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man’s cad systems have a powerful range of additional features that make them more than just basic drafting and modeling tools. in addition to the cad functionality, autocad lets you customize your own filing systems, develop cost-saving and time-saving work processes and create your own electronic mini-man, all on the same pc.

the computer aided software development (cad) tools in the catia family are available in the catia-vr free-to-use open source version, which is developed and released by the company. the tools used in the product and system development are freely available for everyone and free to use for commercial products. the free release includes all benefits of the catia products and the catia-vr release. the free version does not include the catia-vr-cx3d view of the future project. however, the standard part-packages are freely available.

due to the large number of patients with self-healing wounds, the management of non-healing chronic wounds is a healthcare problem of increasing dimension. the therapeutic management of chronic wounds is becoming increasingly complex. in addition to the chronic non-healing wound syndrome, the development of diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers is also a major challenge for modern medicine. the inability to identify the individuals at risk, the difficulty in preventing the occurrence of such wounds and the uncertain etiology often lead to complex therapeutic concepts. chronic, non-healing wounds are a wide-ranging, largely heterogeneous group of disorders with a high incidence and prevalence of life-threatening complications in the affected individuals. still, there is no generally accepted and applicable treatment, which is why patients with non-healing wounds often receive ineffective or even harmful therapeutic measures. chronic wounds have a considerable and lasting impact on the patients’ quality of life and are associated with considerable costs to the social systems and the national healthcare systems. depending on the type and site of injury, such wounds may be the result of a micro-vascular (diabetes), neuropathic (pad, crps, ulcer, neuropathy) or infectious (osteomyelitis) disorder.

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