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Keep in mind that one of Photoshop’s distinguishing features is that it’s the only major software program available that has free updates for life. This means that even if you buy the product at the current time, you’ll be getting major software improvements as well as security fixes throughout the life of the program. The oldest Photoshop I can remember is version 3.0, which came out in 1990. Photoshop is now at version CS6 (creative cloud), which debuted on April 24, 2013. Supporting a wide range of image types Photoshop CS6 supports many different image types. Table 5-1 lists what each format supports. Table 5-1 Image Formats Supported by Photoshop Format | Built-In Support — | — TIF (the old Tagged Image File Format) | Yes, including alpha channels GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) | Yes JPG, JPGX, and JPEG XR | Yes, including alpha channels BMP, WMF, and EMF (Windows Metafiles) | Yes, including alpha channels PSD | Yes TGA (Truevision Targa) | Yes, including alpha channels CGI | Yes, but with both on and off transparency PCD (Photo CD) | Yes PNG | Yes, including alpha channels Photoshop uses the GDI+ technology for handling image files. GDI+ is used by Windows and other applications and offers an extensive format set that supports a wide range of features to enable advanced image adjustments. There’s also a local file format, SVG, for vector images, which are images that have no pixelated outline and are made up of lines and curves instead of squares and rectangles. You can work with many file types without saving changes in Photoshop, so your image is always a work in progress, no matter what format you’re using. Editing a layered document Photoshop’s editing system is based on layers, which enables you to hide individual parts of an image or group them together. You can edit one or more layers simultaneously so that you can make changes to individual parts of the image without requiring you to work on a single, all-inclusive image. Layers are the fundamental unit of editing in Photoshop. They appear as image layers and, like everything else in Photoshop, you can reorder them and hide them or display them as you edit.

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Quickly move to your images. Don’t waste time going back and forth between the Library and Project Panel to go back to your original. Quickly get to your images. Skip the tedium of opening the library and navigating to the image you want to edit. On the other hand, don’t go looking around the library for an image that you used in the last project. Save your time and put the power of Photoshop where you want it. See your art in better resolution and on higher quality monitors. Edit at full resolution, 100% crop to see what you did and step back when you get your art looking the way you want. “I love Photomatix. It’s extremely versatile, and it’s totally free. It’s more than just a photo restoration tool; it’s a great tool to create images that are finished and ready to print.” -Jordana Bellows “Photoshop Elements is my hobbyist’s tool of choice. I’m passionate about texture, lighting, color, text and, of course, image editing. It does a great job for the types of jobs I use it for and that’s it’s strength. It’s a tool for those that actually enjoy working with it. For more comprehensive work I’d recommend Photoshop.” -Michael Vescio Make beautiful images in Photoshop Elements with just a few clicks. E-book contains 13 hour of focused Photoshop Elements instruction from industry experts. Get a beginner’s approach that teaches you a powerful and user-friendly editing and retouching method using the latest version of Photoshop Elements. Learn how to easily restore faded, washed out or aged photos using the Face-Aware Auto Fade feature to make even the most complicated editing job easy. Learn how to use the latest features of Photoshop Elements to achieve professional results in a fraction of the time. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements to create editorial-worthy images faster than ever before. Learn how to improve skin retouching with a pro-level method in Photoshop Elements. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements to create unique frames and effects as you edit images. Learn how to apply creative adjustments to make your photos look amazing. Learn how to enhance and refine your photos with digital filters, creative effects, and special effects Learn how to combine multiple images together in Photoshop Elements to create awesome collages. Learn how to a681f4349e

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