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There are various video formats available and as many applications capable of playing them. Performing a quick search you might stumble upon DualVideoPlayer, which is one of them. It promises to deliver all features of a modern media player with the possibility to play not one, but two clips at the same time. Lightweight and easy to use Launching the application won't have you worrying about the amount of CPU used, as it only requires a little to run smooth, while only taking up around 1 Mb of space on your hard disk drive. The main window is split into two sections, each fitted with its own playback options and volume sliders. Dragging borders around gives you the possibility to adjust window size, but “Movie B” suffers the most, with no option to make both preview sections equal. Unfortunately, you are only able to load files through a dedicated option for each section, drag and drop function not being supported by the application. Limited features put at your disposal If you're hoping to run movies smooth you need to have a proper version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer, as it is strictly related to it. Keeping this in mind, it is but a shame that you are not able to save nor load existing playlists. Moreover, the application gives you the possibility to switch to a fullscreen mode, but it only works for one section, leaving you to resize the main window for a greater view of both. Last but not least, using it to spot any differences in two clips can be difficult, because there is no option that allows you to simultaneously start both of them. To end with Taking everything into consideration, we can say that DualVideoPlayer is as straightforward as can get, with limited features available. Even though it is closely related to Windows Media Player you cannot make use of its features to compensate for the ones that are not implemented. Overall, it's only good to play a different video for two individuals using the same computer.









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The outstanding DualVideoPlayer Serial Key application can handle up to two media files at the same time, just how a normal video player will. If you want to play one video and view a side of another, you have a wide choice of applications. But DualVideoPlayer offers something more than just supporting two videos simultaneously, a real game changer: you can play two movies simultaneously, but they can also be played on one computer together. Each video can be placed in a separate video player window and played on its own. DualVideoPlayer is very easy to use, but there are a few limitations that will probably disappoint you. You are not able to load files or even save playlists, and you can only play one video at a time. If you would like to watch two videos, you have to go back to the regular media player. Full Review At the beginning of the DualVideoPlayer review we said there were no limitations, but there are, it seems. When you start the application it says: “More videos and photos can be played at the same time than you can save”. Not true, the application is meant to play two videos, one on each monitor. There might be a limit, but in most cases people will just want to watch two videos simultaneously. But this is about the only limitation we found, and it’s not a big one. The application works just fine, you can watch videos on both monitors simultaneously. Just remember to resize the windows on the monitors to be similar. It would be awesome if we could show the same file on both computers. With DualVideoPlayer we can open files that would not normally work, like.dv or.dvx files, and view them on our computer. If you try to open.dv files with Windows Movie Maker, VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic it won’t work. Other than that, DualVideoPlayer is easy to use. You just start the application, and you have to choose between video and still images. No installation required, just launch the application and you are ready to go. You only have to set up one video by dragging and dropping it on the big window. You can change the layout by dragging and dropping files on any of the four windows. You can also add an option for a separate video player window, to be opened when you click the video files. You can save your playlists by dragging and dropping them on the correct window, but it is not supported

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DualVideoPlayer is a free media player for playing videos with two audio tracks and two video tracks. DualVideoPlayer supports the following video formats: XVID, XVID MPEG4, WMV MPEG4, AVI, MP4, MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, Matroska, M4A. There are a number of other options to convert videos to or convert a video to another video format, including changing image size, bitrate, aspect ratio, frames per second, and more. As is often the case when it comes to playing videos in the dual video player, the volume sliders are tied to the video playback. You can adjust both volumes independently. In this player you have the choice of playing a video in full screen, half screen, or in a separate window on the desktop. DVPlayer was created to play two separate video tracks at the same time for the purpose of real-time synchronization and for the purpose of working as a mirroring application to make a smaller clip look larger. DVPlayer is the free media player for playing videos with two audio tracks and two video tracks. It is free to use and is easy to use. You can play one video on the main screen and the other one in the pop-up window. DVPlayer is the free media player for playing videos with two audio tracks and two video tracks. The level of user interface is very simple and the only thing required is the clicking of the play button. All necessary controls are placed in one place. First, you need to define your play speed and then play the video. We can say that there is only one significant drawback of DVPlayer – that a “windows” video format is not supported at the moment. DVPlayer is a simple and easy-to-use application to play two videos simultaneously. We can say that there is only one significant drawback of DVPlayer – that a “windows” video format is not supported at the moment. DVPlayer is the free media player for playing videos with two audio tracks and two video tracks. When you open the application, it displays two screens; a main screen and an additional window. A double arrow is displayed on the main screen, while the additional window is displayed when you use the SingleClick option. Winamp is the world’s #1 media player, as well as being the gold standard 91bb86ccfa

