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What is CardBase? Cardbase enables you to manage all contacts from any device. No matter where you are you can create, view, edit and maintain, personal or business contacts. It’s a lightweight but intuitive interface that wraps a standard application interface with a user-friendly layout. Cardbase is comprised of four sections: Contacts – Manage contacts with ease. Cardgroups – Keep contact information organized. Contacts – View and edit your contacts Group Reminders – Add reminders for new people, groups or events. Included are instant messaging, caller ID and VoIP support to connect mobile and VoIP services. It is possible to export and import contacts from a database, email clients, contact lists, and Microsoft Outlook. Cards can be backed up by Cardbase to a format suitable for use by Microsoft applications, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Features: Create, edit, and sync contacts and groups between desktop, mobile and internet Import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Address Book Option to add a sound when a call, message, or event is received and when contact information is updated Import contacts from other files including Excel, CSV and vCard files Create groups of contacts in various parts of the program Manage phone numbers, URLs and addresses Add multiple forms of contact information including email, mobile, address and note Send and receive information via Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype and other services Dynamically sort and filter records by name, email and company name Create mailing addresses and add all kind of contact information Create reminders for new contacts, groups and events Use the built-in apps to find the latest news and view recent tweets Export contacts into a file, email to a recipient or copy to a link Control the way the application start up, including the visibility of the desktop toolbar Show all contact details including emails and web addresses in the card Can backup and restore the database to a safe location Use a password to protect the program from unauthorized users Create and import contacts from a Database Import contacts from a Database. All the data is retained and thus can be readily reviewed even if Cardbase is closed. Automatically backup your data. If Cardbase is closed, the data will be safe and ready for transfer to another database. Import contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook,

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– Preserve order: Keeping track of the relationship between a large number of contacts is not easy. CardBase lets you quickly scan through different fields, sort your records according to the desired criteria and make them easy to find when needed. – Save time: There are situations when you need to enter the same information multiple times; for example, you need to add a few phone numbers to multiple contacts. Not only does this take a lot of time, but it is also unnecessary. This is where CardBase comes to help. It provides an intuitive interface that eliminates the need to duplicate the same information. – Secure & Flexible: The program is designed to help you keep track of multiple numbers. It is designed using a safe algorithm, which helps minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your personal data. The app’s settings allow you to choose how and when to backup. – One-stop solution: The interface provides you with many options in handling your contacts. You can easily select a number from a database and call or send an FAX to it in one click. CardBase Features: – One contact at a time: CardBase is designed for creating unique personalized databases containing multiple contacts. – Bulk database creation: Before you start entering data, you can define your database according to different criteria such as number type, number format, country, status, etc. This way you don’t have to re-enter the same data multiple times. – Undo and repeat: You can always undo any changes you have made to the database. – Auto back up: CardBase helps you save your personal information in a safe manner, so that you don’t have to worry about losing it. – Compatible with multiple platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000. – Compatible with multiple databases: MS Word, Excel and PDF format. A: Selections from the article “Top List of Phone Number Organization Software” are as follows: Free phone number organizer Best phone number organizer Phone number manager Quick Contact Manager Groupon Quick Contact Organizer A: If you have a contacts management software, how to organize all contacts phone numbers in this software. You can use some contact organizer. I suggest this software 2f7fe94e24

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CardBase is a simple yet feature-rich business and personal organizer. Before it was developed, we went to look for a contact using the phonebook and it took a lot of time to look for a specific person among hundreds of pages.  Now we can use many different types of virtual agendas, one of being CardBase, designed to help keep track of numerous personal or business phone numbers, addresses, emails and websites. The program is a lightweight and intuitive application that lets you create a customizable organizer for all your contacts. It’s wrapped in a well-structured yet outdated interface that comes with a standard menu all the necessary fields to insert a contact. Enter general details about different connections When it’s run for the first time, the options window is displayed, from where you set up the area code, local PBX, name, company, address and postal code, along with email and port configuration settings. Those properties can be later changed from the menu. Before entering records is recommended to create a database by saving it to a safe location. Some of the required fields are the company title, full name, home and email address, different phone numbers and website. You can copy information from another document directly into the proper area, or cut it for further usage. Customize the interface, sort the records and configure settings The tool lets you change the layout view by hiding the status bar or customize it with other icons, sort the items by group or company name, navigate between them and set the window on top of others. If FAX and phone numbers are present, the app gives you the option to send an FAX or directly call a specific person. From the menu, you can enable optional features, such as show tool tips, place the icon in the taskbar, minimize to the systray at startup, back up the list automatically, and warn sounds in dialog boxes. If you want to protect the database from unauthorized persons, you can set up a password. Make sure you remember it as there is no option to retrieve it. Contacts Interface Status bar on the top, Command-Tab to minimize to tray, or hide icon in tray. Icons Alphabetical Sort by Name Company Area Code Set as favorite Edit icon Trash icon Close icon Delete icon Copy icon Paste icon Edit icon Back icon Next icon Pin icon Pin icon Pin icon Pin icon Pin icon Pin icon

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* File with the ability to add, edit and delete cards and contacts. * Ability to add or change phone number and email. * You can create one card and multiple contacts or multiple cards and multiple contacts. * Save the current cards and contacts into a file. * Safe to save and load from any machine. * Customize the height of the menu by dragging and dropping the controls. * Not required to open an application to add or change card data. * Option to save the current database to file. * Option to create a backup of the database file. * Option to create an encrypted database * Option to schedule the backup or database recovery. * View the database to be added, or existing. * Option to delete, move, or copy the existing database. * Option to print, email, or export the database to Excel * Option to add notes for individual contacts. * Option to move and copy individual contacts * Option to import contacts from text files. * Option to email, fax, or dial phone numbers of all contacts. * Option to delete contacts. * Option to enter comments or notes for each contacts. * Option to resize contact database. * Option to view contact database with the help of contact groups. * View contacts, notes, and add contacts as tree structures. * Keep track of all contacts and notes. * Keep full list of contacts who have made calls or emailed. * Option to edit contact data and rename the contact fields. * Option to search or filter by name, email, company, phone number, address and website. * Option to select mail/cell phone/fax by name, email, company and address. * Option to back up all or selected contacts into ZIP or HTML archives. * Option to export contacts to CSV files for importing into other programs. * Option to export to Excel so that the user can import contacts into other program. * Option to export contacts

System Requirements For CardBase:

Oculus Rift Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 6870 (1GB VRAM) or greater 1GB VRAM Windows Media Player 10 or greater Minimum Resolution: 1280×800 Minimum Available Wireless Bandwidth: 5 Mbps Internet connection required for some features System Requirements: AMD Radeon HD 6970