FULL Flip PDF Professional Patch [CracksNow] [REPACK]

FULL Flip PDF Professional Patch [CracksNow] [REPACK]

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FULL Flip PDF Professional Patch [CracksNow]

I also added a patch to me. I thought I would feel a bit protected. It was nice to have that for myself. I did not plan on being on top of my other symptoms because they have been bad for the past month. Mostly bone and joint pain with a bit of fatigue/lethargy. I take ibuprofen for the pain but need something stronger when I get to my teensy gut, which I do when I get the cramps. I do need a back sleep aid as well but I couldnt find one that was not like half a plane ticket. I am glad I did not have that problem. I would recommend this patch to you for women with fibroids. I have one about the size of a cantaloupe and I am 100% sure it was the zofran. My medicine cabinet was like a drugstore and I had none.

This was a nice product for summer. I wore my faux leather sandals with the copper mesh from the flip ups. I wanted to pack these for a trip to visit my brother. It would have been nice to have added a cardigan to the mix though.

I had the first induction as well as pitocin bc of no cervix ripening. I was scheduled to go in for induction at 38 weeks/2 days. The D&C was at 39 weeks/5 days and I just began labor. I didnt feel any need to go in for labor bc my cervix ripened soon after that and I just set that whole week aside for it. I was full term at 38 weeks/2 days and had an epidural. I had my C-section that day. I learned that any future induction I go in for I better make sure my cervix has ripened before hand because Ima going to the hospital no matter what. I learned that it is kinda weird when the pitocin/epidural start to take effect and you begin to feel like you are turned into a human being. After I had my first C-section I went back in about 5 weeks later and had a VBAC (I had done one before and just didnt have the time) and I went through all the steps without having to be induced. I only had a little bit of an epidural because my cervix had ripened and my husband had a very hard time getting the baby out. As soon as they put the forceps on my cervix he grabbed it and it started to tear and my baby was out.

my first birth was in the hospital & at that point in time, anesthesia was used from the hospital just down the road. my second birth was in a birth center & i did use anesthesia (i wasn’t ready for a full on natural birth in the birth center) for the episiotomy but i did not use the epidural. thank you @makayathippy for sharing your opinion and experience about epidurals and your positive birth experience. keep up the great work. at this point, i have successfully completed my first 9 hour delivery with an epidural. i felt completely out of control during labor and c-section, but had the epidural. after the epidural wore off, i was in the same pain i had been in prior to the epidural. i could not say that i had experienced pain that would have made the epidural a necessity. the labor and the pain of the epidural were both pain, however, and i could have easily been in pain without the epidural (it was very early in the labor and i was so high that i could have been in a lot of pain and still been perfectly fine). my son is 2.5 and i am so incredibly grateful for the epidural experience that i had. it allowed me to trust my body and my instincts during labor and push him out, and i was amazed at how much energy i had to work with. yes, the pain of labor and pushing the baby out was overwhelming, but i was able to use my energy and focus to make sure i got my baby out safely, and my husband was able to be by my side and help me make it happen. my body and my husband were in a much better state of mind to be able to handle the pain of labor and labor contractions than i had been in the past. i am so thankful for this experience that i had. 5ec8ef588b