[FS2004] – [FSX] – Lionheart, WT-9 Dynamic V1.0 (Aircraft)l

[FS2004] – [FSX] – Lionheart, WT-9 Dynamic V1.0 (Aircraft)l


[FS2004] – [FSX] – Lionheart, WT-9 Dynamic V1.0 (Aircraft)l

Now showing some tilt wheel animations. As you can see, the gear is spinning but not actually in gear yet. Next, we rotate the wheel and it becomes apparent that the gear is in gear. You can see the wings deployed, all the way forward, and the gear is in both the forward and the reverse directions. Now we check the flaps. Even though it has them, they are set at 0 and not extended. Toggle the flaps and you can see that they are now extended, again, all the way forward. Next we will check the canopy. The canopy goes down and up like a well oiled machine. It is set to be fully closed, and you cannot see through it, even if the sun is right to the canopy.

The engine can be seen here through the cowling after being removed. There is a combination serial number and engine calibration date below the plate. Below that is an internal view of the engine. The oil drain plug is right above the oil filter. We then pull the oil filter and drain the oil, revealing the R&OACHE Hydro-Jets oil filter, which is far more environmentally friendly and cost effective than the original filter, sold with the aircraft.

We then pull the oil filter for the engine. This side of the oil filter isn’t really ground up and ground down, but is a fake ground up and ground down surface. It is basically a part of the oil filter that is ground down and glued on. Below that is the R&OACHE 8A001 engine and the 4A51 rev valve. At the bottom is the propeller, connected to the motor with the prop spinner. There are 3 blades per prop, 2 on the front and 1 on the rear.

There is a lot more to this plane than has been covered. You may have noticed the markings on the airframe in the previous screenshots, but we also have yellow banding around the outside of the wings, along the bottom fuselage, and the aft fuselage. This was designed to make the plane more conspicuous while out in the desert and operating the tail wheel landing gear. This plane is known for its maneuverability, and is dead easy to land and take off. Take offs are near vertical for a plane this light, but they are so short, the take off roll should not be a problem for a plane the size of this.

The following 7 pictures show the way the landing gear operates. The nose gear is in the ground. It remains locked into the ground, but remains mounted to the nose gear skid. The main gear is locked in position. The left main gear is extended. The right main gear is extended. If you watch the little tabs on the legs, they do not move, and the legs don’t move, or move very little. The wheels can be rotated forward and backward in 6 deg increments. Incredible detail and workmanship that Lionheart has brought to this aircraft is exceptional in these early days of working on this plane. V4 of the aircraft has already been completed so you can expect to receive the aircraft for June 2014. The aircraft is designed to be compatible with FSX, FS2004, and other 3rd party flight simulation platforms such as X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Sim 2008. Please note, Lionheart will not be taking pre-orders for this aircraft, and due to being a payware aircraft, the company will be focusing on future projects, for now the price has increased to $400 from $350. If you own a Lionheart Dynamic V4 already, we ask you to contact us at Lionheart via Skype at Lionheart, and let us know that you have this aircraft in flight, then we will release the aircraft to you free of charge. Features: – In the beginning, we launched an internal design team of approximately 2 people, and two of us are still around and working. We are now a small team of 3-4 people and the workload has increased tremendously, we ask for your patience, we will take our time and do this right. With that said, we want to add the following improvements to the aircraft: – Increase the number of control surfaces on the wings- Increase the number of control surfaces on the vertical stabilizer- Increase the number of control surfaces on the rudder- Add tilt swivel servos on the elevators to allow full pitch- Increase the maximum speed of the aircraft- Include the plane in our upcoming Virtual Airports- Increase the number of cargo areas- Add a manual trim feature- Make the aircraft open simulation compatible- Add the FAA FAR section for easy flight on ATC- Increase the number of radio frequencies- Implement the 2 and 3 axial mode to allow for single axis flying, including alpha reverser- Properly integrate the elevators and ailerons by default, and properly integrate the stabilators- Change the scale and wing box graphics to FSX and FS2004 standards- Integrate proper the rear cargo compartment- Integrate proper x, y and z-axis missions for the rear cargo section- Work with FS9 and FSX files, including HSE and auto save, slow down the plane when using FS9- Include the aircraft in our upcoming Virtual Airport library for FSX- Add the pilot to include the emblem on the pilot hat – Create a military variant of the aircraft- Work with FSX instrument panels as well- Add the sea level ASRS with a ballistic flight path and a flightpath that has a better modeling of the MSFCs in the lower atmosphere- Finetune the controls, please let us know if you find any problems with the aircraft. 5ec8ef588b