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Easy Poker Tournament Timer is the ideal solution for running your poker tournaments. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. It will take you minutes to learn the software and get the game going. You can easily add players, define the parameters of the game and create your own custom blind schedules. You can set the time to take breaks, so no more fighting over when to take them. It comes with a table and seat generator. With a single click of a button, you can automatically assign the players to a table and assign them their seating positions. This will support up to 10 tables. It also comes with a payout calculator. This removes the hassles of figuring out the prize payout. With this software, you simply enter the percentage for the winners and let it calculate the payouts. Once you have your tournaments configured the you like it, you can save them to be used again later. You can create and save as many tournaments as you want. With Easy Poker Tournament Timer you can spend more time enjoying the game.







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This is an easy to use software that has been designed especially for use in poker rooms. Easy Poker Tournament Timer is very user friendly, and it is simple to use. You can either set up your tournament in advance or you can let it run on its own, as the software is equipped with the Auto Start feature. The software comes with all the features you will need to get the game started. Features: *Automatically starts tournaments in the specified time frame *Automatically assigns players to a table *Automatically manages blinds based on the number of players *Saves tournaments for future use *Can be used for multiple tables *Integrates tables into the tournament by using multi-tabeling *Can be integrated to any software using a TCP/IP connection *Easy-to-learn interface *Handles 10 tables without using multi-tabeling *Highly reliable *No need to use 3rd party software *Can be used to run tournaments from multiple rooms on the same internet connection *Split screens allows players to follow a private chat *Tournament can be set to duration *Easy to use *The software is very easy to use, it takes only a few minutes to get familiar with the interface *Takes up little memory *Backup function is included *Convenient tool *Easy to use *Simple to use, no special skills required *Easily manage multiple tournaments at once *The software is easy to learn and use *Saves tournaments for future use *Works with several host sites *Integrates with xfire, another popular poker client *Works with any poker client *Excellent player management *Fully compatible with all popular poker clients *Mobile app that fully supports iPhone, iPad and Android *Fully compatible with all popular poker clients *Saves tournaments for future use *No hassles with splits *Can be used to run tournaments from multiple rooms on the same internet connection *Online calculator makes it super easy to calculate prize payouts *Equipped with a wealth of features *Customization features include: *Use the color theme of your room *Using an auto start feature which makes the software run on its own, if you set the date and time before it runs *Out of bounds to make the game go to the preselected game *Winners and losers lists *Automatically updates the current hand

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Easy Poker Tournament Timer is a software program designed for poker tournaments. Specifications: – Supports multiple tables and players – Specify the minimum and maximum hands allowed for each table – Specify minimum and maximum hands allowed for a table if you like – Choose whether to hold cards in your hand or show the entire hand – Select which cards your opponent is allowed to see from the deck – Add or remove game rules, rerun the setup, modify players, change prizes and much more – Very intuitive user interface – Create Tournaments directly from the software – Load and save new tournaments from a configuration file – Choose between windowed and full screen mode – Synchronize with the session of PokerTracker and Perfect Poker – Supports downloads of updates for both Mac and Windows – Supports all computers with the necessary graphics card and speakers The PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) does its best to provide a consistent marketing message to the general public. They develop a logo and a slogan, and stick by it. We felt that this was a good idea, although there were plenty of other things that needed to be fixed. The new look of the PDGA logo is wonderful. After all, this is what the name of the organization stands for. It is important to maintain the class of a logo when redesigning a product. We have a lively discussion in a mix of art and science, and I am flattered to see that this gives the concept strong conceptual proof. The logo is not finished yet. One point we feel needs improvements is the addition of a punctuation mark. We use as many punctuation marks as we can get away with on a logo. The plus of the PDGA logo is that it is flexible and can accommodate any number of punctuation marks. Using different types of punctuation, we can make sure the logo communicates to the public and is appropriate for the different needs and projects of the organization. The slogan is another place where we have the room for improvement. It is weak, and does not do justice to the concept. The wording is awkward, and difficult to remember. We had to work with the motto “discs and chains”, and this is such a cliché that we had to give it up. We wanted to add a figure to the logo. Something that plays a disc, or is a chain. With the PDGA logo, it is important to have something playing a disc, with similar ideas having 91bb86ccfa

