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The current release of CnebulaX is complete and can be used to plot very good maps. The main aim is the construction of powerful sky maps and lists of deep sky objects, to be studied in our deep sky observing sessions. CnebulaX also implements a library, ephemerid facilities, telescope control, prediction of visibility, annotations, overlaying facilities, and more auxiliary tools for the deep sky observer. It is an excellent instrument for learning to know the sky at many levels. The same way as the former MSDOS release, CNEBULAX is a full database manager, combined with a star map generator, a reference library and an observing notebook. Currently, it is able to plot 25 million stars (GSC 1.2). However, smaller star databases are also available (Tycho II, AC2000 and PPM). The full release also includes more than one million deep sky objects, double and variable stars (all the files required for the full installation are within this website). The number of databases is unlimited, and under certain rules, the program can create and manage as much as one wishes. Here are some key features of “CNebulaX”: �■ Observer-oriented: it was developed under the point of view of a deep sky enthusiast, covering all the needs of a DS observer �■ Lots of information for any object, and it is opened to incorporate more, or appending more databases �■ A new star database: Guide Star Catalogue 1.2, with more than 25,000,000 stars. Its power is impressive; I am astonished with the details. With the picture collection and the current maps, guiding the telescope and CCD imaging is now easier than ever!!! This database can be downloaded from the complements section, where the basic installation can be expanded. Everything is free, naturally. �■ It displays annotations (several thousands at the moment): click on an object and check how it looks at the eyepiece. It is compatible with the observer’s logbook; the volume of annotations is, however, far greater, although only text is displayed in this case. �■ The full CNebulaX release includes more than one million deep sky objects (ca. 1,250,0000 DSOs). The basic installation includes a mixed DSO database (32,000 objects) and Tycho II (2,5 million stars). In this website, you will find to download all the additional files required to expand the basic installation, visit the complements section. �■ Comfortable toolbox, hierarchically organized with a multi-tab interface �■ Multiple facilities for an easy and accurate navigation, and telescope guiding (navigator, tables, lists, ephemerids, auxiliary plots, etc) �■ Horizontal mode to show the sky aspect as shown from your observing place �■ Horizon editor to customize the geographical features: mountains, hills, buildings, etc �■ Cross search capabilities to find objects and jump to them: making programming lists is really easy. You can combine observing lists, and load/save lists at your will. �■ Observing list viewer allows navigating to the objects, see their pictures or location on gradually zoomed maps, and represent all the objects in several all-sky views �■ Accessibility: transference of information to other programs, maps, pictures, or annotations at the telescope. �■ Printing: native high resolution vector maps, or via clipboard to other applications. �■ Horizontal mode: the equatorial maps can be kept permanently oriented to the zenith (pseudo-horizontal mode), useful in combination with Earth-based maps �■ Fully rotable maps: the maps can be turned or flipped as wished to match the telescope appearance �■ Meade LX200 classic is controlled via RS232C port – click on the map and move/synchronise the telescope to it �■ It can overlay maps on pictures to identify stars and deep sky objects on pictures �■ Observer logbook facility to write down observations, and pasting pictures, drawings or maps �■ Enhanced capabilities to generate monochrome or colour maps (copy/paste, fully finished) �■ Full screen mode, and finder/month/year views �■ This version is also able to compile and index new databases, very convenient for maintenance (error corrections). �■ Accuracy 10 times greater than in previous releases, in fact more than most sources provide. �■ The provided documentation include some RTF files that can be accessed from a viewer. �■ I have also altered the former MSDOS release to keep the compatibility, and in addition, now it is also able to display the GSC.


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CNebulaX 2022 Crack is a complete and user-friendly astronomical database and reference manager. It will contain astronomical object data (images, locating files, information, etc), navigator and ephemerid facilities, telescope control, predicting of visibility, some dozens of auxiliary tools, and a lot of graphics and visual material. CNebulaX Crack For Windows can include a lot of external files, and other databases and libraries. The external databases can be configured to be included or excluded at the moment of data loading. It can load files from the local file system, from floppy disk or from CD-R, and can integrate any external database. They are listed in the options dialog box. CNebulaX Crack Mac can integrate external libraries such as the PPM library, the Geostationary orbit library and Ephemeris (based on the Horne-Bode formula). Ephemeris can be downloaded from the complements section of this web site and it can be included in the current version of the program. CNebulaX can display information in different ways and it is possible to include images, even of UGC standard astronomical objects. CNebulaX can have an extensive set of user configurations, including the position of the map frame, the display of all the maps, the range of coordinates (rectangular, and equidistant) to be displayed on the map, the identification colour of the objects, or the values of the sampling frequency of the information (pix, jpeg, gif). All these can be modified in the user configurations. It is also possible to filter the object information using labels, flags or indexes. For instance, it is possible to select only stars (GSC1.2, 2.5), pluses (Tycho-2), double stars, variable stars and deep sky objects. CNebulaX can be easily configured to a telescope using the telescope simulator, and it also includes table simulators to help the user design an observing list and estimate the expected position of objects. It can provide information of real-time change in sky elevation or atmospheric conditions. CNebulaX can predict visibility times or azimuths. CNebulaX is aimed to offer the operator a full control of the telescope pointing, horizon, vertical altitude, seeing value, and some other observatory parameters, since many aspects of such a complex instrument can easily be ignored or overlooked in recent software. In addition, it can be possible to control the telescope using an RS232 interface. CNebulaX can

