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Every piece of data that is stored on your computer has a checksum, which is used for assessing the file's integrity and identify potential errors that might have occurred during file transfer. While there are online hash generators out there, you might find it more comfortable to have a standalone offline application on your computer to check hash codes. One choice is File Checksum Utility. Reveals SHA, MD5, and RIPEMD hash codes of files An application such as File Checksum Utility can provide important details about your files. Using specific algorithms, it calculates and reveals the MD5, SHA, and RIPEMD hash codes of files, along with a few other pieces of information, such as the size of the file and its attributes. Not only that it can calculate checksum data for individual files of any type, but it can also process entire folders and sub-folders in batch mode. The results are neatly displayed in a table, along with the name of the files, their size, and the last access date. Compare directory contents to find duplicates One interesting feature of File Checksum Utility is that it can compare the content of a folder with the files inside another to check if the hashes match, which enables you to identify duplicates. Weirdly enough, there is no such function for comparing individual files or their hashes, which would also come in handy. As a secondary function, File Checksum Utility also shows statistical information about directory contents. Moreover, all the information it generates can be copied to the clipboard or exported to various formats, such as CSV, HTML, TXT, and XML. A checksum tool that can identify file duplicates Despite its name, File Checksum Utility is not limited to showing the hash code of a file. Aside from checking a file's integrity, it can also be used to detect duplicate files on your computer. However, you should not mistake it for a full-featured duplicate manager, as its purpose is different.







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Features: • Calculate checksum codes for individual files or multiple folders • Assesses the integrity of files and folders • Shows the hashes • Compares directory contents to find duplicates • Shows statistical information about file contents • Converts results to various formats Batch mode: • Can process multiple files in a directory • Users can set where the results should be saved • Identifies duplicate files • Previews duplicates to facilitate a quick comparison • Shows the size, last accessed date, and attributes of each file System Requirements: • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista • 2 GB RAM at least • 500 MB disk space • 2.26 MB disk space for the installer • 13.3 MB disk space for the installation Additional information: • You can download it from • The trial version has a 30-day trail period • Please visit the website for the latest updates • Subscribe to the File Checksum Utility Blog for news and tips A simple and easy-to-use application that records audio on your computer, and saves the recorded audio file in various formats. Audacity can be used as a simple audio recording tool, or to turn computer or mobile phone audio files into professional-quality podcasts. Audacity Features: Recording and editing of audio files • You can select the input and output format, including WAV, MP3, OGG, VOC, AU, AIFF, and more • Audacity features a dedicated audio recording tab for making recordings • You can adjust the bit rate and bit depth • You can trim the audio files • You can add equalization to audio files • You can apply effects such as compression, normalization, or zero-latency • You can split audio files • You can mute and unmute tracks • You can drag and drop audio files between the app and your MacOS Finder Editing of audio files • You can copy and paste audio files into Audacity • You can easily edit the data using different methods such as automation, post-processing, and real-time signal processing • Audacity lets you save audio files in different formats including MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA, AAC, and MP4 • You can adjust audio sample rates and bit rates • You can crop audio tracks using the toolbox •

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File Checksum Utility, which is also referred to as File Check Utility, a file checking utility, is a batch-processed file integrity checker. This software is easy to use, supports all major file types, allows you to perform various tests with multiple files at once, and generates checksums, including MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and RIPEMD. This tool can be used to verify the integrity of the files of all kinds, including flat files, directories, and executable programs. It is completely a standalone utility that does not require any installation. It will check files of all the supported file types, including text, sound, image, e-book, video, and many other formats. You can use this tool to perform different tests on the contents of a file. You can choose to check the integrity of the file’s header, seek forward and backward through the file, check its record size, hash the file, and so on. You can also compare the contents of two or more files at once, along with comparing them to find duplicates. File Checksum Utility Features: As a file integrity checker, this software is remarkably effective. A full set of functions is included in its interface, and each one of them is given an informative description. Some of the checker’s features include: • The full text of the file • The size of the file • The name of the file • The last access time of the file • The file’s creator • The file’s date of last modification • The file’s last access date • The file’s path • The file’s attributes • The file’s flag type • The file’s file type • The file’s extension • The file’s parent folder • The file’s file name • The file’s hash code • The file’s checksum • The checksum of the file’s header • The checksum of the file’s records • The checksum of the file’s footer • The checksum of the file’s trailer • The checksum of the file’s footer • The checksum of the file’s trailer • The length of the file’s record • The MD5 checksum • The SHA-

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One important thing that can be done with any checksum calculator (File Checksum Utility) is verifying the integrity of a file. If a file checksum is different from the one calculated with the software, this might mean that the file was edited or corrupted in some way. A checksum is a numeric value that can be easily calculated and easily compared with an alternative value, and this enables the software to check whether the file contents have been changed or corrupted. As an example, if you run File Checksum Utility and the result is “F3216EA29”, then you know that the file whose checksum is this value has not been changed or altered, although you can only be sure that this is the case.Famous Soviet Composers Vladimir Mayakovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky was born in Moscow in 1893, the son of a wealthy merchant. He spent his childhood as a spoiled teenager, but through music he was soon drawn to the world of counterculture. In 1911, at the age of 16, he was arrested for “participating in subversive activities and organizing a movement for political freedom”. In this he was not alone, but it is doubtful if even in 1911 Russia’s police and tsarist authorities could have imagined that Mayakovsky would become one of Russia’s greatest writers and poets, or that he would be both ferociously independent and at the same time share a famous love affair with the composer Modest Mussorgsky. Mayakovsky developed a great love for the Russian classics: Pushkin, Lermontov, and Lermontov’s ballet The Spectre of the Rose was the subject of his first poems. He composed a series of poems expressing the vision of Russia’s impending rebirth, including the “Bronenosets” cycle of poems, which was to have been published in the journal Znamia (1897-1902), but which was seized by tsarist police. During this period, Mayakovsky’s name was frequently used in the press (he was called the “Soviet Shakespeare”). In 1918 Mayakovsky organized a string of concerts based on the poetry of the end of the 19th century which was to have been performed in the houses of factory workers. The project was not permitted to proceed, but it was not so much the authorities’ anxiety about political subversion which prevented this performance as the troubled nature of Mayakovsky’s

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General: – Recommended System Requirements: – Windows XP – Windows 7 – Windows 8 – High-end Systems: – 2.5 GHz CPU – 4 GB RAM – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 – Intel i7 CPU – 3 GB RAM – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Minimum: – Intel i3 CPU – 2 GB RAM – NVIDIA GeForce