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FieldTools is a package that contains several geology field tools, enabling you to plot and draw drill holes and sample maps, as well as contour maps and drill logs. The application enables you to easily input data using spreadsheets or import it from Excel or a CSV file. Dip and vertical depth calculators, additional symbol fonts, built-in pattern library, basic drawing tools and a report generator are other features that FieldTools comes with.







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Database: Software: Version: License: GPL2.0 Content Included files Features Labels The interface of FieldTools follows the tutorial and book by Richard Gibbs. While the interface is very simple, there are three different views for filling in your own data. You can choose between drawing a map with symbols, a symbol map, or using the tables in the other views. Symbol You can insert maps of various kinds, position the maps, plot multi-point symbols and change the size and color of the symbols. Symbols can be positioned not only on a map, but also used in contour lines, labels, etc. You can change colors, size and other properties of a symbol. Symbol map You can use the symbols on a map and name them. To see the symbols on the map, you can activate the symbol map view. The symbols are drawn on a map and can be positioned, changed color or sized. Tables You can have a set of drill hole or sampling data and use it as a table. It is displayed in an advanced grid and can be sorted and be used as a list of points. Notes: FieldTools has been developed by Richard Gibbs at Supported file formats are.csv,.xls,.xlsx,.txt,.asc,.html. User interface is based on Flex, so this product is always open source. The more files you have, the more data the application will produce. The interface has been designed for the future. We continuously improve the development. FieldTools 2.0 will be more stable and easier to use. FieldTools 2.1 beta is coming soon. We had some problems with the installer at the first release. They are now fixed and FieldTools 2.1 beta will be released very soon. FieldTools 2.1 is planned to be based on Adobe Flex 4. Help/Support If you are interested to purchase one of our products, we will provide you with the following: 1. A license for FieldTools. 2. A personal license for licenses to all our products. 3. A personal license for any free licenses for products you already purchased. 4. If you are not satisfied with your

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Included in the FieldTools package you’ll find a ready-made framework for graphing, shapefiles for all your shapefile needs, a basic contour calculator, and a geo-coding tool. An advance contour calculator comes with all of the features of the standard one, but it works with polylines and lat/long coordinates, meaning you can easily create contour maps based on a Google Map or Google Earth. FieldTools comes with a drawing tool with basic lines, arrows, measurements, symbols, text, and images which can be used to create beautifully designed maps. To help you work with FieldTools, there are number of examples for both an online and a downloadable version. The software also includes a comprehensive instruction manual that’s easy to understand. 1. FieldTools – The Main Package: FieldTools is a set of geology field tools you can access at There are a couple of ways you can get this software package. You can buy it as a digital download, or if you already own our MapSynthesizer, you can download the geology field tools package for free. 2. FieldTools is available as a free software: You can download FieldTools from this link: Note, all the geology field tools are for free. However, if you are interested in other software we also offer other software packages as well, for example, a custom field calculator or a custom pop-up calculator. 6. FieldTools – Main Features: FieldTools provides you with ready-made layers and symbols to use in their popular hydrologic and geologic field tools. It also comes with a template based file reader and writer. It also offers graph builders and map makers, optional ways of plotting and drawing drill holes, rock and fluid types, and drum plotting tools. Here are the FieldTools feature highlights: 1. FieldTools has a drillhole and well location tool: The drillhole and well location tool is a free feature with all of the FieldTools geology field tools. 2. FieldTools has a well symbol maker and a well symbols library: The FieldTools well symbol maker and well symbols library are not only the most popular, but also, they are also the easiest ones to use. 3. FieldTools is a fully integrated geology field tools package: FieldTools is 91bb86ccfa

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1. Data collection, plotting and drilling FieldTools provides the tools for data collection and plotting of well logs and boreholes, both vertical and dipole, or specialized tools like gamma logs. You can plot the depth of wells using a logarithmic scale. 2. Shell and Core analyses Analyze the geology and content of the well-logs with several tools. It can calculate the porosity, resistivity and gamma-log of the core and well-logs, allowing you to plot their values on top of the contour maps and drill logs. 3. Contour and profile maps Made with FieldTools, contour and profile maps can be created to compare vertical depth, resistivity, and porosity over a surface area. You can plot the well-logs (drill logs, core, and gamma logs), contour and profile maps on the same plot. These maps can be created using a selection from several fonts, line widths, symbols and colors, applying a pattern library. 4. Report generation It allows you to create csv files that can be imported to excel or any other spreadsheet application. The report has several features like title, picture, footer, page number, region, area, font, background color, field value lists, detail, detail2, table, column, and so on, and you can also generate an image (PNG, BMP, JPG, TIFF) and a PDF file, among others. 5. Dashboards The application allows you to create dashboards and reports for your data. You can set the distance, zoom in/out, refresh, export, create a dashboard, export to a csv file, add a map, generate a report, or create a pdf. The Dashboards can be exported to Excel, CSV or show graphically in HTML. 6. Connection with AWS FieldTools can connect to a Database, SQLite, or Redshift database, allowing you to load the data to the database, and export the data as CSV or SQL dumps. The data can be loaded as a flat file, a csv file or as a dict(python data structure). The application allows you to create its own extensions through a plugin system. The plugin system has several cool features, such as: 1. Reload data The application allows you to import a csv file to the database and reload that data. 2. Local apps configuration You can adjust the following parameters

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FieldTools provides a simple and free solution to extract data from various data sources and input into a Tableau platform for analysis. FieldTools works with GIS, SQL, Excel and Excel spreadsheets. FieldTools is ideally suited to analyze field samples and drill hole logs to extract mineral or metal content of a soil profile or to determine if a core sample came from a target area. FieldTools allows you to draw drill holes to extract several samples, to plot a continuous line or to plot sample points along a continuous line. The library can also be used to plot contours, volumetric diagrams, vertical depth diagrams and to plot the amount of energy that has been removed from a borehole log. You can easily plot sample logs, profile maps, drill hole logs, contour maps and drill hole surveys. The basic input tool is based on Excel or CSV, but can also be used with an ODBC connection, a data provider directly from ODBC or a SQL table, making it compatible with most popular database platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server, among others. The report generator offers several pre-defined reports, including stratigraphy reports, cross-section reports and hole location reports. FieldTools is an open-source project that is free and has no vendor’s commitment. Professional Floor Sanding and Polishing Tools NetCommander is a Professional Remote Control Software. It allows you to install or uninstall, manage all your PC devices, view all available information about PC and remotely. NetCommander Features: * Easy to use, single mouse button interface * Remote Control all your PC devices like cameras, digital cameras, pc, phones, etc. * Use the video camera function of your camera to control the PC * Control all mobile phone with PC like sending text, chatting, emailing, browsing, taking pictures, taking videos, watch and edit videos, play games, etc. * Remotely control any IP Camera with built-in video recorder. * Network Administrator & System Administrator. * Support all Windows and Linux * Powerful system information and device manager, monitor all device information of Windows and Linux. * Use My Files to Backup Data, Pictures, Video and Music directly. Optical Telescope Control Software Star Counter: Autonomous Focusing CCD Image Stabilization (AFS) Software Robust Image Stabilization Technology For automatic focusing in the CCD image

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OS: Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, Vista, 7, 8, 10 CPU: 1.3 GHz, Dual-Core CPU, Intel Core2 Extreme Edition RAM: 2 GB Network: Broadband Internet connection DirectX: 9.0 HDD: 160 GB Hard Drive: When installing and using the game, we suggest that you create a new hard drive for the game, to avoid problems with overwriting existing data. How to install the game: 1