download for free by clicking Here is a list of new features in version 1.1 of Notation Viewer.The music editor can be used to edit music in all notations. You can use the open-close command to rearrange the song and you can save the new order of the song as different notations from the original text. You can export the song to a text format such as MP3, Ogg, or DOC. Before using Notation Viewer you must first install the emulator. You can download the distribution file directly. Notation Viewer The changes that I made in this version include the following: – Ported the application from Windows to Linux. – Added a selection list to the program for filtering. – Added a MIDI file to the list of files that can be viewed by the application. – Added a text filter to the program. – Added a menu to the main window. – Added a button in the main window to play the file that is loaded. – Added a text field to display the notes that are saved in the file. – Added a label to display the number of time. – Fixed the problem that the note did not automatically refresh. – Added the option to display the file in the control of Emphaty – Added a fullscreen option to the main window. – Fixed problem with the MIDI file that could not be loaded into Notation Viewer. – Fixed a problem that the musical scale view, the view of fingering, the notes, and other functions were not automatically refreshed. – Added the ability to save the notes to a text file in the existing file. – Added the ability to save the text in the keyboard to a text file. – Fixed a problem that the list of files did not display the special file. – Changed the directory of the MIDI and other files to

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Notation Viewer is a simple tool that allows you to view musical microanalysis notation files. The output can be saved in EMF or PNG format. . This tool runs on any platform that provides Java support. Features: – Import music notation data files in Lilypond, MuseScore or other formats (.ly,.msc,.lj,…) – Export either music notation files or graphical microanalysis output files (.emf,.png) – View annotation data (microanalysis) or music data (notations) – Display music information in various formats (metronome, TAB, etc) – Display musical scale diagrams (Harmony) – Display display information (key signature, clefs, etc) – Display expression, voice, duration, dynamics (in music) – Display time signature and other information (in music) – View information in a system-independent way – You can create your own notes – with the notes you can write notes in the notation file. – Quickly save your notes in WAV, MIDI and OGG formats. – You can download more packages that are not in the original release This is an Open Source project. You can contribute if you are willing to do so. Current development status: 1. We have changed the code to a new version of the Tidy HTML package (tidylib.jar), introduced the progress bar in the notes viewer and the widgets in the annotation view. 2. We have added new packages from the ELPA repository to the original source. If you have any questions, suggestions, requests,…, please write to us. You can also use the web site to report bugs and request new features. Thank you for your support! Known issues Sometimes the application hangs for a while. If this happens, please try to kill the music-browser.exe process first. Notes Viewer Version History: 1.1.6 – (2017-04-03) – Fixed the issue of texts being cut off in MusicNotePad (scroll bar) 1.1.5 – (2017-01-26) – Corrected a bug in Lilypond renderer, so that words that have a special character such as � are displayed normally 1.1.4 – (2017-01-21) – Added packages from the Maven Central repository to the original source 1.1.3 – (2016-12-12)

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