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Let’s face it: Dating can be a little intimidating, and it has nothing to do with confidence. Even if you are completely comfortable with yourself and are a good conversationalist, the idea of putting your best self forward and being vulnerable with a stranger who may become the love of your life is, well, daunting. If you’re in the market for a relationship—whether it’s a casual fling or something long-term—consider this your guide to modern dating. While we can’t promise that each of the following tips will lead you to a lasting relationship, we can guarantee that they will make dating a little less awkward. (And if that’s all you need, then we really did save you time.) But if you want a little more oomph, check out our 101 list of the best online dating sites. 1. Know What You Want It can be hard to tell what you want. Even if you’re confident about your sexual orientation, your relationship goals, or your social abilities, there’s no denying it: Dating, whether online or otherwise, is all about trial and error. That means you want to do a little research ahead of time to figure out what you want. Keep an open mind and be honest with yourself about what kind of relationships you’re after: If you want to find someone who wants to get their hands dirty with some salsa dancing, go for it. If you’re just okay with a little flirting and a lot of anticipation, then online dating may be for you. You may not be able to find a love interest in your local running club, but chances are, the rest of the world has a better chance of giving you a good laugh if you’re open to trying new things. 2. Be Yourself You’re not going to meet your new best friend by being a little extreme about who you are. There’s no need to hide the fact that you’re a college professor, a stay-at-home mom, or a writer. If that’s who you are, then that’s who you are. If you’re going to be open about it, though, be open and honest about your perspective and your lifestyle. You’ll gain much more respect from your prospective partner if you are transparent about yourself. Also, find a way to be yourself in your message. If you write a résumé in which you say you teach at the University of Chicago, it’s appropriate to mention that—and if you like
Better Online Dating Apps No doubt about it, online dating in the age of the iPhone is infinitely more effective, convenient, and a hell of a lot cheaper than meeting someone at a bar and hoping for the best. We’re talking Tinder, OK Cupid, and plenty of other less direct options. If you have been spending more of your dating pool going online, you should be sure you’re doing everything you can to make yourself stand out. If you’re into a certain kind of person, make it clear to your matches. If you’re into a certain kind of person, make it clear to your matches. This doesn’t have to mean going around tagging every one of your pictures with “Pick Me!” It means being prepared to compose a well-crafted, compelling profile and then following through with it. I’m assuming you’ve already taken measures against people who are just interested in getting laid. Those can come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re far less likely to get serious than the kind of person you’re actively looking for. When It Comes to the First Date Typically, a first date is the time to nail down a potential love connection, so it’s important that you know what you want and don’t want. There are plenty of experts out there, whether they’re running seminars or offering specialized advice, who believe that men always have the upper hand, and that women are the ones who should be nervous. This is bullshit. If you’re going to be good to yourself and engage in true self-improvement, you won’t believe this particular theory. According to modern dating advice, you only want a man who makes you feel good about yourself, and you should be on your best behavior for your date. People are different, of course, and you know what they say about getting what you want. You know better than to be sexist or misogynistic when it comes to dating someone you’ve never met. You know better than to ask someone who gives off vibes that you shouldn’t be dating them. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a conversation about sex on a first date. It doesn’t mean you have to get naked. It doesn’t mean you can’t talk about yourself and what you like. It means, though, that you have to be appropriately sexually aggressive with the person you want to get to know. As long as your sexual mood is set for romance, this is something you can address in the first few