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by the 12th hole on the practice range at wheaton, a member of the winning team from the golf tournament on june 7 was told to switch to a new club. each team played under all conditions, some of them in pairs, and a few in groups of three. “the best run of holes was ours in the first half,” admitted andy anthony, a regular team member who lost his shirt on the first hole.

michael mcgarty-coleman, a member of the lpga national team since 1994, paid homage to the courses in the area, mentioning the towering kettle moraine ridge that is only four miles from the course, the former traverse home that sits across the road and the vision of the current head pro, bill hughes, that is being implemented.

the area is relatively barren, with the exception of a wildflower meadow at an abandoned house further up the road that is a great location for some unusual shots. the course is a set of four short, tight par 4s that together give you a bit of a workout. they’re not particularly interesting, but they’re playable, and you can get some good shots. the course also has two par 5s, the first of which is uphill and the second of which is downhill. both of these are challenging, but they’re not as bad as they look.

the 18th hole is also an interesting hole. there is a path that runs along a stream with a bridge across it, and at the other end of the bridge is a cliff with a good view of a view of the post office. the tee shot is uphill, and the blind shot across the stream, through the grass and over the cliff is a fascinating shot, and can be either a well played par 4 or a disaster if you slice.

the uci world championships are an excellent showcase of the sport of cycling. the athletes are professional, and the races are all quite fast. the majority of races are held in the morning, and the result is an extremely short but fast event. in the u23 women s, mathilde van diere is the current world champion, but this year she will have to start from the back of the pack as her sister, maud guiteau, is also in the mix. in the men s, julien charest has finished second, third, and sixth this year. in the u23 men s, julien charest is the current a new version of the championship manager 03/04 is now available for download. this version is the first to include the new version of championship manager 2004 (cm04), which was released at the end of february. with cm03/04 we have implemented many new features, including a refactored event manager with new features and a full-screen view, an improved roster manager, and a new interface for players of the championship manager (cm) series. we hope that you enjoy using the new version of the championship manager 03/04, and we invite you to email us if you have any questions or comments. feedback on the new features is welcome and will be much appreciated. the local press has reported that quick-step cycling team rider bertjan lindeman tested positive for epo after winning the fifth stage of the dwars door vlaanderen. he had only finished his first stage and was not scheduled to race until the following day. the belgian newspaper het nieuwsblad reported that an internal investigation has begun and the team has suspended the rider from competition until the matter has been resolved. “the positive result is the result of a het nieuwsblad report on tuesday that we have already dealt with internally”, said quick-step manager patrick lefevere, who added that the rider has been provisionally suspended. no further details were available. 5ec8ef588b