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The CNebulaX Cracked Version software is an astronomical program with many tools and databases to perform various activities, both as an astronomer and as a visitor. The latest release (0.9.1) it has, works with stars up to 12-billion, and you can choose to fill your catalogue at your wish. It includes astronomical databases, world monographic and collaborative databases, Doig catalogues and double stars, as well as lists of positions of deep sky objects, and other basic tools. CNebulaX Free Download came out of some years of development, in which I have been using it to manage the data of the sky in depth, which is not carried out so much in many other programs available today. It was designed to be as easy-going as possible, but it certainly has the power and the power to do many jobs. CNebulaX Activation Code has had a reasonably rapid development, in fact it is a real joy to develop and use it. If you have the technical skills and time to learn it, you will gain a large database tool, that you can set as your personal working environment. CNebulaX is available as both a program for a standard PC, and as a PC program, and moreover, it can be obtained in a large number of platforms. CNebulaX History: The program currently compiles and runs under the DOS system of Microsoft, Windows or Linux, also under VB. The program was originally developed for DOS (MIPS), and it has worked for almost 15 years. The latest release, CNEBULAX 0.9.1, is the first version for a modern and latest MSDOS version, 7,8 or 10. In the standard version, the program can be obtained in following formats: INSTALLATION CODE COMPILER/ARCH 1.0 DOS GEMDOSMICRO 32X 4.02″ MIPS T.S. MOXIE 32X GEMDOSMICRO RSXS 37″ 32X 1.02″ MIPS NIOS32M 1.21″ MIPS NIOS32M 5″ VB95 XM8 1.05″ DOS VB95 VB6 Borland 1.0 DOS VB6 Borland 0.9.2 Windows 95 2.0 DOS Windows 95 2.0 DOS DOS-86 2.0 DOS DOS-86 4.3.4 1.0 DOS DOS-86 4.3.4 DOS 7/8/X 91bb86ccfa

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CNebulaX is an observing software. It features an advanced set of tools to manage a telescope and an easy-to-use and powerful star map generator. Due to a very fast execution speed and the ability to load and store the data in the memory, it represents a real database on the sky. In the CNEBULAX world, the sky is represented by a set of connected Zones. Each zone is a total reference of every observable object in the sky, and then a Zone can be defined by a set of objects, along with its position and uncertainty. CNebulaX also integrates a reference library, which stores in a compressed form, the coordinates of all the observable objects on the sky. Each objects has its page, a set of graphical indexes and can be zoomed to any level. The CNEBULAX library is expandable and all the files can be downloaded from this website. The library is automatically interfaced with the CNEBULAX program, in order to provide a simplified operation. A new star map (CMap) allows plotting stars in the sky. The main idea is to build a pre-computed map of the sky, with all the visible objects. CNebulaX is an observer software, as it can be used directly for the observation of objects on the sky. Special tools are implemented to help the user to create and manage his own reference database of objects, with all the geographic information. All the information is presented in a organized way, and can be stored by the program. CNEBULAX works directly on the Ephemerides of the objects, allowing to make a prediction of the visibility of any object in the sky. This software can also be used to make maps or overlaying on pictures for an easier and more effective finding of a particular object. Many tools are offered to the user, through the easy-to-use and powerful interface. CNEBULAX is an excellent instrument to learn to know the sky at many levels. It is a powerful database manager, combining the strength of a star map generator with a reference library and an interactive observatory. CNebulaX release notes: 2/7/2014 After the successful test, I decided to release the installation to the general public. The current CNebulaX release can be used to plot 25 million stars (GSC 1.2). However, smaller star databases are also available (Tycho II, AC

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�■ CNEBULAX (CNebulaX – Tool for a deep sky observer) is a completely new and upgraded version of the former popular MSDOS application which is included within this site. It is a database manager, star map generator, a star reference library, an observing notebook and much more. It is an excellent instrument for learning to know the sky. �■ It is very well organized, with icons very attractive and very well organized. The latest CNEBULAX release is much more powerful, and includes more than one million deep sky objects, double and variable stars. The sky information is given in several levels, and is extended via the “Dropdown” menu and the windows main menu. Besides, the price is zero. Everything is free, naturally. �■ The quality of the sky maps and the 3D view are excellent, taking advantage of the latest version of OpenGL and a graphic designer software. �■ This version includes several improvements, although the graphite theme remains as the best interface. �■ CNEBULAX loads and builds at best speed, using only a few Mb of disk space (perfectly fits in a 256Mb memory card). �■ The previous major improvement regards the input facility. CNEBULAX is now a very comprehensive universe database generator, and it can handle any kind of catalog. �■ On the other hand, the input facility has been greatly improved. Many of you asked for this change, so CNEBULAX will now be able to handle a whole new catalog and database. �■ An additional CNEBULAX tool was developed, the epoch database generator, and it is used by MSDOS version of CNEBULAX to update. The database can now be refreshed up to four times a year! �■ As a great result, the epoch database and the full CNEBULAX release now include more than one million deep sky objects. �■ GSC 1.2 is included, which includes a powerful database, along with a graphical user interface to handle the database. The object is given in six different levels of details, allowing the observer to view and navigate them as much as desired. �■ The number of deep sky objects is also unlimited. In fact, the database can be extended by downloading additional files from the complements section, which will allow you to

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