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Below we will review the features that are common to most versions of Photoshop. We will also provide three different tutorials designed to introduce readers to Photoshop’s various features. There is also a companion chapter on how to use the tutorial. The Future: Adobe is always making new changes to the Adobe Photoshop product line. It is important to keep an eye on what will be added or changed in the next version of Photoshop in order to be prepared. Basic Photoshop Modes Two different modes are available. The default mode is RGB. This color mode keeps the colors intact and shows the shades of all the colors. In the next mode you can alter the shades of the colors in the image. The colors are no longer exact. An RGB image will have color pairs that are extreme, right on the edge of red or blue. With the Saturation mode, you will be able to make colors appear softer and the colors will be more subtle. However, the colors will still be the same as what you’re seeing on your monitor. Layers There are layers in Photoshop. They are basically pages that you can place pieces of the image on. You can overlay them on top of each other to create images that are much bigger than the image you started with. You can take different parts of the image and have them in different layers. To create and manipulate images using layers, you will need to create a new image with a blank layer. Once you have made your edits to the image you can move that image to a new layer and apply different changes to the image. You can turn the layers off and on by going to Layer > New Layer. Photoshop Elements Editing In the toolbar of Photoshop elements, there are a set of basic editing tools that you can use to resize, reposition, and rotate your images. Underneath the Edit menu, there is also a small toolbar where you can open your image and perform other basic image adjustments. You can bring up the keyboard to scroll through the different menus. The menus will display with the images you have open. The items in the menus change depending on what you have open. To change the view, you can press the right or left arrow keys. You can pan through the image as you scroll with the up or down keys. The cursor will move with the mouse and the toolbar will change with the page you are on. Photoshop Elements also has

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On the other hand, Photoshop is an extensively used professional graphics editing tool that lets you edit images and perform photo editing tasks. It is more feature-rich than Elements and has a different graphical user interface. You can use either Photoshop Elements or Photoshop to edit images, depending on your skill level and preference. Both tools are free but Elements is considered more basic, while Photoshop is more advanced. Read our guide to see which software is better for what. Learn everything about Photoshop and Elements in our Photoshop and Elements beginner’s guide. Why use Photoshop? If you’re a photographer or illustrator, you need to make sure that your images look stunning. Photoshop is the standard software used for photo editing. It includes everything from cropping and color correction, to skin and hair retouching and working with layers, text, and other editing tools. You can use Photoshop for anything you want to do, like creating custom websites, graphic design, and information graphics. Essential Photoshop features Photoshop has many essential features that every user should know about. We’ve rounded up the essential features of Photoshop below. Smart Objects You can edit the visibility of the Smart Object layer, making it only available when you need it. This makes it really easy to hide or make objects invisible so you can focus on the other areas of your image. The Smart Object layer is a new feature in Photoshop that offers different editing options on a single layer and enables you to adjust the transparency, visibility, and color of the layer at the same time. Unlimited layers If you’re a serious artist, you’ll appreciate how much easier it is to work with a lot of separate layers in Photoshop compared with Elements. You can use layers to combine many different things into a single, multi-layered image in Photoshop. Photoshop’s unlimited layers also let you create original artwork that no other software could create. You have full control over the individual layers of the image you’re working on. Each of the individual layers can have different colors, textures, and other visual effects. You can make the individual layers fade into one another to create intricate effects. Unlimited selection tools For photo editing, you need a number of selection tools to crop your photos. These tools, such as the rectangle, ellipse 05a79cecff

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If you can’t find a certain tool you need, it might be because there’s a different one somewhere in the Tools panel. You can customize this panel to show only the tools you need. This makes your tool collection more accessible and efficient. See the section “Customizing the Tools Panel” in this chapter to learn how to add a different tool or tools to the panel. You may find it helpful to add a different shortcut key for a tool. Use the keyboard Shortcuts dialog box to assign a key for each tool or combination of tools. In any case, the Photoshop Help files provide you with a wealth of information, including Tips for Working with Brush Settings tips on finding the correct brush settings for a particular project tips for using a tool to improve your Photoshop skills Tips Photoshop allows you to select a range of pixels to work on with the Clone Stamp tool. There are two ways to use a range. You can choose a rectangular selection by holding down the Shift key as you drag the cursor over the pixels. Alternatively, you can drag the slider to create a circular selection, which increases or decreases the amount of pixels chosen. The Brush Tool Settings and Use dialog box allows you to control the features of the Brush Tool. You can set the brush size, spacing, and angle of the pen, and you can adjust the nature of the brush’s pressure and flow. You can also change the dynamic painting options for both the Brush and Pencil tools. The settings in the Brush Settings and Use dialog box are the same for both the Brush Tool and Pencil Tool, although they function differently. Press Ctrl+E ( +E on a Mac) to change the brush. Articles & Resources Creating a custom Photoshop brush When you create a new brush you can set parameters such as the size, shape, spacing, and angle of your brush pen. You can also adjust the characteristics of the brush pressure and flow. To create a custom brush, follow these steps: 1. Choose Edit > Stroke Selection. The Stroke Selection dialog box opens, displaying the selection you just created. 2. Select a brush type and size in the dialog box. See the tip on the next page for advice on what brush types and sizes to choose. 3. Adjust the brush settings. You can use the Brush Tool to create the brush. When you’re

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OS: Windows 10 64bit / 8.1 64bit / 7 64bit Windows 10 64bit / 8.1 64bit / 7 64bit Processor: AMD FX-6300E AMD FX-6300E or Intel i3-6100 AMD FX-6300E or Intel i3-6100 Memory: 2GB RAM 2GB RAM HDD: 25 GB available space 25 GB available space Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600 with 5GB available RAM Processor: Intel i5-6400T Processor