About us


The Foundation’s mission is to promote the development and promotion of awareness on the management of sports and recreation facilities in Poland, marketing service, creating mechanisms for developing cooperation and exchange of experience between the management of the sports and recreation facilities in Poland and in the other countries, government administration, all levels of the local government and entrepreneurs by creating a platform for cooperation between all participants in the process of managing sports and leisure facilities, with particular emphasis on the recognition of negative determinants for the management quality.


The Foundation objectives are as follows:

1. Initiating and supporting innovative educational projects, diagnostic and analytical development of education in the management of sports and leisure facilities, marketing services with their participation services

2. Analysis, capacity building, awareness raising and the support executive development sports and leisure facilities,

3. Supporting national and international projects involving organizations for mass sports, for example promoting good governance, social inclusion and physical activity at any age,

4. Activities for European integration and the development of contacts and cooperation between communities and societies,

5. Assistance in managing projects funded by the European Union for the development of base and sports and recreational activities,

6. Initiating, encouraging and supporting cross-sectoral cooperation,

7. Supporting economic development, including entrepreneurship development.



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Piotr Bubela

Since 2008, deputy director of the Sports and recreation organisation, creator of The Bialystok Sports Leagues and Sports Club Volunteer. In 2008-2012, he worked as an advisor to the governor for the province of Podlasie government program “My Field – Orlik 2012″. Manager sports management. Since 2010, the initiator of the Polish National Conference of Directors of Sport and Recreation Centre.


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Jakub Mościcki

Since 2004 involved in sports and recreational facilities and from 2008 Publisher and Editor-in-chief of sports magazines for professionals “Swimming pools” and “Fields and stadiums.”




Foundation Office is located at:
ul. Konstantego Ciołkowskiego 88F
15-545 Bialystok

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at: firis@firis.pl