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* Automatic and saved extension dialing for all extensions (e.g. 508, 510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 516, 517, 518…) * Voice Mailing of calls * Manual or automatic call rejection * Call Recording * Call logging * Message Notification * Psi Backup * Multiline mode * Automatic callback * Real number call-back A demo of the plugin can be downloaded from the following link: Open the file, then unzip and copy the folder “magicfeatures” to the root directory of your magicJack By default, magicfeatures is activated. For the activation to take effect, you need to restart your magicJack. To deactivate, remove the sub-directory “magicfeatures” from the root directory of your magicJack. You can also unzip and copy the sub-directory “magicfeatures” to a different location. For example, you may want to use it under the root directory of your magicJack. Make sure to restore it again when you want to activate the plugin again. Please Note: Because the plugin uses the magicJack dongle, a computer should be connected to the magicJack for using the plugin. You can use any Windows or MAC computer for using the plugin. For support and help, please contact the developer by posting in the magicfeatures forum: You can post messages and discuss about the plugin there. You may also need help to install the plugin, therefore you can ask question or post in the magicfeatures forum. You can also get help from the forum users by searching for the keywords “magicJack”, “magicJack Plus”, “magicfeatures” and “magic features”. Magicfeatures is completely free and is distributed under the GNU GPL. To find out more about the GPL, you can go to the following link: For the sources, please see the file “magicfeatures/sources.txt”. If you think the plugin should be better or there is bug, please email it to me at: If you like the plugin, consider to rate it with positive feedback: 91bb86ccfa

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– Includes a DLL that you need to load in order to access to the features. – You can install and activate it on your PC by the magicJack program: the application should be already installed on your PC and you can open it without problems. – This program works only with a connected magicJack Plus or magicJack with an internet connection. – It is free of charge. – The free version has all the features, but they can’t be activated. You need to register the program to be able to activate them. – If you want to activate ALL the features of the program you can use the Pro version that can be installed FREE. – Magicfeatures can be used together with the magicJack Admin utility. Video call (PC to PC, PC to mobile)Free use of magicJack With this plugin you can make up to 5 Video calls. The video connection is established through the DIALER. Video calls are a new feature of magicJack PLUS. You can save both you and your friend time by connecting both via a video call. With this plugin you can connect several video calls to the same magicJack PLUS. The plugin is activated and deactivated in “Communication” menu with “Video on/off”. The connection type can be selected from “Video” menu. Automated extension dialingThis plugin will automatically dial your office extensions or user numbers. Select the number and click on the “Activate” button. The connection type can be selected from “Call” menu. The extension will be dialed automatically every time you press the “Activate” button. Call returnMany connections can be linked to a single number using this plugin. With the “link” button you can connect more than one connection to the same extension. You can activate the plugin in “Communication” menu with “Number Return”. The default number is the number of the magicJack plus dongle.You can select a number from the popup list. Profile You can save your settings in this plugin. You need to set your password (only if you want to activate some plugins). The plugin is activated by clicking on the menu item, then typing the password. VoiceMailThis plugin can be used to add an automatic voice mail. The plugin is activated and deactivated from the “Communication” menu with “Enable/Disable VoiceMail” button. You can create a personal voice mail and

What’s New In Magicfeatures?

1) Caller ID – Call Caller ID and block unwanted calls. You can customize your caller ID by choosing from a predefined list of numbers or enter the number yourself. Alternatively, you can block calls without showing the caller ID. – Call return – Set caller ID for call returns. You can specify a number or list of numbers to be included in this feature. – Anonymous calls – Block unknown calls. – On incoming calls, you can select the call you want to answer and block other calls by choosing from a predefined list of numbers. – Note: You can only configure the caller ID on the current active call. 2) Automated extension dialing – You can dial numbers automatically by inserting any name in the extension field. – Several possible methods of calls. – Caller ID + extension – Caller ID + extension + number – Caller ID + extension + name – Caller ID + extension + number + name – Three types of extensions: numbers, names, phone numbers – As the magicJack voice-mail softphone automatically calls recipients before launching the magicJack extension editor to save the messages in the voicemail box, you can add extra options to each type of options. For example, typing “!voicemail” will tell the voicemail to save the messages in the voicemail box of the recipient. By typing “!reject” in the voice-mail window, the magicJack users can reject the call. 3) Selective Call Rejection – You can block an incoming call by specifying an incoming number. – You can add special numbers in your lists to reject an incoming call, such as your work number or your emergency number, etc. – You can specify the rings and warnings before a call is rejected. For example, you can set a long period of silence or prompt to be played before a call is rejected or a short period of silence or prompt to be played before a call is rejected. 4) Call Forwarding – You can forward calls to another number by entering the new number in the input box. 5) Call Transfer – You can transfer calls between the magicJack units connected to each other. – You can transfer the calls by entering the name of the recipient in the input box. – You can transfer the calls by entering the number of the recipient in the input box. 6) Widget Add-On Plugins – Stopwatch – Real-time clock – Battery

System Requirements For Magicfeatures:

Minimum: OS: Windows 10 (build 15063.13) or newer Memory: 16GB RAM GPU: DirectX 11 compatible GPU with a 64-bit, support for multi-core processors Recommended: Graphics: 2GB VRAM Input: Keyboard and mouse Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible with high end audio