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kuch khatti kuch meethi is the story of two twin brothers who get separated at a very young age. one of the twins named sameer lives in delhi and the other lives in mumbai, and it is sameer’s destiny to search for his twin brother (ravi verma) who lives in mumbai. when sameer reaches mumbai, he gets to know that ravi has an auto-rickshaw but makes no efforts to sell it as he has a dream of going to college. to sameer’s surprise, he finds that his brother has a promising future, and the two of them get to know each other after many years.

kuch khatti kuch meethi film is a good movie that will make you laugh. the movie tells the story of a young man, sameer, who goes to search for his twin brother ravi, who lives in mumbai. after long years of search, sameer finds out that ravi has become a successful businessman. he learns that ravi has an auto-rickshaw which he doesn’t use. sameer is surprised to see ravi driving an auto-rickshaw. ravi doesn’t care about his rickshaw and sameer is hurt by this. in a bid to make ravi realise his mistake, sameer leaves.

kuch khatti kuch meethi is definitely a well-acted film and it helps that we have a fine actor in the lead. but it could have been made without any of the flaws and still, it would’ve been a better film than it is. the film has its share of flaws, but the fact cannot be ruled out that it is a feel-good film. it has a genuine buoyancy that leaves a viewer happy.

having said that, the pair’s performances are particularly endearing and you never want them apart — they are such a great combination and so much fun to watch. don’t worry, though. the film doesn’t end on a down note — there’s a complete indian cultural and family reunion, and even some laughter on the way. kuch khatti kuch meethi has a title that resonates powerfully with young people and reflects their life today — ‘kuch khatti kuch meethi’ (blend of wine, gold and life). in other words, it is the call of the generation for a life more positive. this film gives those young folks a kick in the pants. kuch khatti kuch meethi is a vehicle for that purpose. in fact, the film is a contemporary take on the story of an adulteress named kuch khatti kuch meethi. there was a time when such a story would have been considered unfit to be shown in a mainstream movie theater. things have changed, though. kuch khatti kuch meethi has all the makings of a modern-day teen romance. the film didn’t generate much interest for the director was noted for taking a risk on mohan lal’s semi-biographical film. ram gopal varma was attached to direct the movie but it never happened. mohan lal’s own version is far better than this “borrowing” by varma. arrey sanjaya, aarrey india!! this is the seventh episode of the series and yet the wedding is in full swing. ‘wedding’ is not in the title because the wedding is a simposium of sorts, where the young couple will come face to face with each other and so, the press can scrutinize them. from now on, this show is only at 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.so, what’s the inside story? is jaya settling into her husband’s very, very nice house? will she fall for his sister’s nieces? how will their family accept her? and what will our young hero keep doing to earn his living? our first look at her is, ‘udhar mein, kayam kya? (what will he do, uncles?). 5ec8ef588b