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Gravity is a small desktop icon for your Linux desktop. It allows you to display images on your desktop, which are one click away from the desktop. Images you would like to use can be opened in a viewer. System requirements: Gravity displays images by using a desktop plugin which allows images to be viewed on your desktop. Currently a GTK plugin is used. OpenImage is a small application for recording pictures to a computer and viewing them later on. The application is simple and easy to use. Use OpenImage to create a simple movie. You simply start the application and hit the record button to start recording; this button will only appear if a picture has been selected. In case you are taking a picture it will appear in the window right after the picture has been selected. When a picture is selected you will see a preview window showing you the picture is visible and you can zoom in/out, the picture is a bit overexposed, or it is a bit underexposed. The picture can be saved to hard disk. OpenImage will produce the video in MPEG-4 format and can be viewed with VLC. It will also produce a.OGV version of the movie if the video format is not supported by VLC. OpenImage doesn’t depend on any external libraries so it can be used on any system that has the open-source GTK+ and libungif libraries installed. If you are a Windows user, the application can be run in Windows under the Wine environment. Requirements: ■ GTK+ libraries (free). ■ Open Source Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher, if needed. ■ Java Development Kit. ■ Ubuntu’s dependencies or Wine (tested under Ubuntu). ■ Linux of course 🙂 (tested under Redhat, Debian, Mandriva, SuSe and Ubuntu/Kubuntu). ■ VLC should be installed. ■ Java. ■ OpenImage. ■ Pictures to be recorded, which can be also opened in a standard image viewer. ■ The OSMapper GTK application (free, for Linux/Windows). ■ The MakeHuman 3D Modeling ToolKit. KaOS is a new minimal operating system designed to help developers with small projects requiring minimal overhead. It’s perfect for developers of educational applications, notepad editors, editors, or small games. KaOS was designed

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■ LeadByte NetworkSmart Express is a package of software designed to help you quickly identify performance problems in your Windows application. ■ This application is one of the required applications to generate data and reports. It is available for free. ■ It is free to download and use it on your PC. ■ It does not collect any personal data or usage information. The application has a small footprint. ■ It is not necessary to uninstall any current or previous version of the application. ■ It is not necessary to register with the LeadByte system. LeadByte will not sell your email address to anyone. ■ Customer Support is not provided directly by LeadByte. ■ The package of Gravity Crack For Windows contains a LeadByte NetworkSmart Express application. Installation Steps: Step 1. Download the package of Gravity Crack For Windows to your PC. Step 2. Install the LeadByte NetworkSmart Express application. Step 3. Configure the application. Step 4. Test the application. Step 5. Collect data and generate a report. ■ Now you can test the application on your test PC. Step 6. Analyze the data generated. ■ Finally, you can begin to understand what kinds of problems that your application has. ■ To help you determine the potential problems with your application, you will need to collect packet captures as we discuss later. Note: If you are an application engineer, you are most likely not concerned with determining the causes of the performance problems. LeadByte’s application analyzer focuses on the overall performance of the entire application. All you need to know is which packets are being sent to which destination, and how many are being sent. NetScope is an application that can collect packets and create a visualization of the traffic flow of your network. NetScope can easily identify where potential bottlenecks or problems could occur in your enterprise network. This application helps you diagnose and troubleshoot network-related issues including: ■ Poorly performing LAN ■ Incoming mail servers ■ Application performance and quality Requirements: ■ Microsoft 2.0.NET Framework including latest Service Pack * ■ Processor 800 MHz Pentium III-class processor or higher ■ Minimum 500 megabytes (MB) of RAM ■ Network Sniffer such as Microsoft Network Monitor or Wireshark or access to capture files 1 2f7fe94e24

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Gravity is an easy-to-use image transfer program. Gravity has three areas of functionality. It can help you transfer images between any two floppy diskettes, PC hard disk or portable storage device. The program can also rename and resize images and convert them to various file formats. Gravity can be used to: ■ Transfer images between floppy disks ■ Convert image files to one of many standard file formats ■ Resize images as required ■ Rename images as required Requirements: ■ Windows 98/95/NT4/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10 All users should have the Runtime component installed in order for this program to work as intended. System requirements: ■ 256MB or more of RAM ■ Windows Media Player Use this document to learn more about an application called LectrAble Authoring. LectrAble is an application to help anyone, quickly, easily, and professionally create and maintain MS Office-compatible PowerPoint presentations for Web use. There are few programs available on the market that can make slide presentations so easy to create, then so easy to maintain, then so easy to publish directly to the Web from MS Office. LectrAble is the only application that can do this, with a focus on providing an ease of use experience while maintaining a sophisticated program that can handle all your PowerPoint creation and publishing needs. Requirements: ■ Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint for Windows 8/10 ■ Intel Pentium III or higher Overview of the leadbytes™ WAN Simulator and protocol analyzer for web traffic that was developed by leadbytes inc. WAN Simulator – designed for web traffic analysis, to test and simulate the WAN performance of web applications during deployment. It also acts as a diagnostic tool to help pinpoint the source of WAN performance bottlenecks. Requirements: ■ Microsoft 1.0.NET Framework including latest Service Pack * ■ Processor 800 MHz Pentium III-class processor or higher ■ Minimum 500 megabytes (MB) of RAM ■ Network Sniffer such as Microsoft Network Monitor or Wireshark or access to capture files PowerMapping6.0 is a hardware-accelerated real-time display mapping application for Windows XP. The utility is designed to convert a graphic card’s pixel

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Gravity is a freeware by It analyzes all your critical IT environments and presents them in a nice easy way. You can use it to get detailed information about your important network infrastructures and to identify potential risks. Gravity comes with a set of predefined applications. You can add more applications yourself. Gravity can visualize details like system version, hardware description, OS description, network infrastructures, CPU usage and more. Examples: This a mail box to store received email. /var/mail This is a webserver for to control the production of http pages. /usr/www/ This is a webserver for clients to access this site. /var/www/ This is a webserver for clients that need more control over their access to the site. /var/www/ This is the webserver that your customers use to access this site. /var/www/ This is the webserver that your clients use to access this site. /usr/www/ This is the webserver that you use to control this site. /var/cgi-bin This is the directory where all cgi scripts are stored. /usr/www/ This is where your clients can access this site. /usr/www/ This is where your customers can access this site. What is GOWorld? GOWorld is a visualization tool for Google Earth. It allows you to view Google Earth content on your desktop like in Google Earth but with a new interface. You can download GOlems for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X Download GOWorld from Visualization application for Google Earth content on your desktop. GOWorld is a visualization tool for Google Earth. It allows you to view Google Earth content on your desktop without requiring the installation of Google Earth. It is a freeware, and you are free to use it on your computer and projects. For more information, you can view the documentation included in the package, as well as view and browse lots of free content available online, and over your desktop. You can download GOlems for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X Download GOW

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– Windows 10 64 bit (10.0.16299) or newer – RAM = 4 GB or more – 16 GB free disk space – DirectX9.0c (DX9.0c) Compatible graphics card It is recommended that you use DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics cards or better. You may experience difficulty if you are using an older graphics card. General Requirements: – DirectX 9.0c (DX9.0c) Compatible graphics card or better – 64-bit