Flash Dump Starsat 7100 Fta China.15



Flash Dump Starsat 7100 Fta China.15

i will only use the dump file for the main controller and the micromax me 25q32b as it is the most compact, cheap and has a lot of different features from the other bigger models. if you know the model number of the main controller then that will be the best option for you. as this is the cheapest, smallest and most compact model then the need for the dump file is least for you.

i have used the dump file of the main controller and the micromax me 25q32b with good results. the main controller of the neosat ns 8200 is based on a altera cyclone iv fpga. it has an xilinx xc4200 fpga on it and also the neosat has an xilinx xc4200 fpga on it too. the xilinx fpga in the ns 8200 has an integrated arm cortex m4 core and the xilinx fpga in the me 25q32b has an arm cortex m0 core. the arm core in the me 25q32b is based on arm v7 and the arm cortex m0 core in the ns 8200 is based on arm v6. so the me 25q32b needs to be reprogrammed with an arm v7 compatible software before it will work.

i have a software called flash fix 2.0 which is a programming tool that can do the reprogramming of the main controller and the micromax me 25q32b. it supports both v6 and v7 arm compatible cores. if you have the hardware dump files then there is no need to use the software.

i have used the main controller dump file with the me 25q32b. the complete instruction of the main controller is from page 32, first column of the flash dump file with the following instruction.
and the complete instruction of the me 25q32b is from page 35, first column of the flash dump file with the following instruction.

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