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# Adobe Fireworks Fireworks is a vector illustration program. It is extremely easy to use, and it features excellent vector capabilities, tools, and controls. It includes features similar to Illustrator, such as multiple layers, preview mode, brushes, shadows, and gradients. * Fireworks * Adobe Photoshop

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With Photoshop Elements you can edit and create digital images. These include images such as digital photos, images from a scanner, graphics, and other types of files. Photoshop Elements includes many of the main features of Photoshop, including: Editing and modifying existing digital images. Adding special effects and effects to your images, such as blur, deblur, spot heal, dust spot, vignette, emboss, etc. Adjusting the color, lighting, exposure, tone, and other aspects of digital images. Creating a new image by drawing, using drawing tools such as a pencil, brush, airbrush, etc. Creating a new image from a photo and adding it to your existing image collection. Hand-drawing in the same layer of the image using the Pencil Tool. Painting, feathering, and glazing in the same layer of the image using the Airbrush Tool. Rotate, flip, crop, and size an image. And much, much more. If you want a simple, streamlined Photoshop alternative with more features than Photoshop Elements, check out Pixlr Express. The free version of Adobe Photoshop (called Photoshop CS, Photoshop 7, or Photoshop 7 Photo) is the perfect alternative to Photoshop Elements. It is also a great beginner-level Photoshop program. In the free version, you can edit and create images, work on images, resave the images in several file formats, and save the image file to the local disk. Here are some features of the Photoshop Free version: Edit and modify existing digital images: Make simple edits to the overall balance of the image by adjusting the colors, white balance, and brightness. Add special effects to your image: Add blur, grain, tint, blemish, and sepia effects to your images. Preview and apply the effects to your image. Add text to the image. Add text to an image in several formats: You can use Arial, Times New Roman, and Other. Add a logo to an image. Start or finish a project. Adjust the size and rotation of the canvas. Rotate, flip, crop, and scale the image. Resize images to fit on the canvas. Create a new image from a file or camera. Add a new image to the image or canvas. 05a79cecff

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The Spot Healing Brush is a tool to quickly fix mistakes. It can be used to quickly fix selection and spot healing a specific area of an image that is clicked on. It is perfect for catching the mistakes you accidentally make on photos. If you find yourself doing this over and over again, then you may want to try using it instead of creating a photoshopped do-over. Brush Scaling can be used to make brushes larger, smaller, or different densities. This is helpful if you are finding that the tools you are using are too small, or you just want to resize the brush tool you are using. The Lock Tool allows you to lock one of the tool options: flat or round, predefined or custom. You can also lock any editing function by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging the tool to the pixel you want to lock. This will prevent changes to the tool until you let go of the mouse button. The Pathfinder is a selection tool that can be used to create shapes. The selection is freehand drawn, based on where you click, so if you want to draw a perfect circle, you will have to click at different points around your object. The Pen Tool is another selection tool. Using this tool, you can draw paths to form shapes. You can use this to add more solid lines to your artwork by holding down the Shift key while using the Pen Tool. The Blur Tool is a way to blur out edges on an object to soften them. You can reduce the effect of the tool using the shortcut key, such as Ctrl-T to undo a blur, or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-T to blur a larger area. Using the Dodge Tool, you can fix any light or dark spots in your image. These spots will be filled in lighter or darker color. You can select an area to fix by using the Lasso Tool and then hold down the Alt key and click with the mouse. This will allow you to use this tool on an area of your image. The Burn Tool is a tool that is perfect for darkening areas of your image, giving it a grungy look. This can be done by selecting a large area of your image and then holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and dragging the tool to the area you want to darken. This will reduce the brightness of the area. The Live Paint Tool allows you to use a regular drawing tool to paint and apply items. This will allow you to use a brush, pencil

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Minimum: OS: Windows 10 Processor: Intel i3 Memory: 2 GB Graphics: OpenGL 4.3 compatible with GL 1.0 or greater DirectX: Version 9.0 Network: Broadband Internet connection and UAC enabled Storage: 2 GB available space Additional: Recommended: Processor: Intel i5 Memory: 4 GB DirectX: Version