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* ** _**Table 2-1**_ **: My favorite Web sites to learn Photoshop.** Table 2-1 offers a list of some of my favorite Web sites for learning Photoshop online. ## The Photoshop Magic Wand Tool As I describe in Photoshop’s Magic Wand Tool (Command + U), a useful tool for manipulating objects is the Magic Wand tool, which is designed to select pixels based on their proximity to a certain color. It is usually used for either selecting an object or an area of the same color. You can also use the Magic Wand tool to select the exact color that you want for an object. When you select the Magic Wand tool, a command bar appears. Use the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the command bar to specify what you want to do with the selected object. You can select one or more colors that have been added to a new or existing layer. So, the Magic Wand tool enables you to draw a pixel-by-pixel selection of a certain color by clicking on the different color swatches that are available in the tool. You can also specify how many colors to select (the Max Color option). The command bar also includes several options that enable you to refine the selection you have created. You can reduce the size of a selection (Reduce) or the number of selected colors (Subtract Colors). You can also select a component of the selection (Add Edge) by clicking on the icon to the left of the color swatches. * * * # Selecting color swatches The drop-down menu to the right of the color swatches offers a variety of useful options for selecting color. You can select a color using the plus signs in the drop-down menu or you can add a color swatch by clicking on the color in the swatch palette (the color matching tool). You can also change the hue of the color swatch. * * * ## Reshaping Objects One of the most common tasks that you’ll want to do with a raster image is to reshape it. You can use the Reshape tool to change the shape of an object. Select the Reshape tool, then right-click the tool on the toolbox to set a custom shape to fill in the tool when it is activated. After a shape is set in the Reshape tool, you can adjust the position of the shape,

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12) Open Source This is a free and open source vector graphics editor. It’s quick and easy to use. It also has an optional plugin for brushes for professional-quality results. 13) StudioBinder StudioBinder is a super-fast modern vector tool with advanced features. Its user interface is simple, clean, and very responsive. StudioBinder is very easy to use and Photoshop-like in the features it has. It also has a built in workflow management for creating 2D and 3D environments from Illustrator or Photoshop. 14) Adobe Illustrator This is Adobe’s de facto choice for creating vector graphics. It is considered to be the industry standard and is widely used by designers, artists, and students. 15) Adobe Kuler Kuler is an Adobe community initiative that allows you to create color palettes by viewing other people’s color palettes. It is based on a concept from the Adobe marketing department called “Color Theory”. Adobe Kuler gives you the opportunity to create color palettes that are similar to those you may have seen in the marketing department (i.e. the more “Kuler-like” the palette becomes, the more points you get). 16) Adobe Brushes Brushes lets you add brushes for the text or bezier tool. They have a variety of options, but the most useful options are: Size, Blend, Stroke, Blur, Tilt, Orbit, Color, Size Variation, Drop Shadow, Hard Edge, Vignette, Soft Edge, Soft Roundness, and Pattern. There are also options for creating brushes from photos, patterns, and automatically creating brushes for you. Brushes is amazing! 17) Adobe Typekit Adobe Typekit is a Web application offering scalable typefaces from many leading type designers. You can use Typekit on mobile, desktop, and the web. They have a library of fonts that are free to use for personal, commercial, and nonprofit applications. They have many high-quality font styles that come with all the functionality of Adobe Typekit. For more information on the capabilities of Adobe Typekit, see the Adobe Typekit website and if you want to know how to get started, see the Adobe Typekit tutorial. 18) Adobe Form Adobe Form is an Adobe add-on 05a79cecff

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-6 compatible CPU -8 GB RAM -1 TB of available hard disk space -For mouse users: Mac users may prefer using USB Mouse. Windows users may prefer using a trackball or other device. -For keyboard users: More keys may be required for simulating larger board sizes QQI-4800-64 is recommended for 64-board games, and QQI-4800-128 is recommended for 128-board games. QQI-4800-