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Playback format: MPEG-4, H.264, AVI DualVideoPlayer DualVideoPlayer DualVideoPlayer DualVideoPlayer DualVideoPlayer DualVideoPlayerLawmakers who have advocated for federal protections for TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline, among other pipeline projects, say a House committee hearing on Thursday is a good opportunity to re-up pressure on the state department to reverse its decision to not approve the project. “We have an energy revolution coming to this country, and we should be not only holding off on the Keystone XL Pipeline, we should be increasing the pipeline infrastructure here,” said Chip Cazayoux, a representative to the Make It Work campaign. “We need to be supporting renewables, we need to be supporting clean energy, and we need to start implementing and building that infrastructure right now.” Cazayoux said Keystone XL is especially vital, given the potential for greenhouse gas emissions when crude oil is transported across the United States by rail. Cazayoux is also a candidate for the Maine House of Representatives representing Coos County. “This could be a game changer, not only in Maine but nationwide,” Cazayoux said. Heather Darling, an organizer with the Portland Climate Convergence, told the Bangor Daily News she expects to ask lawmakers for updates on the Keystone XL pipeline on Thursday. “I think it’s really important that Maine’s legislators show their support and go to DC and really push,” Darling said. “We’re still hopeful that the Keystone XL pipeline will be in the spirit of what the majority of this country supports, which is renewable energy and fighting climate change.” Darling said another of her major concerns is the potential for the TransCanada Corporation to access Maine’s land with the use of eminent domain. She pointed to a TransCanada pipeline that is currently being constructed in southern New Brunswick that landowners have the right to oppose. Cazayoux said he thinks that approaching lawmakers is the best way for environmentalists to push for Keystone XL. “The state legislature controls the purse strings, and we have to be very careful about whom we appoint for these positions,” he said. “I think it’s really important that we know who our lawmakers are, and I think that’s what we can do.” There

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… … … Special Features: … … … Multiple Connection Protocols: … … … User Interface: … … Download DualVideoPlayer. DualVideoPlayer is still available for download from DHTML’s website. App Name: DualVideoPlayer | Downloads: 384 App Description: DualVideoPlayer is a quality Windows media player that will allow you to play two videos at the same time. Different quality of videos, different configs Not only can you watch multiple videos at the same time, but you can also download videos of different qualities from your favorite streaming media website. Play any video format: You can choose whatever video format you want to play, such as Flv, Divx, AVI, Mpeg4, MPEG-2, 3GPP, etc.. Watch your favourite clips right now: You can only watch the videos that you’ve downloaded with DualVideoPlayer, but there are now around 10,000 clips with up to 4 minutes each in your library. It’s like a collection of your favourite movies. As easy to use as Windows media player DualVideoPlayer is fast and easy to use, with an intuitive layout, so you can select any video file you want to play with just a few clicks. The trial version has limited functionality. You can only watch video files you’ve downloaded and play them once you’ve purchased the full version of DualVideoPlayer. What’s in it for you: A great way to watch different video formats at the same time on your PC Video Player App Name: MovieB MovieB is a powerful multi-format media player for Windows (available for 64 and 32 bit) with many unique features! App Description: You have a choice of three different views: Horizontal, Vertical, and Side-by-Side. Horizontal and Vertical is fairly self explanatory, but for those of us who have never seen movies like this before, Side-by-Side views the two clips in a way that is clearly what the name implies! SIDE-BY-SIDE VIEW MovieB MovieB Features: Mode Play Modes Horizontal Vertical Side-by-Side Size 32/64 bit Version Video

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