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Cntlm was built as a NTLM / NTLM Session Response / NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy that is mainly intended to help the user break free from Microsoft’s proprietary world chains. Cntlm stands between your applications and the corporate proxy, adding NTLM authentication on-the-fly. You can specify several “parent” proxies and Cntlm will try one after another until one works. All authenticad connections are cached and reused to achieve high efficiency. Just point your apps proxy settings at Cntlm, fill in cntlm.conf (cntlm.ini) and you’re ready to do. This is useful on Windows, but essential for non-Microsoft OS’s.







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Cntlm is a lightweight Windows NT/2000/2003/XP client/server based HTTP proxy with NTLM authentication support. It is made up of two parts: Cntlm_httpd is a threaded (SERVER_THREAD) HTTP server with NTLM authentication support. It listens on port 80 for connections on a Unix domain socket. Cntlm_client is a Windows NT/2000/2003/XP GUI client with NTLM authentication support. It listens on a UNIX domain socket. Cntlm_client is written in C++ with a small C libary and uses a freeware C library. Cntlm_client is completely command-line driven, the NTLM username and password can be specified on the command-line, or in a text file called cntlm.conf. Cntlm_client also provides a Network Explorer control, which can be used to connect to any HTTP server using the NetConnection control. Features Cntlm is a multi-threaded httpd/webserver (Nosql_httpd). It supports NTLM authentication using the Cntlm_httpd. Authentication is performed asynchronously so the connection is not interfered with by the application server’s application. Cntlm performs the initial connection to the corporate proxy and selects the proxy server to use based on username and port. The proxy then returns a ticket granting ticket to the application server, which is used for all further requests. This design is quite efficient, as the corporate proxy needs to authenticate the user once, Cntlm only needs to authenticate the user once. While the corporate proxy performs authentication, the user is able to use the network connection as usual, so any non-HTTPS traffic is performed on the user’s behalf, the “parent” proxy may intercept and monitor this traffic. Cntlm_httpd provides a very simple but efficient HTTP server that works well on Windows 2000/XP/2003. The performance of the application is not affected by Cntlm_httpd’s use of threads, because it is a user application that is utilizing the underlying Win32 Socket and threading API’s. Cntlm_httpd also supports the ability to create dynamic redirects, using a technique that it is assumed will rarely be useful, but when it is, it is very fast

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All HTTP requests through Cntlm Crack Mac are authenticated with NTLM (SPNEGO) using TLS. Cntlm is a proxy built on top of GnuTLS. All Cntlm protocol versions are supported (v2/v3/v4). Cntlm will negotiate TLS automatically. Cntlm can handle proxy-auth etc.. Cntlm caches the response from the servers it negotiates with to increase performance Cntlm will ignore all proxy-x-client headers. Cntlm keeps state for each HTTP-request for 10 minutes to avoid having to re-negotiate with the same server. Cntlm will negotiate Kerberos/SPNEGO in Kerberos environments. Cntlm will automatically proxy with port 80 if needed (e.g. if you’re on a non-standard port). Cntlm can be used in combination with Spnego-Proxy, a tool which uses Cntlm and GnuTLS to implement the Kerberos SPNEGO protocol. Cntlm can be configured in two ways. With command-line configuration using the CONFIG FILE format or via configuration files in the CONFIG FILE format. Cntlm can run as a daemon which keeps running in the background. Cntlm can be configured to run non-interactively with no configuration. This would be useful if your proxy does not have any configuration files. You can configure Cntlm to act as a proxy server that will just rewrite the requests in the direction you choose (either transparently to the application or modifiying the request in some way). You can configure Cntlm to obey SOCKS 5 configuration directives. you can configure Cntlm to utilize Kerberos. you can configure Cntlm to utilize Spnego. you can configure Cntlm to utilize HTTP proxy directives. You can keep a cntlm.ini configuration file to customize Cntlm’s behavior if necessary. You can specify multiple CHROOT locations so Cntlm can store multiple credential caches for different servers. You can change your proxy settings without having to restart Cntlm. Cntlm will not continue processing a single request until the proxy configuration change has taken effect. Cntlm will use a cached session 2f7fe94e24

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* A Windows NTLM proxy for Linux, BSD, and OSX * cntlm is a lightweight, cross-platform Windows NTLM proxy for Linux, BSD, and OSX * * Requires Python * * Requires Python libmspack * * Requires libjpeg * * Requires urllib2 * * Requires libsoup * * Requires libxml2 * * Requires libpcap * * Requires tkinter * Cntlm Version: * 2.3.2 * * 3.0.0 * * 4.2.4 * * 7.0.0 * * 7.1.2 * * 7.1.3 * * 7.1.5 * * 7.1.6 * * 8.0.0 * * 8.1.0 * * 8.2.0 * * 9.0.0 * * 9.1.1 * * 9.2.0 * * 9.3.0 * * 9.4.0 * * 9.4.1 * * 10.0.0 * * 11.0.0 * * 11.1.0 * * 11.1.1 * * 11.1.2 * * 11.1.3 * * 11.1.4 * * 11.1.5 * * 11.1.6 * * 11.1.7 * * 11.1.8 * * 11.1.9 * * 11.1.10 * * 11.2.0 * * 12.0.0 * * 12.0.1 * * 12.1.0 * * 12.2.0 * * 12.3.0 * * 12.4.0 * * 12.4.1 * * 12.5.0 * * 12.6.0 * * 13.0.0 * * 13.1.0 * * 13.2.0 * * 13.3.0 * * 13.4.0 * * 13.5.0 * * 13.6.0 * * 13.6.1 * * 13.7.0 * * 13.8.0 * * 13.

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Cntlm is an HTTP NTLM proxy that automatically adds NTLM authentication to HTTP requests. It is a generic proxy with no strict target application in mind, so it could be used to protect any web server. However, cntlm seems to make a good choice for a simple authentication proxy. Cntlm is useful for protecting a large number of applications from the same, dubious corporate proxy. This allows you to send requests to the corporate proxy but only allow requests from applications that have been authenticated via NTLM. Cntlm requires a Windows OS with.NET 2.0 or greater. It will work on Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista and 7, but to save some overhead you should run it on Vista or 7. The latest version is 2.4.1, this version is compatible with Windows 7. cntlm (requires 2.0 or greater.NET Framework) $ cntlm Windows XP SP3 cntlm (requires 2.0 or greater.NET Framework) $ cntlm Windows Vista $ cntlm Windows 7 $ cntlm Mac cntlm (requires 2.0 or greater.NET Framework) $ cntlm *NIX Official Site (Windows) Modify the value by yourself in cntlm.conf. Now we can configure the proxy, set the host name and port. [Proxy] Servername Port Then set your apps proxy settings to that proxy’s IP address and port. You should be all set. A: I just found an open source C#/.NET project for NTLM authentication at Github. It is a Restful API over HTTP. How to get the best photographs Just answer these simple questions and you will get a great shot. We all take photos of some thing, but not all of them are successful. This article will take a moment to see just what makes a good photograph and how to ensure you get the best shot to share. Get close to a subject. Constrain your subject in a fixed frame. Get close to the subject and frame them in tight against the frame and you will tend to get more successful photographs. Making the subject smaller in relation to the

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