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ePTS is a tournament software designed to run your poker tournaments fast. No more fighting over when to take breaks. You can automatically assign the players to a table and assign them their seating positions. ePTS can support up to 10 tables. It comes with a table and seat generator. The table will generate 1 table of 8 participants. The seating positions will be assigned randomly. ePTS allows you to define the stakes for each table. It comes with a bonus round where you can assign 7x points for each round. This round will allow you to increase your total prize pool even more. ePTS also provides a calculator that allows you to quickly calculate the payouts. You can also customize the winning tables using the built in ranking feature. This will take into account the players ranking, as well as their score. Players with the best scores will be ranked higher. The software also allows you to set the time to take your breaks. Once you start a tournament, you can save it for later. It will allow you to edit the tournament data after you have saved it. ePTS makes it really easy to run your poker tournaments. This version comes with three themes: Electric Purple, Adrienne Steel and The Dynamic Pink. Key Features: Table and seat generator. Stakes for each table. Free bonus round where you can assign 7x points for each round. Import and Export tournaments. Payout calculator. Editable tournament data. Configurable themes. ZIP format. Custom countdown timers. FAQ: Q: What is “Pokerto”? A: “Pokerto” is a poker game that is played with the cards. Q: Does this have a random deck? A: Yes. The deck changes every time a new hand is dealt. Q: Can I configure the draw type? A: Yes. You can manually or randomly choose between a full or four-card draw. Q: How can I add more players? A: There are two ways to add new players to a tournament. 1) Click on the “+” button on the lower right corner. 2) Click on the “Add Player” button. This will create a new tournament. Q: Can I assign players to a table? A: Yes. Click on the “Edit Table” button and add the participants of the tournament.

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Easy Poker Tournament Timer features a straightforward and modern user interface that allows you to manage your tournaments, players, schedules and payouts quickly and easily. It uses a highly customizable table and seat generator that makes your tournament inviting and easy to manage. The online poker control panel is not only an useful but also user friendly. It offers you the possibility to customize the presentation of a new table. You can choose to display or not the name of the room, the players or their seats. You can also set the initial stack, blind and ante of each table. It is highly customizable, for any poker table. It is also easy to schedule your poker tournament thanks to an intuitive calendar. It allows you to enter as many tournaments as you want at a time. The software does all the work of scheduling your tournament, even if you forget. It gives you the possibility to set the end time, the minimum and maximum times for each tournament. The software gives you the possibility to set a time for a break and you can synchronize your tournament automatically with your computer. Easy Poker Tournament Timer Features: • Poker tournaments organizer. • Quick and easy to use interface. • Simple and customizable table and seat generator. • Highly customizable online poker control panel. • Intuitive calendar. • Automatic scheduling. • Save and restore your tournaments. • No need for predefined pairings. • Support up to 10 poker tables. • Built in calculator for payouts. • Support for winnings and break schedules. • The poker tournament software is highly customizable. • The poker tournament software is totally free. System Requirements: Poker tournament software requires a computer running on Windows XP with at least 1GHz processor, 400MB of RAM, 30MB of free hard drive space and either the Internet Explorer 4 or newer version. WinWin Video Switcher is a complete solution for swapping and editing video from DV to MPEG, MPEG to DV, MPEG to VCD, and MP3 to WAV. It includes a 2-channel audio recorder for video editing, an effective clip maker, an MP3 player, and a host of other features. The intuitive interface allows you to easily load, save, edit, and preview any video or audio file in a short time. Perfect for those who wish to create and edit videos by themselves, this freeware can also help you with multimedia editing, broadcasting, and web posting. Moreover, a neat and simple playback mode allows you to

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Notification Enabled (80% CPU), notification_enabled.txt must be in the zen_rpg directory, at least 1GB RAM 3GB HDD (cloud optional) Windows 7+ Linux or Mac OSX Required Plugins (Web Interface) Notifications Enabled, notification_enabled.txt must be in the web_interface directory Screenshot Helper Enchant Text Required Mods Binary Editor (Tools) A file script_label.txt must be