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With time companies develop more and more, and it's hard to keep track of the arrival time and end of the shift for each employer, which might result in missing hours and days, time gaps and time-consuming. The Internet is full of programs that might help you manage individuals, shifts and leaves efficiently. Keep an eye on payrolls and shifts using an intuitive layout ezTimeSheet is one of those tools, which is a comprehensive and approachable time tracking software. It automates the time tracking and budget processes, and lets the employer to easily track its work time, vacation and sick time. In order for the program to run .NET Framework needs to be installed on the computer. It's wrapped in a well-organized and accessible interface displaying a ribbon bar containing the administrator and employee menu, each with distinct functions. Set up admin and user rights along with entries management To get started, you have to choose the proper mode, admin or employee. To access the admin tools, you need to log in using the predefined password that can later be changed to a better one. In the left side of the panel, the tool displays all the connected members, while on the right, you can view the current date and time, and the last check-in for every person. The app lets you edit existing members and add new ones, by inputting their full name, username, password, start date, address, along with city, employee number, phone, email and a default image. Plus, you can set the regular and overtime pay rate and if it's active. Make summaries and handle different records In admin mode, you have the option to lock and unlock a time entry and insert new ones, in case there is a missing gap, by selecting the time interval and the corresponding name. Similar steps are applied for vacations, including the leave type (time off, sick, unpaid leave) and the status (e.g. pending, denied, approved). Last but not least, you can generate specific reports for overall employee time earning and leave, or for each individually. From the “Setting” menu, it lets you modify the company information, like name, address, SSN and phone number, and enable time rounding. Every member can only view its own timesheet, leave requests and change the password. Conclusion All in all, ezTimeSheet is a sophisticated and user-friendly utility that comes in handy primarily to company owners and HR administrators, and then to each employee to keep track of time sheets and different vacation requests.


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ezTimeSheet is a practical, ready-to-use and versatile time tracking software. It works regardless of the chosen OS platform (MS Win, Linux or OS X). What is a time tracking software application? A tracking software is used to record the time people spend in a specific task, such as paying bills or writing a report. The time-tracking software then calculates the amount of money or hours worked for each task, and generates reports for management and employees. There are three basic types of time tracking software: 1. Basic software 2. Project tracking software 3. Accounting software. A basic time tracking software application can be used for general tracking in a business. For example, you could use the software to track all the hours spent working on a project, whether it’s part of your company’s time tracking or not. There are also different reports the time-tracking software could generate, such as a summary of total hours worked for the whole company, or details of how much time each employee spent working on a project. Some tracking software applications are designed with only basic accounting and timekeeping features. For example, software that provides basic payroll and reporting features to a business (and records its employees’ hours) is also known as a time tracking application. project time clock project time clock is a time tracking application that can be used for tracking employee times worked on projects. The time tracking feature of the project time clock is basic, with features such as the ability to record employees’ start and end times for a project, a calendar to mark when employees worked on projects, and a report that can be generated after the project has ended. The project time clock time tracking feature is used to record the time people spend in a specific task. project time clock could be used in: 1. Manage business projects 2. Organize employee time 3. Track employee time 4. Monitor staff members’ time project time clock license project time clock license key allows all employees in a business to access the same time tracking information, such as employee times worked and hours spent on projects. project time clock could be used in: 1. Manage business projects 2. Organize employee time 3. Track employee time 4. Monitor staff members’ time project time clock : free trial A free trial version of the project time clock is available. This free version is limited to a trial period, with each employee having access to the time tracking 2f7fe94e24

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ezTimeSheet is the ideal software to help with time tracking and manages employees’ personal information. Download ezTimeSheet: Find us on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Yes, you’re busy running your own small business, but you still need to be organized. As a small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate! With so much to take care of, there’s not always enough time to take a break, let alone sit down for a proper office meeting. And it’s even harder when it comes to delegating tasks to your employees. As a busy entrepreneur, you’re probably already in a constant state of over-scheduling. And, that’s why you need to develop a time-management system that works for you. After all, the odds are that you’re working longer hours than your colleagues. And you’re hardly ever caught unawares. With a good time management system, you can easily track your team members’ time, delegate tasks and monitor their progress. That way, you’ll be free to get back to the core business of growing your business. Here’s a quick guide to the tools you’ll need to make sure your time management system works for you: 1. To-do list You’re busy running a business, so you need to make sure you’re only working on what needs to be done. That’s why you need to keep a list of everything that’s on your plate. That way, you can make sure you’re only spending your time effectively. To-do lists can be simple, like a list of things that needs to be done today. But it can be more detailed, like a list of things to be done between each of your appointments. Then, your inbox can serve as a backup to your to-do list. You can quickly jot down notes or capture relevant information as it comes. Find out more about easy small business accounting 2. Task management The next thing you need to do is to manage the tasks that you’re delegating to your team.

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Maintain time records for employees and other members such as contractors, subcontracted staff, etc. Users can either log in as administrators or employees and track and manage time and leave, along with automatic payroll calculations. ezTimeSheet User Manual: ezTimeSheet Screenshot: ezTimeSheet Video Tutorial: Modernize your work processes at home or in the office using CoSuite Percolator. This is a slideshow displaying some of the CoSuite Percolator features, such as inclusion of recent files, a URL filter, FTP transfer capability, and more. CoSuite Percolator is a desktop application for Windows and available for Microsoft Office 365 subscribers and everyone else for a license fee per user. CoSuite Percolator Description: Don’t waste time looking through endless folders to locate files, and FTP sites to upload them. CoSuite Percolator enables you to tell the system which files and folders you want to include in your collection, without having to enter a specific location or file name. By using a file sharing service like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, CoSuite Percolator will automatically collect files and folders from there, which can be uploaded to any FTP account. CoSuite Percolator Video Tutorial: MTI is a program for Windows operating systems that lets you import and export PDF files to Microsoft Word. You can also send files using this application. For the video tutorial, watch this video. MTI Description: MTI (Microsoft Tool for Importing) is a tool that lets you export PDF files to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. The function is as follows: – Export PDF files to Microsoft Word, and Excel – Send files via email – Fix minor errors – Set number formats Watch this video to see how to download, install and use this business software product. Business apps can help you store, transfer, and analyze data, and streamline workflows such as document management, invoicing, and inventory management


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Minimum specs: OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise, etc) Processor: Pentium 4 800 Mhz or higher Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible video card with minimum 1024×768 screen resolution Sound Card: Minimum 16 bit stereo sound card with sound playback capabilities DirectX: DirectX 9.0c Network: Broadband Internet connection Peripherals: Mouse Keyboard Additional Notes: