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# **Using the Adobe Bridge App** Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of Adobe Bridge: • The images in this book are stored on a PC running Windows XP. After you insert an SD card into the iPad, tap the card to open it in Adobe Bridge, where you see all your photos and images. • The first thing you see is a display of all your photos and images from your camera. Open the Photos and Albums menu and tap

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The most common use of Elements are as photo editing apps, replacing your iPad camera roll as an alternative to Photoshop. Here, we can edit brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure, focus and alignment. You can also crop, resize and rotate. Elements is also available for Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Kindle. This is not a beginners tutorial in Adobe Photoshop Elements. We will explain how to use this software in the most basic way possible. Even after 10 years with Photoshop, I still make mistakes using Photoshop Elements. You are free to click here to get the entire list of features of Photoshop Elements. This tutorial will teach you to edit images with Photoshop Elements quickly and accurately. You will be working with photos like food, fashion, street photography and night photography. Let’s get started. 1. Open Photoshop Elements You can open Photoshop Elements from the Application on the Store menu. If you don’t see it, type Photoshop Elements in the search box and type in the Application on the Store menu. 2. Create a new document in Photoshop Elements In order to work with images, we will first create a new document. Once you open the Photoshop Elements interface, select the New icon at the top left of your screen. Type in the New Document name in the name box, select Normal and click OK. 3. Import an image Select the Import option at the bottom of the Screen. You can Import from your iPhone’s photo roll, network, or from a disk drive. When you open a file, a small window opens on the right side. You can also drag and drop an image straight into the Photoshop Elements window. This is less preferable as you will lose your place. Here, we will work with photos from our network, Smartphone or Computer. Go to Tools > Import > Import Photos and Videos to select an image or video. If you open a folder containing more than one photo, you will be able to Select All. If you select Multiple, you can choose which photos to open up. You can drag and drop your images into the main area. You can also Import New Images Folder if you want to use a folder from your computer. 4. Edit the image in Photoshop Elements We will work on this photo now. To Edit 05a79cecff

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Layers: Layers are another popular feature. They combine two or more images, sometimes into a single layer, so that you can make changes to one image without affecting another image. Effects: Effects can be applied to images to alter them in various ways, including to alter the color of an image, resize images, make an image grayscale, increase the contrast, and blur the edges of an image. Text: Text can be used to add stylistic fonts and effects to images, along with the usual formatting (like bold, italic, underlining). Pen tool: Pen tool allows you to draw, trace, or fill in shapes. It can be a very useful tool if you are looking to change an image, including adding text or graffiti, or tracing a figure or object. Other features: Filters: Photoshop has several filters that allow for easy manipulations to images. Style: The Style feature in Photoshop allows you to modify images for specific tasks. It comes with several panels and the tools shown in the previous chapter. Artistic Effects: The Artistic Effects feature allows you to add any type of effects to an image using many different types of filters and effects. Effects: Photoshop allows you to apply many effects to images, and to create complex layers and layers of effects. Graphic Design: Graphic Design can be used to add effects, text, and filters to images. After Effects: This panel allows you to create your own themes and overlay effects. It also allows you to add text and other effects to your images. It is useful for image retouching. Adjustment Layers: Adjustment Layers can be used to apply various effects to an image at once, including colors and levels, adjustment layers can be used to make adjustments to colors and shades in an image. Transparency: Transparency can be used to make some areas of an image fully visible, while others are hidden. Emboss: Using this feature you can apply a 3D effect to an image, such as embossing the surface. Add Layer Mask: This feature allows you to hide, un-hide, duplicate, or move the layers of an image. Duplication: Using this feature you can copy a specific layer of an

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Q: Javascript array of string not working and I don’t have an idea why I have the following code: var client = 0; function getMessage(client, delay) { var msgBox = document.getElementById(‘message’ + client); msgBox.style.display = ‘none’; setTimeout(function() { msgBox.style.display = ‘block’; }, delay); } Now the code above won’t work. I have tried all sorts, but I end up getting an error in the console. Error: Uncaught ReferenceError: getMessage is not defined Here’s my entire code: var client = 0; function getMessage(client, delay) { var msgBox = document.getElementById(‘message’ + client); msgBox.style.display = ‘none’; setTimeout(function() { msgBox.style.display = ‘block’; }, delay); } function clientLevelUp() { var client = client – 1; getMessage(client, 2000); } This code will work if I change it up to the following: var client = 0; function getMessage(client, delay) { var msgBox = document.getElementById(‘message’ + client); msgBox.style.display = ‘none’; setTimeout(function() { msgBox.style.display = ‘block’; }, delay); } function clientLevelUp() { var client = client – 1; getMessage(client, 2000); } I have no idea why this is happening, I even commented out all code I could just in case. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this? A: You need to use an IIFE for a self-invoking anonymous function (as @Dave said in a comment), like so: function clientLevelUp() { var client = client – 1;

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only (32-bit may work on very high-spec machines) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or higher Memory: 4GB RAM Graphics: DirectX9-compatible graphics card with 128MB VRAM (DirectX9 minimum) HDD: 20GB available hard drive space Additional Notes: Requires a 2GB+ VRAM device to run this demo Display Resolution: 1024×768 or higher Recommended: