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* _Adobe Photoshop Elements_ is a beginner’s tool and works in a similar fashion to the Mac version of Photoshop, but it is free and offers many more tools than Photoshop proper. This program also costs a fraction of the price of Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. * * * ## Where to Buy A full version of Photoshop costs approximately $650. You can find discounted versions at computer showrooms and online for about half that price. A basic set of Photoshop tools costs about $80 to $100, which is a good deal, but anything beyond that is overkill, so keep your needs simple. ## Essential Photoshop: The Good Stuff You can get a lot of use out of Photoshop if you are willing to learn a little about it. Here is a list of the parts of Photoshop that beginners should be aware of.

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Unlike Photoshop Elements, Photoshop isn’t a graphics editor. Photoshop is a photo editing application, and Photoshop Elements is an alternative to Photoshop. It contains all the features of the professional version of Photoshop, but with a simplified interface, fewer options and fewer settings. Adobe Photoshop Elements works with Windows, macOS and iOS (Apple Macs only). 1. Import your photos Photos can be imported into Photoshop Elements or Elements from Camera Raw. Before choosing anything, make sure to check your photos for any potential issues. 2. Adjust the brightness, contrast and other image properties From the Image menu, you can change your photos’ brightness, contrast, and levels of sharpening. In Elements, this is called “image adjustments.” 3. Increase or reduce color saturation In the “Color” menu, you can make bright, vivid colors seem more muted, while dark colors seem brighter. From the Image menu, or Elements’ “Adjustments” section, click the “Levels” tab. Click the box marked “Down” to decrease the level of saturation in bright colors. Click the box marked “Up” to increase the level of saturation in dark colors. Click “OK” to apply your new settings. 4. Remove red eye from photos Red eye is when a flash or other light causes your retinas to over-exposed. You can fix it by selecting the eyes in the image and clicking the red eye icon (three colored Xs) at the bottom right of your screen. From the Image menu or the “Adjustments” section, click the “Red Eye” tab. Select the eyes in the image, then click the red eye icon (three colored Xs) at the bottom right of your screen. Click the eye with your mouse, drag it toward the center of the face, and drag another eye up to the top of the same face. Click OK. 5. Adjust the sharpness, grain and image size From the Image menu or the “Adjustments” section, click the “Image” tab. Click “Sharpen” or “Sharpen & Image Size” to adjust the amount of sharpness or graininess in the image. Click “Image Size,” then drag the slider to increase 05a79cecff

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Cloning is a process to copy selected pixels. It’s useful in painting, image manipulation, and retouching images. The Healing Brush helps you repair bad spots in images that may have been damaged during an editing process. The Clone Stamp and Healing Brush are useful for retouching images. The Magic Wand tool (located in the Tools panel) is a keyboard shortcut for the Photoshop Magic Wand Filter. It uses the “Adobe Hue” color model to detect different colors. Effect Filters include Color Overlay, HSL, Motion Blur, Puppet Warp, Grain, Lens, and Vignette. Filter effects can be placed on different layers, which allows you to create effects that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. Each Filter is a particular type of effect or design created for Photoshop. They are used to give your images a particular look. The Gradient tool (located in the Toolbox) is a way to apply a gradient across a selection or an image. The Gradient tool is used in the Adjustment Layers window. You can use colors to create a Gradient as well as to create Color Selections. The Pen tool (located in the Toolbox) works much like a brush, but the pixels created can be modified by the Pen tool. You use the Pen tool to create textures such as scratches, spots, graffiti, and so on. The Eraser tool (located in the Toolbox) erases pixels that have been selected or made visible using the Brush or Pen tool. If you make a change to the Width and/or Height settings for a Layer (although you may be able to change these settings after you place a Layer over an existing Layer), you will notice that the Layer Opacity changes accordingly. Image Editing & Retouching Features The following features help you edit images: The Crop Tool provides three different options to remove unwanted portions of an image. You can crop the image to a particular size, crop the image with a specific aspect ratio, or crop the image based on a selection that you create around an area of the image. The Move Tool is used to move objects around a layer or layers to reposition them. You can also use the Move Tool to re-position a layer in relation to other layers on a canvas. The Fill Tool is a way to modify pixels that have been previously painted. You can use the Fill Tool to change a

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RAM: 1 GB or more Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core i3 Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 Installation (w/ LibreOffice) Installation (w/others) Install / Uninstall Download the Homebrew channel if you have not already installed it. In case you have already installed Homebrew, you can just run it again to check if the channel is already installed. # brew channel After the channel is already installed, use the command to install the packages: