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Tip Several online resources enable the use of Photoshop to edit photographs: * `` * `` * `` # Layout and design programs In addition to being a powerful image-editing and publishing program, Photoshop supports the design of printed matter with features including crop, color, and composite operations. If you’re designing printed matter, such as brochures, brochure inserts, and more, having a good tool to go along with your image editor can improve your quality and production output. ## CorelDRAW Graphic Design Corel is one of the oldest companies that has a graphic design program that is focused on creating multiple page layouts. The program is used to design business-related printed matter and images. A great, simple program, the graphic design functions are quite limited, but the program is well designed and does the job for what it is designed to do. You can create basic lettering, use shapes, and crop, trace, and draw graphics. Corel also has a Web design tool that is browser compatible. If you’re looking for a simple design tool, this may be the program for you.

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Learn how to be more effective in Photoshop using keyboard shortcuts and the function panel. The Photoshop user interface can be a bit daunting for anyone who has never used a graphics editing program before. It looks similar to Adobe Illustrator. However, Photoshop can do a lot more than Adobe Illustrator. You can design logos, create animated GIFs, work on photo editing, and design websites. Let’s take a look at the Photoshop user interface. We will take a look at everything you need to know to get the most from the software. Using the Photoshop User Interface The Photoshop interface includes three main parts: The main window The tools window The menu bar The Photoshop image Let’s explore them more closely. Main Window This is where you do the actual editing work on your image. It displays the image, the area of the image that you can edit, and the menu bar that you can use to edit your image. The main window is always available on any image that you open in Photoshop. It can be resized to make it larger, or you can hide the main window by clicking the blue button in the upper-right corner of the window. You can use the arrows in the window to navigate and zoom in and out the image. The image on the left is the image that you are editing. The image on the right is a zoomed-in view of the image. The window on the left lets you see the image in full. The toolbox is the bottom half of the window on the right. Here, you can see tools like the clone stamp, spot healing brush, lasso, type, and curves. The tools window The tools window is where you find the tools and palettes you use most frequently. It is available if you click Window > Artboards. You can add an art board to your canvas by clicking the New Artboard button in the bottom-left corner of the tools window. Art boards let you put multiple images or Photoshop documents on the same layer without having to create multiple layers. Clone Stamp The Clone Stamp tool looks like an eraser. You can drag the tool over different areas of your image to edit it. Once you have dragged the tool over the area you want to edit, click the Stamp icon in the tools window to bring up the color palette. From there, you can paint over the parts a681f4349e

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Windows 7 64-bit or later CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 / AMD FX 8120 or better Memory: 4 GB RAM HDD: 37.5 GB Graphics: Radeon HD 5850 or better DirectX: Version 11 Sound Card: None Input: Keyboard and mouse 1080p (1920×1080): Retail $59.99 Buy Now Retail $49.99 1080p (1920×1080): 1080p