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* The **PhotoPaint Professional** also has many helpful tutorials and is a word processing and editing program that is useful for those who need to resize or rotate a photo. PhotoPaint has a layer-based system that makes it a good place to start with photo editing.

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Where Photoshop is a non-intuitive, intimidating digital painting program, Photoshop Elements is more like a graphics editor designed for non-professional, novice users. Adobe Photoshop Elements is completely free and open-source software. Read on to learn more about Photoshop Elements and how to install and use it. What is Photoshop Elements? This is the Mac / Linux equivalent of Photoshop Elements for Windows. It is a graphics editor for photographers, image editors and hobbyists. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a complete photography and image editing application. It has the same features as Photoshop CS4 or higher. It is available for Windows and Mac OS. We only list downloads for Windows, as they are the most popular. Photoshop Elements is a replacement for Photoshop CS4 and is still available for those who already have Photoshop. You can upgrade to Elements for free from CS4, CS5 or CS6. Some of the features of Photoshop Elements: More useful features than Photoshop CS4 Import and export of TIFF, JPEG, and RAW files New image editing tools Basic photo editing tools Advanced photo effects Basic graphic design tools 1.1 Adobe Photoshop Elements Photoshop Elements is a basic illustration program for amateur artists and hobbyists. It is not a replacement for Photoshop, but it is a good alternative. It is a superior graphics editor to Photoshop and has many features not found in Photoshop CS4 or higher. Photoshop Elements contains more useful features than Photoshop. There are some differences between Elements and Photoshop though. Tutorials for Elements aren’t always as extensive as those for Photoshop. Just remember, there is a learning curve! While both programs are very similar, they do differ in several areas. The first major difference is that Photoshop Elements is a Mac app, while Photoshop is Windows-based. The second major difference is that the price of Elements is $69 for individuals, $99 for business or non-profit users and $199 for businesses that use the program for 20 hours or more per week. On the other hand, Photoshop is $3000 for a single license. Where should I start with Photoshop Elements? If you are a beginner to Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you will do well with Elements as it is a comprehensive program to gain some basic knowledge. However, if you are 05a79cecff

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