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Battlestar Galactica Razor Extended 720p

i would never be so bold as to call razor anything special, but there are moments that do stand out more than others. for starters, its pretty obvious that lee adama isnt very good at command, and that was the most striking thing about his performance. maybe it was the fact that, with his hair always looking like he just woke up from a nap, he just looked like a bad leader. maybe it was the way he was constantly talking to his senior officers like they were his own children, or the fact that he was sometimes a little bit on the edge of insanity. his attempts to lead are even more remarkable when you consider that he was just returning from retirement and dealing with a traumatic experience, the death of his brother billy (who, if you recall, was the lead in the original pilot of battlestar galactica). and, of course, his son, lee roslin (kevin durand), who, in the flashbacks, was a mere baby. and, of course, his son, baltar, still a very ambiguous character. no, this isnt the first lee adama episode of bsg, and its not likely to be the last. but its certainly the worst one. in the course of telling the story, adama gets more and more emasculated, especially at the end, where he makes the decision to execute the cylon sharon agathon (talia sumpter) and her entire cylon war cylon ship. its a pretty dark moment for the once proud admiral lee adama, and, although its not like we havent seen worse, it does bring to mind the baltar/adama scenes from the original battlestar galactica.

the attack on the colonies is one of the best episodes of battlestar galactica ever. its a great story, and its the episode that really pushes the concept of the cylons as a unified monolith. its also the episode that shows us just how far the cylon race has come since their first appearance on battlestar galactica. theyre a machine-like monolith that is virtually unstoppable, and theyre able to break the colonys defenses on a planet that no other cylon race has been able to do. watching this episode, its hard not to think of the way we view the cylon race today, and the way we view the human race. since the first episode of battlestar galactica, the cylon race has been a monolith. theyre all the same, interchangeable, and theyre not really capable of any sort of independent thought.

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