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Using your camera’s Live View When you take a picture, the scene is displayed

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These features can be found with a few clicks in Photoshop. When editing a photo in Photoshop, you can add new layers or delete them. You can move, rotate and scale layer pixels. You can add new colors to a photo. You can also soften or sharpen the photo. Advanced Features Typical tools of the trade: Raster editing is often useful for removing unwanted elements in a photo. All apps are compatible with the traditional method of editing raster images: resizing, rotating, cropping and recoloring. You can also create photo collages, cut a photo to a unique shape, sharpen or soften the image. In its place, Photoshop Elements also offers the more modern and fast, but very precise method of editing vector images, which is called vector editing. The vector method is available for: Vector images such as shapes, text and icons. Vector layers and layers based on paths. Layer styles and vector text. Vector filters, which are often used for smoothing, sharpening and distorting images. Layers Photoshop Elements has 20 built-in layers, the maximum number of layers that may be created by a single image. The available layers include: Background: the background you see when you open a file in Photoshop Elements. Use this layer to add a new background or edit existing one. Figure: the layer that contains the photo’s subject. Channels: often combine the colors of different parts of the image. You can use it to create special effects. Clipping mask: the layer that allows you to mask parts of the original image. It makes it possible to work on the original image while keeping an original part of the original image intact. Correct: a tool that shows you how to eliminate problems in your photo. Curves: you use it to change the levels of brightness and contrast in the image. Diagonal: you can use the layer for creating diagonal lines that appear on the photo. Gradient: you can use this layer to create a gradient of colors in the photo. Layers can be merged or split: any changes you make on a layer will be automatically reflected in other layers depending on the option you select. Blending modes: select the way of blending pixels: either over or under: Normal: 05a79cecff

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Q: How can I exclude a cloned object from being committed in SVN if it contains user-generated content? I have a series of 200 files in an SVN repository, on Windows. In the top level directory I have a folder Projects\A.msi\1.1 which contains a structure like this: Projects\A.msi\1.1\Admin\ Projects\A.msi\1.1\Content\ Projects\A.msi\1.1\Views\ Projects\A.msi\1.1\Web.config There is also an Admin folder in the root of the repository which contains an identical structure to the sub-directories of the Projects\A.msi\1.1 directory. The projects in the Repository are all MSI installers. The Admin folder is there to provide administrative rights for the projects. What I would like to be able to do is synchronize the Admin folder, which is exactly the same as the Projects\A.msi\1.1 sub-directories. This is to avoid having to use admin rights when synchronizing. I can run an admin rights command from the sub-directories which has the effect of refreshing the Admin folder. However, since I added a couple of items to the Admin folder (eg a button) I need to commit these, so the Admin folder in the root is completely different from the Admin folder in the Projects\A.msi\1.1 sub-directories. Is there any way I can exclude the added objects from being committed? A: In general, you can’t do that. If you do a commit of just a project/folder from one repository, then that’s it and then the repository containing the Admin folder becomes “locked” and any changes from that repository will prevent the Admin folder from being added to the repository. A good way to prevent this is to keep your Admin folder in a different repository, such that you can commit just that to that repository. Then, when you want to change any files in your projects, you can generate a patch using svn diff and apply it to the two repositories, in effect merging the Admin folder into the projects. Q: how to detect the day of week change in MATLAB I have a time vector,

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