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Tower!3D Pro – LFPG airport is a compatible add-on for Tower!3D Pro. You can download Tower!3D Pro here: You can download Tower!3D Pro here: Your Tower!3D Pro installation instructions are in the download, or you can use this topic for guidance. Purpose The purpose of the Tower!3D Pro – LFPG airport is to extend the capabilities of Tower!3D Pro allowing you to run LFPG airport scenery along with the scenery already available in the game. What’s new? Improvements – Gesture movement support in air traffic, flaps and elevators, cockpit instruments, external displays, etc.; – You can turn off animation on all external displays, internal displays and external displays; – More airport and aircraft models; – Improved LFPG airport that can be used standalone; – Improved aircraft exterior, in particular, new engine models and new graphics engine; – Improved building graphic models and textures; – New in-cockpit windows and doors model; – New components for the 3D model that provide the smooth movement with aircrafts, external and internal displays; – Improved aircraft exterior model and textures. Please note that Tower!3D Pro – LFPG airport is available to the members of the Tower!3D Pro development team free of charge. Features – Realistic and completely immersive, with one of the most realistic air traffic in this genre; – Advanced tools available in the cockpit with 3D previews of controls and instruments in the air traffic that let you take control of the aircraft directly in the game; – All the important tools are available directly in the cockpit; – Flight plan allows you to enter the aircraft type and read out its performance; – Control of the external and the inside monitors and instruments available in the aircraft; – Check how your aircraft handles the weather conditions; – Offers an exciting gameplay that includes smooth movement in the air and exciting impact with the obstacles; – Flight plan and entry in the aircraft allows you to choose in which scene and level you want to play your game; – Terrain with various real-life airports; – Navigation and planning of the flight and entry into the airport; – Online multiplayer mode; – Complete video tutorial that teaches you everything you need


Frosty Jumper Features Key:

  • Dr. Dolittle Action: Feed the beasts!
  • Interactive Pets: Feed, play with and nurture your pet animals
  • Pet Training: Have special training: Shadow, Play, Frisk…
  • Rusty Doors: Discover dozens of locked secret rooms
  • Hot Dog Game: Enjoy more than 90 levels
  • Epic Bosses: Pit your experienced heroes against tricky bosses with incredible power
  • Paint Brush: Simply sketch over areas and don’t forget to eat during your dinner
  • BiteBox: Handle specially crafted items to prove your expertise


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Suicidal Emotions was born out of the desire for Rika’s creator, Marco Tancredi, to be able to show his mental illness in a way that is tangible and real. It began in 2006, as an independent game with no publisher or other affiliations. Since then, several years of hard work has gone into creating a game which would bring together his previous experiences. The game doesn’t require any learning curve or even much interaction with the player. Simple and clear rules provide the essential framework for the game. The game has a comic visual style because it was a personal desire. The comic style allows for more colors and a wider variety of character designs. Suicidal Emotions is intended as a realistic but absurd story with no serious puzzles and very simple rules. The creation of a playable protagonist allows the most basic plot elements to be explored in a fresh, new light. Suicidal Emotions is a positive experience for the player, as the protagonist also has the option of being a crazy person like the creator. It is a game which we hope will give joy to people who suffer from mental illness. Short videos and various information are provided on our web site (link below). ASPECT / DETAILS Suicidal Emotions is still being worked on and thus we can’t provide all the information here. We’ll fill you in with more info, and if you want us to share it with the world, leave a comment on the website. Videos DETAILS 1.- This is a personal project which began in 2006 as an independent game. 2.- There’s no publisher or other affiliations. 3.- This project took years of hard work from the developer. 4.- Suicidal Emotions is intended as a real but absurd and deadly story about Rika’s past, which lets the player find out the cause of her split personality. 5.- This is a series of scenes for a not yet composed story. 6.- The plan is that the player will find out what happened to Rika in her whole life. 7.- The final goal of this game is to touch people, especially people who suffer from mental illness. 8.- The gameplay in Suicidal Emotions is based in comic and absurd realism. ART / CUES 1.- Some animations c9d1549cdd


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